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  1. Pay me money in game and I will hunt the player down and kill them and then upload the video of their death to the forums or send to you privately in dms, taking all requests (willing to kill my own gang members in cold blood for quick cash) - The Captain America If you wish me to wipe an entire gang that can also be done (you can specify how you want them to die, but you will need to compensate more than before if you do)
  2. swear you gave me a kiss in game earlier @HeadLESSsaid he making one for me for finding a dupe glitch and saving the server because I'm such a heroic player
  3. As the next Captain America of Olympus I will be needing designs on my brand new shield for in game use as well as some bitches on my dick, thank you - love Cap'n
  4. still bitchmade, go ahead n leave the forums cuck
  5. swear you said you were leaving and yo goofy ass still on the forums
  6. Smackkk


    they calling you fat bruh
  7. imagine this dick in yo mouf bitch
  8. The cartel would be a great way for those poor souls to make a sliver of the money they lost back and it would also be hella fun to fight that cap for a casino cartel
  9. thats why you put a cap on the amount of money you can receive from it everyday
  10. I agree that it either needs to be a very low % or be capped at a certain amount, and a casino cartel would bring in large amounts of pvp over it
  11. My gang and I were discussing some new cartels that could be added and a casino cartel was brought up, obviously 15% from casino would still be a shit ton of money but if you got around 5% then I think that would be reasonable. Adding this would bring a new area of pvp into the map and also there would be constant pvp over the cartel as you could make some big money just from capping it, with the amount of players who have lost their life savings at the casino and jumped from the white office building in kavala, this would give them a reason to go cap that cartel to make some of that lost mone
  12. you wasted 2k hours to have 300k in your bank LOL and why you on the forums of a "dog shit server and a ghost ship"
  13. nah you can't be saying that when you sunk over 2k hours into this "dog shit game" and you say i've wasted my time LOL

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