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  1. Congrats @Mita

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Richard


      He hasn’t!! @Ryan doesn’t like me 😢.  I gave the man a wet dream and everything.

    3. Creepy


      @Ryan I provide "mostly" constructive criticism. Now whether or not people want to hear it is always the question..

    4. Richard


      ^ This!  I feel like we’re under appreciated.

  2. Much more believable now. I still don’t trust a word TMZ says.
  3. I would honestly wait until anyone other than TMZ officially reports this. Not the most reputable source.
  4. The way u describe it sounds suspect. As much as the sAPD does some bullshittery, I’m confident that there is more to this story. Since u were afk for 15 minutes, it would be hard for you to account for what happened while u were away. Maybe log out next time to deal with IRL shit? Don’t leave illegal items in ur shed that u care about? I agree that some of the causes to search a shed are absolutely retarded, but I doubt this is the case here.
  5. Am actual case of “Who are you?”
  6. Fan most of the year, but it’s pretty chilly in NY right now. One foot out from under the blankets does the trick.
  7. I wish. Someone needs to get that trend going in America.
  8. I feel like I never do a good job. Look forward to showering at the end of a shit filled day.
  9. @Mr GOAT @Ryan, comp or ban!
  10. No. If you obtain one, someone may get upset and go to @Ryan No
  11. Damn, Rule change by Dep Chief one day and the next day Chief “retires”. Swift action. Tricked us all.
  12. Congrat @Sandman!

    1. Eased


      I wonder... was this the plan the whole time...?


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