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  1. As of now we can use armed jeeps for any means or are we waiting on another handbook update for that to clarify it?
  2. Typically you can get a response within a couple of days but it all depends on the staff member and how busy they are.
  3. 977bd977afa9c11b6b50f8d288a90cad.png

    This is pretty worrying IMO. I don't think there should be more active chief whitelists than all of Sapd combined. The better the equipment the more rare it should be.

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    2. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Well. I’m still whitelisted as a corporal but I’m such a shit shot that it doesn’t affect anyone. Also I’m pretty active. 
      I have fun playing the game and still play my role as corporal. 
      After all it’s a game and the server rewards you for hard work you have put on it. 

    3. Mr GOAT
    4. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic


      @Zahzi stats are wrong dude, fix it.

  4. You expect a single screenshot to get someone banned? This happens all the time where people glitch out of buildings and it’s goes away within a second or two. Did he use it to his advantage in any way?
  5. Can we update the Olympus item prices sheet?

    1. GoBoom


      best tank gunner around... still mad it kicked me after i hit the shot xd

  6. No cleanup script make me 😞

  7. Cops need to know if they need to get someone they have in custody dopamine there isn’t really a need for medics to have it. It would make no functional difference, not really against it being implemented just doesn’t matter
  8. What does it matter? If they ask for it then you’ll give it to them.
  9. Congrats @buckie shit my bad @Millennium

    1. buckie


      lol real funny kid u should replace ur worn out kneepads

    2. Millennium
  10. Hey so uh we gettin our tier 3’s back Mr @Sandman?

    1. Unjo


      No, altis can't afford tier 3 vest import tax 

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