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  1. If you ever want to blame someone, pick @LukeTheCoop. It’s pretty much always his fault.
  2. Ok NFC, pick ur team. Patriots are ready to win the Tom Brady Bowl.  No sense wasting  everyone’s time for the Pats to win again.

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      To be fair, the Pat's crushed the Steelers(piece of shit franchise) and the Dolphins(traded or released their entire team).

  3. Ok, bring back the old format.  This is laggy and gross looking.

    1. Millennium


      facts. and what the fuck is the response thing now. Ew

  4. Who’s live streaming?

  5. Who’s gonna o7 first?

  6. o7 @Kyle Lake, you were a Coordinator.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Richard


      Ya, he didn’t leave much of an impression, but for a little while.

    3. Millennium


      14 minutes ago, Richard said:

      Ya, he didn’t leave much of an impression, but for a little while.

      I heard he was a ped... nvm

    4. Boomer xD

      Boomer xD

      37 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      I heard he was a ped... nvm

      Can confirm.

  7. $30 for that shitty lookin cake? You gotta start shopping at Costco man.
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