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  1. They don’t understand the fshhfshhape of doom. 

  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001531368/
  3. Already been taken care of. He’s gone. It’s an open forum and you can vent as much as you want regardless of proof. The Senior APD will take your word for it and discipline accordingly. Amendments V-VIII don’t exist here either.
  4. I'd prefer it if the decision to perm one's character was down to the player, not some other player who's hired a hitman. Could you elaborate on this a little more? Also, I am all for the RP, but as I understand it, this will be more along the lines of the lighter side of serious RP.
  5. This. Also, my current Chief was Command over on Greenleaf. Name's David Banks. You know him?
  6. @djdarkmunk and I have been apart of a server since before it launched about a month ago. It started out rather big. Queue times were over an hour to get in, but fast-forward to the present, we can’t even reach capacity on a Friday night. Some things I’ve noticed that are driving people away from the server: 1) Economy: DJ can Back me up as well, but making money is a chore. It takes your average civilian doing LEGAL work about 8 hours worth of grinding to make $25k. Doing ILLEGAL work actually makes less. Robberies aren’t worth it either. To put things into perspective, cars can cost anywhere between $3.5K-$350K BEFORE upgrades. Carbine Rifles cost $45K. If you want to be successful, be sure to make the economy balanced. Don’t make things too easy, but don’t make things so difficult that an arrest would literally kill your character. 2) Department of Justice is OP: The “Chief Justice” is the only person who can write up the penal code. Basically one guy gets to decide what is and isn’t a crime and he gets to decide the fines for the crimes. This is where the Civ Council, DoJ, and Law Enforcement executives could come together and decide what is and what isn’t a crime, but more importantly, they could decide how much fines are. 3) Cops are OP: Force is matched with force, groups of criminals don’t exceed 4, and the cop cap is 6. Fights between cops and criminals are very well balanced. Where the imbalance occurs is after the fight is over and the bad guys have lost. Due to how steep the fines are and how shitty the economy is, if I arrest a guy for a bank robbery where he had a hostage, fled from cops, and shot a couple of us, then his prison sentence could be somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour. The fines, however, would amount to more than the robbery would’ve paid out. He serves his sentence and is released. However, since he couldn’t afford to pay the fines, he is now in debt and can’t buy food and water until he’s out of debt. He eventually dies and has to start at the bottom again, but on another character. Biggest thing here: Don’t fine for anything higher than a traffic violation. If you arrest someone for a Misdemeanor+, don’t fine them in addition to their jail sentence. A criminal paying a fine doesn’t add money to your bank account, so there’s no point in making his day any worse. He can be fined if convicted in court. Also, don’t make the fines so astronomically high. 4) Silly rules in the name of RP: Just recently, the staff decided that players couldn’t pull their work vehicles from the Civ garage. This wouldn’t be an issue if players could store their personal vehicles in their work garages, but the server (not the rules) doesn’t allow them to do that. I’ll use Cop as an example to show the problem. I store my police car at the police station and go off-duty. I can’t pull my personal vehicle from the Cop garage because I can’t store it there to begin with. I then have to run five blocks to the Civ garage to pull my personal vehicle. I finish what I’m doing off-duty, store my car at the Civ garage and log. I come back the next day to go on-duty, but the rules say I can’t pull my police car from the Civ garage or I’ll be banned for Fail RP. So now I’m forced to walk back and forth whenever I go to and from work. This can all be avoided if you don’t make stupid rules in the name of RP. RP’s great, but don’t make it inconvenient. 5) Staff who don’t care, don’t listen, and micromanage factions: None of these issues would even be a problem if the staff listened to feedback from the community. Three of the four things listed above have been a known issue since day one and nothing’s been or being done about it. The fourth thing listed above was made a rule less than a week ago. Instead of making things better, they actively made them worse. I’ve been talking about in the Discord, but they don’t care, and they’re losing players as a result. Also, I stepped down from Chief there because they literally had their hands in everything I was trying to do. I’ve got experience at being a Chief and I’d like to think I can do pretty well at it, but it’s a shitty feeling when you’re being second-guessed and micromanaged all the time. I predict you’ll have a good server so long as you don’t make the mistakes I’ve listed above. FiveM is an expanding community while Arma is the opposite. Get this right.
  7. Once he gets the concept of accountability through his head, then #UnblacklisDeadpool

    1. Headless


      Over my dead body 

  8. Gonna miss you man. As GOAT said, you were one of my favorites to play with as well. RP was always on point back when RP was in vogue.
  9. In case if it isn’t obvious, this isn’t an RP server.
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