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  1. Fat Clemenza

    YHM Phantom M2 .30. We’re looking at a Rugged Obsidian 45 for our handgun can, but that’s for later.
  2. Fat Clemenza

    Yeah I meant there’s three people on the trust. The FFL we’re going through doesn’t have a range, so we can’t shoot it. On the plus side, the only thing we had to pay for was the tax stamp. Pop won the can in some sort of lottery, so that’s $800 saved right there.
  3. Fat Clemenza

    We started a trust about a year or so ago and we’ve had a can in jail for about the last eight months. Mind you it’s the first Form 4 we’ve tried on a trust, so maybe it’s taking so long because they have three signatures to approve? I don’t know, but it’s frustrating. We just picked up an Accuracy International AT308 and we were hoping to shoot it suppressed before the new year, but oh well. The new rifle will be fun enough.
  4. Fat Clemenza

    How long did your Form 4 take? Did you go through a trust or individual?
    1. TheoryB


      do pickles belong in big mac's i can't decide 

  5. Fat Clemenza

    Shuddup I for Idiot
  6. Fat Clemenza

    Join the APD. Don’t chase the money. Just focus on being a good copper and the money will come to you slowly and steadily. If that’s out of the question, then try R&R they get paid for simultaneously walking and chewing bubblegum. On Civ, just do small runs during low population and you’ll be straight.
  7. Fat Clemenza

    Why make this post now? You’ve been gone for months!
  8. Fat Clemenza

  9. Fat Clemenza

    This is what we call Chief material, ladies and gentlemen. A class act if I ever I saw it.
  10. Fat Clemenza

    You spelled Beatles wrong. Like how? And if were gonna talk about talent and vocal range, Mercury doesn't hold a candle when compared with Elton John.
  11. Fat Clemenza

    Right here, fam. Censorship is bad. Period. Do you realize how crazy you guys sound when you want a guy permed off the forums because his forum posts are stupid? Like, that's Democrat levels of insanity.
  12. Fat Clemenza

    Where you at @Illonis

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