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  1. why would anyone want to go on a cruise with a bunch of fat retards lmao?
  2. Oof some of y’all take this game way to serious lmao.
  3. Hey @Berg02, remember this? Glad to see you've changed (probably)!


    1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


      I’m like 70% sure I got this reduced to a one day lol. Shoulda done push-ups ;)

  4. Any time you get tazed by vigis you’re 100% ok to combat log since they aren’t people
  5. As of right now its 100% not worth it for the money. lets look at the small convoy, 500k. you need 3 cops on, so that means you need at least 3 civs to have a good chance since cops will keep coming back. assuming u kill all the cops like 15 times and you make it all the way to sofia, you clear what, 200k each? and that's assuming that no other civs show up and try to fuck you over. IMO the location shouldn't be marked on the map, and maybe increase the spawn timer to 3 or 4 mins to give time for cops to get there. since there's no wave rule cops can follow in a heli or keep tabs on it from a
  6. At that price range I would receive men’s you buy used parts. Or save up a little more like mcDili said

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