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  1. Richard

    I got nothing, ur not wrong
  2. This new owner is too active.  Bring back Ares!

  3. Richard

    Looking forward to the Pats in the Tom Brady bowl again!
  4. Richard

    Oh boy, Medics streaming. Waiting for the self incriminating report later tonight.
  5. Richard

    Can’t say that I’ve ever been “hands up or die”’d IRL. Don’t think Arma is gonna help you chief
  6. Richard

    Later coconut
  7. Richard

  8. Richard


  9. Richard

    He wants to get his RP on
  10. Richard

    Pretty sure this is in the works
  11. Richard

    Comp is a bribe to not report. You’re not comping for the gear they lost. You’re comping for the time they are gonna spend or not spend reporting you and getting you deported off the island.
  12. Richard

    I must have a lot of new friends lately

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