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  1. 🦃Happy Thanksgiving🦃

  2. add 📠 (fax) reaction please


  3. Added: Pocket Go-Karts Y inventory item that deploys a Go-Kart. Go-Kart can be picked back up. APD Escort Event This event is very similar to the pharmaceutical, the difference being that a senior APD member starts it. Depending on the type of escort (small, medium, large) the APD must escort a truck full of APD evidence through checkpoints to the drop off location. If the APD successfully drops off the vehicle they get a reward dependent on how much gear they retain. New House Tax System Instead of interacting with your house to refresh the 45 day timer you now pay a tax between 10% and 40% a month. This tax rate is dependent on your house's distance to various high value areas Server 2 tax rate will be capped at a maximum of 10% given that they inherently have less value The intent is to reduce scarcity of houses in the best areas on server 1 given the merge Earplug volume sliders in settings menu Advanced flight model is now enabled, but switching mid flight is not possible. Abuse of any remaining exploits will result in a ban. SAPD can now equip hex icons of lower ranks (for evaluation purposes only) Ramps have been placed at various locations around the map New players are asked for basic feedback upon aborting Texture Additions Among Us Hatchback Cherry Blossom Ifrit Tree Gang Uniform Cataclysms Gang Uniform Donnie Gang Uniform IX Gang Uniform Noble Uniform Rework Noble Orca Rework Changed: NEW SERVER 2 TIMES Server 2 will be unlocked 5:30 PM ET - 5:30 AM ET Click here for more info Bank Redesign Bank money bag base amount increased to 65 (previously 25) Unique cops kills increase payout by 5 money bags Cops can now sling dopamine crate Medics that are participating in an event no longer count towards online medics Invisible Bergen for Retired APD+ Cupcakes now give 5 minute redgull effect Fixed: Various Arma 2.0 Update Fixes Bodies will now fall out of blown up vehicles Various Bugfixes Armed Plane now saves its armed state when blown up. Removed: Texture Removals Scooby Doo Ifrit Altis Badgers Uniform Rooka Cola Hatchback Silla Gang Uniform Roleplayers Gang Ifrit Hotfix #1 Staff intro changes Added gangshed in DP23 and at oil processor Rebel boat vehicle spawns fixed House tax on s2 capped to 10% Fixed incorrect script restriction kicks Picking up pocket gokarts now adds back to inventory Fixed armed planes (again lol) Cleanup script fixed As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  4. @Millennium if you can't tell, @Bloodmoon is literally just trolling acting retarded. That being said roundtables aren't supposed to be for trolling
  5. Keep in mind the average Arma player
  6. fresh install windows put arma 3 on ssd
  7. Just making sure you mfers hydrated
  8. We shoot for the 1st every single month but due to unforeseen circumstances we have to delay the update until it's ready. Expect to see it soon!
  9. Tech

    WTS AT Offroad

    AT Offroad. Offers below :))
  10. ... . -.-. .-. . - / .- --. . -. - @Headless .... .- ... / .. -. ..-. .. .-.. - .-. .- - . -.. / - .... . / ... . -. .. --- .-. / .- .--. -..

  11. @Zahzi wont give me teal fire behind my name o7


  12. Happy birthday @Jig :)))

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