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  1. Det. Payne

    well then scratch that last part, just sell one vehicle load each time the price goes back to max
  2. Det. Payne

    oh damn, things change, used to be illegal would make things illegal go up
  3. Det. Payne

    if you feel ballsy, fill an upgraded hemt box with it and sell that all at once, you can usually sell it all before the market is affected. then wait for restart, but basically thats all you can do, unless you sell a ton of one drug, then go sell a ton of another.
  4. Det. Payne

    I'd just like to say, since ive come back, i've really appreciated the amount of staff support and how involved they are, almost always see an [OS] online which is 100x better than when i quit before, you guys actually listen to what the community as a whole want, and im thankful. that said, there's been issues but nobody is perfect, and at least as far as i know you guys try your best.
  5. I feel like America took a gamble with trump, I hope it pays off! It's nice that there's someone in office who won't walk on glass

  6. Det. Payne

    beat ya to it breh
  7. Det. Payne

    If you have the dlc it should all be available to you. very FEW items are restricted to certain members. for ghillies and guns, you go to a rebel outpost. and for a gokart you go to the little track by terminal (huge airfield in the middle of the island) keep in mind rebel gear is expensive, and you have to pay for rebel training, which is just under 100k
  8. Det. Payne

    just gonna say, literally the thread made before you was about this... please look around before posting already made threads. you'll find answers in those threads
  9. Det. Payne

    search, theres a thread that @Josh122 shows a fix that works for him, ill link it in a minute http://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/12641-texture-bugs/
  10. Det. Payne

    bye bro, thanks for your help as a staff member. hope to see you in game
  11. Det. Payne

    i hope you know it was a 3 crater, not a 4
  12. Det. Payne

    @I Am Fuzzy so you're selling that house you snaked out from under me eh?
  13. Det. Payne

    first of all, i didnt read that huge thread and itd be nice to get a tldr. buuut no a server wipe would suck 1. last one sucked, demoralized a lot of players including me 2. would lose a lot of people who just got started 3. theres really no reason to, there are still people looking to make money, always people to rob, always people fighting, there literally are no positive benifits to a wipe.
  14. Det. Payne

    or to be determined, unless we get dates for reaching the donation goal... if thats the case.... i need a date

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