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  1. Dank MeeMoo

    Rip my 90mil
  2. Is rum considered salvage in this or moonshine?
  3. Dank MeeMoo

    So instead of changing it and making a better system just completely remove it as if that’s any better
  4. Dank MeeMoo

    If we had downvoting we could downvote this dumb post but alas
  5. Dank MeeMoo


    We need downvoting back so we can make it so you stop being a good person
  6. Dank MeeMoo

    Until they sometimes let us sdar them
  7. Dank MeeMoo

    I see where your coming from but if this can’t really be enforced why should autoclickers in my testing it actually seemed like my scroll wheel shot faster than an auto clicker at max speed
  8. Dank MeeMoo

    Doc is now depressed for not getting accepted please let this man in before he does the neck
  9. Dank MeeMoo

    So can I not even vault through open windows of broken down houses
  10. Dank MeeMoo

    If I get a text saying hands up or die and then get tazed is that rdm or is it allowed, if it is allowed is this ok on any faction or only civ
  11. Dank MeeMoo

    To be fair i've seen so many deputies that i've told them to come tac respawn over to me because they're all by themselves and they say they can't, not everyone is up to date with the rules.
  12. Dank MeeMoo

    i've got a huron if you promise not to make it go boombom
  13. Dank MeeMoo

    I’m good with that tbh as long as he does it
  14. Dank MeeMoo

    Or give 40mil each to a mod then whoever wins a 5k bet is given 80mil
  15. Dank MeeMoo

    @Lex yo in game I see no reason not too as we can confirm it’s not rigged

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