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  1. If you wanna play on a shit server like that one , you may as well just cut to the chase and just literally eat bowls of shit. 



    1. Show previous comments  36 more
    2. Strafe


      @Grandma Gary they get reported but yall ban for 1/3 the time of what a normal player would get.

    3. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      @Strafe you’re saying people are constantly breaking rules but you’re not showing anybody proof. As for looking through rocks on cap everyone seems to do it that fights cap, personally I don’t like it but if an entire group of people have agreed upon something being allowed in their fights why ban them?

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      @Grandma Gary better start recording - I’m comin for ya

  2. Happy Birthday @SPBojo ye big wanker ye

    1. SPBojo


      Cheers Corporal Wheelchair!!

  3. what have you been up to bud?

    1. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      Creepin like fuck. I've been playin the server with a few people over the last week or so, doin my bi-monthly visit before i realise how cancer this game is as per usual, you know how it is.

  4. Merry Christmas you fenian bastards 😄

    1. Horizon


      merry christmas chief! 

  5. Come fuck around on Arma once in a while my man.

  6. Happy birthday buddy thx 4 cpl 

  7. I came for the RP I stay for the drama
  8. i wish i could get the rank of ira gun man


  9. hahahahahahaha @Mobundo African Warlord where your goofy ass at?
  10. @an overweight giant retardGOAT Mod


    1. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      MC is still infiltrating, do not worry sir, step 3 has only just begun!

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