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  1. Doing a hostage situation has inherent risk to it either the cops don’t show up so you are unable to rob them or they show up but the end up failing and you get arrested. Once you have a cop in restraints you could decide to do the safe thing which is take their gear or call a hostage situation and try and get even more gear. It’s a risk reward system that I don’t see a need to change.
  2. Goodbye buddy, I hope you have a great life after Olympus, good luck my friend.
  3. o7 @SecTranLive you’re probably one of the realist people on here. Hopefully you’ll come visit us in ts sometimes, you’ll be missed man.

  4. I hadn’t heard of Reckful before this point but it’s obvious just how many people talked shit to him on a daily basis, however he also had plenty of fans and supporters who help boost his confidence rather than drain it. Playing online no one knows what’s truly happening in others lives so we have no idea the real impact of what we say. Reckful wasn’t the first person to kill themselves while being constantly degraded online and won’t be the last, hopefully though people can learn from this tragedy and help to have people minimize what they say online that could hurt somebody.
  5. Happy birthday smelly boi @1thedoc ❤️

  6. o7 man some of my favorite moments on Olympus have been with you, good luck in the future man
  7. It does not work like a dlc rather a mod
  8. I'm talking about if the server was on tanoa itself not just having the apex dlc
  9. I believe it is not possible to be implemented. Everybody on the server must own the dlc to be able to play on it it is not optional. It would be the same as having a tanoa or modded server where it would lower the population significantly.
  10. This is actually pretty interesting but if your sole intention for placing with explosives is to blow up their vehicle and not kill them then that would be rvd. If they were next to the heli however and you plan to also have them killed in the explosion then that’s ok
  11. What have you done, you made @1thedoc actually buy one.
  12. If I'm understanding your casino idea properly then more money would be added to the server every time someone wins. If money comes and goes what changes? Unless the odds are rigged against the player I don't see the point.
  13. I like the look of them however if I was on civ I think I'd have a hard time distinguishing it from a civ hunter. I just don't get police vibes from them.
  14. What brolaf said, If you want an available staff member or a trusted support member to be a middleman in any trades than that is always an option to avoid being scammed
  15. Happy birthday man!

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