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  1. RIP @ ThatNerdyGuy

    See you in the great beyond

    Truly tragic


  2. Tech

    bye bye

    o7 guys Cool people: @Grizzley @Fraali @Zahzi @Trimorphious @Mako @Strae @Ryan @Grandma Gary rest of you suck peace
  3. late but congrats @Venomm

  4. im well aware I was just responding so some idea that there is some code that deliberately makes the house win unfairly. The odds are infront of you
  5. Praise be to allah Don't call our brother that, he is merely misguided. I pray for both of you
  6. Razer is awful period I've personally heard great Warrenty/RMA/Support stories about Corsair just straight up refunding and replacing products. I use a Corsair Keyboard, PC case, RAM, and PSU
  7. Added: Tractor Jump Cool sound effect when you press "g" Terrorism in Altis has increased tenfold Kavala Rebel Kavala Big Tower Other things Changed: Repairing any vehicle is now faster RnR can now use MK1's, Mk18's, and .50 caliber offroads directly from the APD evidence pool to protect the citizens of Altis. Quadbike is now armed and dangerous Kavala is now a redzone Other things Fixed: Every existing bug we know about Removed: Ifrits As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it. Expect a mid month update to balance issues we find with these big changes.
  8. Please note the changes here! We have had issues with fade/ chrome color options making R&R vehicles appear too similar to civilian/ rebel vehicles. This applies to land and air vehicles. Changes appear in Green Chapter IV - Equipment Items and Physical Equipment Medics may only use items and equipment available for purchase at R&R facilities, general stores, and legal markets. Under no circumstances should a medic pick up any items from the ground that are not theirs. Items include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, currency, food, drinks, and briefcases. The flare gun should not be used for illegal or violent activity (e.g., shooting someone, and gas station robberies). Doing so will result in disciplinary action. Uniforms Medics shall only wear the uniform that they are issued, which matches their assigned rank. Basic Paramedics+ may purchase diving gear from the R&R clothing vendor. Dive equipment shall only be worn when responding to, or operating within the water and must be removed when the water activities are complete. Search & Rescue+ may purchase the CBRN Firefighter uniform, black bandolier sling vest, air tank and gas mask from the R&R clothing vendor. All of these equipment items must be worn together, or not at all. Medics are not permitted to mix and match fire rescue equipment/ clothing with other R&R equipment/ clothing. Exception: The air tank may be substituted for the standard medic backpack. Medics shall only wear clothing items that are available at the medic clothing store. Vehicles Medics may only operate civilian and APD ground vehicles to the extent necessary to open roadways or clear spawn points. Medics shall not operate R&R vehicles that they have not earned access to via promotions unless riding along with a ranking medic. Medics may operate other R&R ground vehicles they have not yet earned as long as the ranking medic is in the vehicle while it is being used. Flight Certified Medics may operate other R&R air vehicles they have not earned yet as long as the ranking medic is in the vehicle while it is being used. The ranking medic is not required to be in the Pilot or Co-Pilot seat. Exemption: The Coordinator Y-32 Xi’an will remain a Coordinator only vehicle. Medics shall not apply the “Fade” or “Chrome” vehicle texture option within the vehicle customization menu. Medics will not ride within any civilian or APD vehicle unless stranded, taken hostage, or actively assisting the APD. Medics who lack a pilot certification, shall not act as pilot in command (PIC) of any R&R aircraft unless the PIC loses connection or dies. If the PIC loses connection, disconnects, or dies during flight, an uncertified medic may assume the controls and fly the helicopter directly to the nearest R&R facility. If no other flight certified medics are available in a timely manner (none online, hostages, involved with active scenarios, etc.), PICs may authorize a non-qualified medic to auto-hover and position the PIC to render medical services to floating or bugged player who is only visible to the PIC. Medical Crates Medics, at or above the rank of Search & Rescue, are authorized to purchase, transport, and deliver medical crates. Medical Crates shall not be knowingly delivered to, or near, the following locations: Altis Penitentiary Zone Federal Reserve Zone Blackwater Armory Zone Bank Conquest Event/ Airdrop Art Gallery Any illegal zone (defined in Chapter 3.2) that is being raided by the APD Medical personnel must not collaborate with civilians to purchase Medical Crates with the sole purpose of allowing civilians to take control of, or transport, the Medical Crate for themselves Medical personnel may deliver medical crates solely upon the request of a civilian, group, or gang. A revive request located near a cartel cap point can be considered a valid request for a crate. The medic should be careful to choose a central location to deploy the crate in these cases. Medical personnel are authorized to deliver medical crates to any active engagement within any location, except for those listed in Chapter 4 Section Medics shall exercise common sense when purchasing, transporting, and delivering Medical Crates. The pilot in command (PIC) shall be proficient at sling loading items before interacting with Medical Crates. PIC's must exercise extreme caution to ensure that the Medical Crate does not strike any person, or property, at any time. PIC's who inadvertently or intentionally cause damage, destruction, injury, or death during the deployment of a Medical Crate are subject to administrative/disciplinary action. Personal Equipment Fire Axes are to be used only to render requested medical service, to facilitate the rescue of trapped individuals, or to depart from a locked house that you may be held against your will in. Medics that are utilizing their Fire Axe to render requested medical services must announce themselves. Medical Personnel are not authorized to give away the following equipment or items: uniforms, rebreathers, goggles, hats, helmets, eye-ware, medical kits, smoke grenades, chem lights, vehicles, road kits, vests or sling hooks. Medics may provide a civilian an epi-pen to facilitate a revive if an individual cannot afford to request or is "bugged". Medics are not permitted to use squad URLs while on-duty. Equipment, such as smoke grenades and chem lights, are not to be spammed and should only be utilized when needed. Medics are to value their equipment and take the appropriate actions to ensure that R&R property is not intentionally damaged, destroyed, abandoned, or misplaced. Exception: Medics may take acceptable risks with their airborne equipment in order to facilitate a revive if it is the last possible option. (See Chapter 4, Section 3.4.2) Medic Minimum Equipment Listing (MEL) lists what minimum equipment a medic must have on their person at all times. Medics will consistently replenish their equipment as often as required. 10 food and 10 water to sustain health and be available to give to civilians/APD during emergency situations 10 lollipops to provide to civilians, no more than one per patient. 1 fuel container with fuel 1 Tow Sling if certified to fly 2 epi-pens to provide if a deceased player is glitched or lacks the funds to request a medic 5 yellow smoke grenades 5 yellow chem lights 1 Toolkit 1 Medkit Personal Defense Equipment (PDE) Medical personnel (walking defibrillators) may purchase the 7.62 MK1-EMR or the Mk18 from the Rescue Shop for self defense purposes in the Kavala Roleplay Zone PDE may only be utilized in the Kavala Roleplay Zone and after being threatened or taking direct fire from a civilian Exception: Silla, (-s-) tagged or not may be shot on site due to be being deemed a domestic terrorist group PDE may be utilized against the APD in the Kavala Roleplay Zone for any reason
  9. I heard about some dance party or something

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