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  1. Maybe a golden penis should be the logo because there is an abundance of dick sucking in this community. I personally say keep the logo the same. It's unique to Olympus Entertainment. No need to change it.
  2. Oh shit! Dez is going Pro!!
  3. I'm not currently ranked because I mostly play unranked and I haven't played rocket league in 4 months. When I do play ranked I'm usually stuck with dumb shits so I always lose. Its a constant cycle of sucking..
  4. Any of you fuckers play rocket league and are decent at the game?? Looking to get into competitive play but my teammates always suck.
  5. @Plumber Happy Birthday man! Hope you have an awesome day!! Don't get too drunk haha.
  6. We'll leave that shit up to the APD when they do a body cavity search..
  7. Glad to see everyone is getting along haha.
  8. I'm sitting in the back of an ambulance doing nothing currently. Pretty fun stuff lol.
  9. In my case it takes up a whole summer because I chose to take an accelerated course. Most classes take a full semester. I was not aware that you have taken a EMT class before.. Please enlighten me. Lol
  10. I already had a dude bleed out in front of me. I'm sure there are worse calls but I've already gotten a little taste. Never know what you're going to get.

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