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  1. Dank MeeMoo

    Just say hands up or die? You don’t have to give them a reason why you wanna kill them.
  2. So a new gun's been added that doesn't do damage. You can shoot at people while they drive past you, shoot right at their head, and shoot at their heli all while they probably won't be able to tell the difference because it just got added. AND it isn't engagement?? This is such blatant baiting to rip ranks. Not to mention it makes the glass breaking sound so you think you're getting shot at from far away but you can't actually know because "MAYBE FLARE GUN". How is this a good idea?

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    2. Noahhh!


      This might just be me, but the sound of a flare gun is pretty distinctive. I get what you mean though. Can be misleading for sure.

    3. Unjo


      If I shoot something with a flare gun I would 100% expect to get clapped back. 

    4. Strikke


      Just go around shooting at EVERYONE and then get them banned because it doesn't engage :) 10/10

  3. Dank MeeMoo

    You broke a rule and got banned for it. Staff have lives and do more than just bans and ban appeals so you can’t expect them to get to you instantly it’s just not realistic.
  4. Dank MeeMoo


    To me the last resort thing is running the person over if you have absolutely no other option and keep driving without looking back. When you stop and get out to shoot him it kinda means it wasn’t a last resort and you just used it to your advantage
  5. Dank MeeMoo

    I want the horn the admins get
  6. Dank MeeMoo

    Tried it they snuck in and defused it
  7. Dank MeeMoo

  8. Dank MeeMoo

    You can blow up people’s shed as long as it is not in attempt to stop it from being searche and raided but if you are blowing up a shed to gain access to a vehicle inside or kill the people inside that is allowed
  9. Dank MeeMoo

    Most likely the people on atm don’t automatically update arma so they can still join everyone else wont be able to until the server updates
  10. Dank MeeMoo

    Ah i see the letters are completely fuck on mobile so i think a few people voted wrong
  11. Dank MeeMoo

    You have to keep in mind that just because an sapd member gave an answer doesn’t always make it correct only sapd member that knows everything is @ChrisGG
  12. Dank MeeMoo

    Previous chief explicitly told me you can NOT seize vigi licenses unless you could seize their weapon so unless the current/ previous chief said otherwise I would have made an ia regardless
  13. Dank MeeMoo

  14. Dank MeeMoo

    If they deny everyone within a 3km radius you can almost always revive everybody except people within say 500m of where the dispatch came from
  15. Dank MeeMoo

    Yikes boys not the 7.62 supps

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