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  1. if the Olympus devs could pack all the mods they would want to use into a single mod it would make it much easier to do, I feel it would also be neat to have a task force radio mod added in for this
  2. what backwards end of the Midwest doesn't say soda like the good lord intended?
  3. I'm 17 but I live in the Midwest so we call it a burger joint and its fuckin soda here too eat shit
  4. theres this local bar and burger joint called stella's, and they have a burger called the stellanator. its all of their specialty burgers stacked on top of each other so about 15 burgers or so. My friends and I all went (4 of us) and split it and were still unable to finish it
  5. Winner Winner Meet me on server 1 whenever and well get you the money
  6. Tell the funniest joke in the comments section to win the full gang fund of Turtle Poachers. (Looking to be about 3 million + more to come soon) Jokes will be judged by the members of Turtle Poachers (about 4 or 5 of us) and then we'll give away the money at an arranged time and server. We also have up for grabs two properties on server one. One of which being a 2 crater on the turtle dealer in pyrgos and another on top of the Kavala vigi outpost, you can also win the gear we have stored in ther (CSAT fatigues/GA vests/and free weapons) we've grown bored of the server and have moved on to playing modded custom games of our own. Feel free to drop a joke and take your chance at winning a couple million. The winner will be selected at 3:00 pm Central Standard time so pick your best joke and bring it forth
  7. ive got a TED talk coming to the college I'm at next week, I'm looking at going because ive never seen a bad one
  8. Saitek x52 hotas + rudder pedals are bae tbh, I fly DCS/FSX and arma
  9. you know you can land with autopilot, and normal landing isn't that hard either... just a lot of people don't use flaps and a shit ton of people stall out before touching down and die. I think ill just get a titan and camp the airport for people to come through
  10. I'm having a current issue trying to connect to the free server that teamspeak gets you
  11. Does anybody know if there are any mods for discord and TFAR to be used together or has anybody used the free ts3 servers it gives you and does it let you use TFAR?
  12. respectable member basically means that you have to be part of a gang with a large cop population, and have them not hate you enough to where they recommend you for APD or RnR
  13. when talking about conspiracy theories you need to first think why, for instance "what does the US have to gain from drone striking paul walker?" if you cant answer that, or any other related question as to why it happened, then theres no way it could be legitimate
  14. So I buy a house in a strategic location for a specific drug, fill the drug in the house fully processed and maxed the inventory, now I want to sell but don't want the market prices to fuck with me while I'm doing it. What would be the best way or the best amount to sell at a time? is it at all possible to sell all in one go by selling x many for every transaction with the dealer or would it be better if I took x many for as many trips as it would take?
  15. shadowplay works on browser games?

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