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  1. ayyy Happy Birthday @Josh Tombstone MAH MAN!

  2. I came for the RP I stay for the drama
  3. i wish i could get the rank of ira gun man


  4. It's because you have the Gay.
  5. hahahahahahaha @Mobundo African Warlord where your goofy ass at?
  6. @an overweight giant retardGOAT Mod


    1. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      MC is still infiltrating, do not worry sir, step 3 has only just begun!

  7. Ayyy Also happy fuckin Birthday @Arigato Somehow a ballbeg and a homie all in one.

  8. Ayyy Happy Birthday @Dingle Pooper OG Rookbanger boi

    1. Dingle Pooper

      Dingle Pooper

      why thank you mr moob, was feeling a lot of love yesterday :)

  9. @Snake Do you still use a stick of butter for deodorant? 

    1. Snake


      lmao i was not expect that 10/10

  10. Best of Luck @Pledge Maybe we'll get a round in a Pyrgos Pines one day.




    1. Pledge


      Fantastic roleplay session. That grenade didn't go far :) 

    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Shut up moob

    3. iPopsicle


      4 minutes ago, John Wayne said:

      Shut up moob

      Hands up or die

  11. Happy Birthday @Dejay, you big penis chopper ye

  12. Corporal Moob


    filthy combat logger
  13. big yikes

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ToeKnee


      1 minute ago, Ryan said:

      Damn e girls bringing everyone out of retirement eh?

      what e girls ?

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Even bigger yikes is toe knee

    4. fugi


      you not been shot yet :|


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