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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Everyone looking for Noodles, meanwhile @drama hasn’t been seen since June 19th.

    1. Lou


      who the fuck is noodles and wheres da god @

    2. Claysive


      @drama will make his monthly appearance soon enough. 

  3. Congrats @Claysive, didn’t know you still played this server?

  4. 549c97ccebd2efb8e159608533c92c53.png

    1. Skys


      he got the early copy of arma 4

    2. rabid
    3. rapidaax


      this is gold

  5. Richard


    O7, always a respectable dude.
  6. You aren’t required to war people as a gang. BPM ran almost warless for a long time. Ran platinum and made bank. U can also run solo. Just saying add everyone u can and get 15 inactive to maintain ur shed
  7. Literally invite every person to ur gang and keep them at rank 0. Then maybe make friends and create a real gang.
  8. ill always love you dad

  9. $235m, dont undervalue it
  10. o7 @Claysive? Denied, you still need to do apps during rona season.

  11. Awww, he never added me. Scared I guess
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