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  1. Congrats @Trimorphious and @Zeuse

    1. Zeuse
    2. Strae


      so happy for @Trimorphious getting designer

    3. Monks


      Congrats on mod @Trimorphious

  2. Thought it was gonna ask do you put milk before or after not this lmfao
  3. reject modernity, embrace monke

    1. sploding


      Why tf do you wanna embrace @Monks


    2. Monks


      what the frick leave me aloen

    3. ooooooooo
  4. It's official I am the best among us player

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Tech


      who has among us winner tags in teamspeak? @Millennium

    3. Millennium


      @Tech not u (Among Us Winner)

    4. Monks


      Thank you Developer @Tech! For everything you do for olympus! You are the best Among Us Player!

  5. Congrats monks, revise and airborne

  6. I want a hot and spicy McChicken

    1. Millennium


      Spicy chicken tenders from Wendy's are fire.

    2. maxg


      Spicy Nuggets from Wendy's are fire.

  7. Happy birthday @SuWooP


    Our anniversary is coming up 🙂

    1. SuWooP




  8. Wdym??? making a c++ calculator qualifies you more then enough to make content for a server with hundreds of players
  9. "for me it'd be cool if Bohemia hired good devs and actually made a game that isn't completely and utterly broken with technology that is newer then 2002." Fixed that for you
  10. Happy birthday lego master @Strae

  11. Forgot to take screenshot oops. It prompts you with a yes or no button to confirm you want to redeploy.
  12. @Lead Developer @Senior Developer @Developer @Contributor Added: Conquest Changes (The Walt Act): Increase the initial pot to $10m (previously $5m) Conquest payout increased for top 3 1st place: 10% 2nd place: 5% 3rd place: 3% 12 player gang and group cap during conquest - groups with more than 12 people will not receive points until 5 minutes after the 13th player leaves Warpoint changes: Kill red name now +3 points (previously +2) Die to red name now -1 points (previously -2) Kill white name now +2 points (previously +1) Die to white name now -1 points (previously -1) Night time & rain removed during conquest Ability to spawn at conquest rebel anytime you die [Front] [Back] Monthly conquest champs wetsuit given to the gang with the most conquests wins in the past month. (Congrats to sfa for winning August) Combined South Warzone and North Warzone map into new map: Warzone 5000 points to dominate 5 capture points 2 conquest rebels. Warzone rebel & bottleneck rebel Conquest rebel safezone increased to 200m (previously 100m) Timer for safezone shield on HUD Capture point garages will be kept avaiable for 5 minutes after conquest ends New ESC menu buttons for easy access to the website, Teamspeak, Discord, and wiki Place marker on a players bones when they combat log Vehicles will despawn if sitting on a spawn point for too long Stat to record kills from a distance of 1km+ and titles Ability to refill empty fuel cans by using them on a gas station pump Confirmation before R&R redeploy Texture Additions Conquest Monthly Champs Wetsuit [Front] [Back] Vanguard Combat Uniform Vanguard Billboard Elite Orca Redesign Versace Uniform Gang Textures Tayte Gang Uniform [Front] [Back] Tayte Gang Vehicle [Front] [Back] Wukio Gang Uniform [Front] [Back] Changed: Reworked how vehicles are despawned, should be much more aggressive now It is highly recommended to mark a vehicle you don't want to despawn in your key chain menu Alternatively you can bind custom action 9 to use as a quick vehicle marking hotkey Warzone, Kavala, and Conquest zones (while active) will despawn legal vehicles the most aggressively Major cop vs civ events (Fed, Jail, BW, Bank) will aggressively despawn cop vehicles only when active All major cities besides Kavala will despawn legal vehicles with medium aggression Everywhere else on the map (or if your vehicle is illegal) the despawn is low-aggression R&R redeploy now fills food, water, and health Arms payout increased to 15% of weapon purchases (previously 10%) Pharmaceutical marker styles changed Art Gallery zone now stays red for 5 minutes after a painting is robbed or interrupted Dynamically generated blackjack cards Significantly improved market recovery. Selling items now increases the price of all similar items (ie all illegals and legals tied again) Entire vehicle skin system reworked Blindfold slightly darker Spikestrip weight reduced to 10 (previously 15) Fixed: Support team members now spawn with the support team uniform Getting tased with your map open no longer crashes the game Floating player names are now more accurate Default & Pink title color can now be saved Cops no longer transform into civilians Wanted system will no longer bug out above a certain amount of charges Event payouts no longer remove money from the staff member hosting the event AA repair titles Various other fixes Removed: Donation goal vehicle discount and pilot coveralls Nerds gang vehicle Hotfix #1 Removed automatic pad unblock, add windows key action to impound vehicles left on spawns Admin vehicles should now despawn properly when dead Fix wanted list - number x charge Fix cops send to jail cooldown Allow cops to impound illegal vehicles Fix dead vehicles despawning Hotfix #1 Removed Mudiwa's gang uniform Removed Demon's gang uniform Removed -TAP-'s gang uniform Added gang uniform and vehicle for Timeless Added gang uniform for 88 As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
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