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  1. I was in North Las Vegas for a couple of hours yesterday, Muth. Can confirm that North Las Vegas is much worse than Olympus. It's as if all of the subjugated races in the world were dumped there and were left to govern themselves. We can't hold a candle to the disease that runs rampant in that city. Don't worry, Olympus has a long way to go if it's going to be the dumping grounds of the ArmA community.
  2. +1000
  3. A member of the community who put in a ton of development work to make this community what it is got fed up with some of us. Now that the Staff have lost a key asset in the content creation department, they have taken an action to curtail this behavior in, what looks to me, like a detoxification effort, but also an effort to retain the remaining developer as well as the rest of the community. I'll not give an opinion on what I think of this change. Suffice it to say, some people are different than others. They receive community interaction differently than others. The outgoing developer is his own man. He can make his own decisions. Don't shame him publicly for it. If you have any displeasure with the situation, direct it towards the change, not the people. Clearly, the latter doesn't work.
  4. The issue is not whether or not Vigilantes should be allowed to deploy a taser on a cop. The tasering of Cops by Vigilantes and other taser-wielding Civs has been going on (rather infrequently) since Day 1 on Olympus. The issue is the most recent update that now gives Civilians the ability to restrain a Cop. This makes taking a Cop hostage or robbing a Cop significantly easier than it has been in days gone by; you don't even need to 3-to-1 Cops anymore due to the recent addition of the Cop-restrain feature. The SPAR-16 was added in order to buff a horrendously underpowered Vigilante faction. With this new addition, Vigilantes have become horrendously overpowered when it comes to fighting cops. If a reversal of the change is deemed too extreme, then maybe it's time to remove the SPAR-16 from the Vigi Shop? Maybe the APD should start treating Vigilantes and any other taser-wielding Civs as suspects? If I had to give an opinion, I'd say the most efficient solution is to revert the change. It forces to Civs to work harder to take a Cop hostage or to rob a Cop of their gear and it also removes the rules that were put in place to combat the Cop-restraining feature. I just think the complete erasure of this change is better than any regulation put in place to combat/curtail the abuse of the feature. You could still take Cops hostage or rob them. You could even do it at a Federal Event (provided the recent rule updates are nullified, thus making hostage-taking and robbing of cops at Federal Events legal again), but it'll be more difficult. Seems even to me.
  5. My version: 


  6. You mentioned one of mates reseated his RAM and that did the trick. It seems you've no alternative, but out-of-the-box thinking. Reseat the RAM as stupid as that sounds.
  7. Left Click macro for when I use the CMR-76 or AK-12 on TDM and KOTH.
  8. Saw this and had to make it my wallpaper.
  9. Too far.
  10. Where da phuck was this guy when I retired after eight months of distinguished Chiefsmanship?
  11. 1/8/2016? Niiiiice