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  1. an overweight giant retard

    DMS is like 5-6m lmao also Selling one btw
  2. an overweight giant retard

    Due to the simple fact that T I T A N was able to complete and extract the vehicles from the BW, your argument is invalid. Seen plenty of randoms successfully complete fed/BW. This isn’t rocket science folks, if there is an 80%+ win rate, things are busted.
  3. an overweight giant retard

    Relative to past buffs, you might be correct, but as far as I’m concerned I’ve seen major civ buffs in the recent updates that, quite frankly, just aren’t talked about. There are many things that need to be changed, and I’ve discussed them with the appropriate people. Hopefully, those people will remember said conversations.
  4. an overweight giant retard

    I forgot that having a far superior weapon (7.62) equated to having skill. When you want to have a real conversation about the real issues at federal events, you can come back to this thread. oh and before he says it, yes I do Feds, yes I abuse the fuck out of them, yes I say how trash cops are during said Feds. Doesn’t change that there is a real issue with a consistent 85%+ win rate. Period. End of story
  5. an overweight giant retard

    Never, EVER, I repeat EVER have the APD won an event at an 80%+ clip, NONETHELESS 85%+. Quote me on that. You know exactly what the conversation would be. Don’t play dumb.
  6. an overweight giant retard

    I partially agree with you, especially on the point of 1AM Feds. With that being said, you should not have an 80%+ success rate virtually across the board. If tables were turned and the APD won 80%+ of the time, I genuinely wonder how the ‘conversation’ would be. I can say with a high level of confidence, it wouldn’t be the staff telling the civs to “wait and see” or, better yet, doing nothing. Thanks for putting SOME THOUGHT behind your argument @JuanDeaged.
  7. an overweight giant retard

    Hold on, you want to rework the jail but won’t fix the obvious problem aka the Fed/BW? Come on Deadpool, don’t make me continue the conversation we were having, publicly. You cannot be this blind to facts.
  8. Hi guys, random arma 3 user from 3 years ago returning to play Halo

    where do I sign up

    1. zoomzooooooom


      already added to wishlist sir!

  9. an overweight giant retard

    PM'd regarding DMS
  10. happy birthday @ikiled

    now you can buy juul pods on your own


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    2. DeadPool


      1 hour ago, ikiled said:

      21 in the state of new york :(

      Not in Florida ;)

    3. maxg


      51 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

      Not in Florida ;)

      don't go to Florida @ikiled @DeadPool will rape you xD

    4. Kamikaze


      Only thing florida has is disney world and meth

  11. an overweight giant retard

    PM’d about DMS
  12. an overweight giant retard


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