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  1. Pretty sure this is an arma thing nothing the server can do about it
  2. Yes if they are screeching and being annoying and you tell them to be quite or they will be shot you can shoot them if they don’t comply
  3. Excuse me sir that is stolen apd equipment that has been vandalized, I will not allow those to roam the streets.
  4. I think this is what your after, but item weights have not changed I believe. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yxWWwxCFx9uZ390zpLzNEWoWoL3REvbH1TcdEwBJgeM/edit#gid=1361896776
  5. Camping gang sheds and houses definitely feels pretty shitty. But for someone to hide in a house or doing drug runs out of it that you just do happen to see I don’t see anything wrong with that.
  6. it exists in arma but not the server I think
  7. People will do anything in their power to stop you from processing and if all it takes to avoid this it to take you to a little abandoned shack and process you there I don’t see why that’s so bad.
  8. If staff scammed someone I would absolutely want them removed they’re meant to be trusted members of the community.
  9. Dank MeeMoo


    everybody has responsibilities and with two people not on loa it really does slow it down to a crawl. Now I don’t know the workload irl or involving the server but would it be a stretch to suggest senior admins do comp requests aswell especially when short on staff?
  10. Once told that it is only your opinion and you are NOT a staff member most people realize that it can be over turned. I feel like the main issue with people taking supports word as law is they believe they are staff. Only Ryan knows all of the rules and grey areas so it would be smart to only give your opinion when you are confident in your answer and know all of the details. Overall supports knowledge level varies so greatly that it isn’t the worst idea to only allow specific people to give opinions.
  11. Chrome just straight up doesn’t work on my computer no pages load unless I launch some other internet required task at the same time to force load it? So I have to use Firefox
  12. If you want a different kind of license, like vigi or rebel you can go buy them and it will automatically replace it.
  13. o7 man had a blast playing with you
  14. Yeah there is definitely a big difference with someone going out of their way to abuse this and people naturally reacting to shooting somebody. There are times where people will glitch out of towers and I instantly think they’re jumping out so I pipe them but no it’s just arma being arma so is it really justified to ban for that?
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