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  1. Chrome just straight up doesn’t work on my computer no pages load unless I launch some other internet required task at the same time to force load it? So I have to use Firefox
  2. If you want a different kind of license, like vigi or rebel you can go buy them and it will automatically replace it.
  3. o7 man had a blast playing with you
  4. Yeah there is definitely a big difference with someone going out of their way to abuse this and people naturally reacting to shooting somebody. There are times where people will glitch out of towers and I instantly think they’re jumping out so I pipe them but no it’s just arma being arma so is it really justified to ban for that?
  5. So if someone is in a tower and they’re entire body glitches out while floating can I kill them or not?
  6. Dank MeeMoo


    You can lethal with vigi stings the color thing isn’t something stopping them it seems but it certainly confuses players and makes it so you don’t actually know what is gonna happen when you get shot.
  7. Happy birthday @Millennium you’re thic as hell. Happy birthday my son @Brolaf

    1. Millennium


      you forgot the other c. but ty ❤️

    2. Brolaf


      Thanks Dank PeePoo

  8. Some people might rdm you instantly but let’s be real the majority won’t, also you don’t have to record just hit a button to save the last ten minutes with either shadow play or playstv or some others. You say you can tell when someone driving in is friendly or not and that’s just not true sometimes their actions can’t give you a good idea but just “driving fast” isn’t a good enough reason to automatically assume they will1. Try to rdm you. And 2. Are even hostile in the first place.
  9. Why should someone with infinite money be transferring large amounts to his friends. If he’s selling it or not do you not think that is incredibly suspicious? To me either he is selling that money or freely giving out infinite money to people.
  10. No thanks I’d rather not allow one way engagement for no good reason. If you see a car zooming towards you get in a good position and send them a text.
  11. Imagine thinking that giving someone senior admin was worth losing half your staff and someone that is easily a much better pick @MAV . I don't know what went down in that channel but if any of you o7 lads wanna share I think we're all curious what was said and how it went down. Everyone knew what was at stake here and you decided to shoot yourself in the foot rather than fix it.
  12. Imagine taking down a post that doesn't make you look good lmao 

  13. I like rapid’s response aswell
  14. Just say hands up or die? You don’t have to give them a reason why you wanna kill them.
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