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  1. How do I apply to be a PornHub statistician?

    1. Grego


      I heard they don't like Costco managers in the business

    2. Richard


      Maybe I can’t switch careers entirely 

    3. Ryan


      You gotta show the Riley Reid stats

  2. You will change your view on this dozens of times. I prioritize family then work then whatever else after that. I don’t log into games when my wife and kid are available. I don’t take days off from work for video games either. But I try to log in when family is sleeping and buddies are online. Some weeks I’ll stay up until 5am playing and others may only be online for an hour.
  3. Why are only half of the designers considered “staff”, and not all Devs are an option?
  4. Not a good idea to stop people from playing a dead game. I agree that the ratio is off, but closing apps isn’t the way to do it. Lowering the pay may discourage help with the issue. Would need to see some numbers before justifying this though.
  5. His second video is a 15 second clip that doesn’t string together the 2 events. If he shows me that it’s within 5 minutes, then you’re correct that he could kill him. I am not saying that medics can break rules. I’m saying I’ll speak to the medic, but the evidence is weak and it also borderlines on the civilian breaking rules. To me the evidence isn’t good enough here.
  6. Your 15 second videos dont show context. Get some good internet and upload something I can work with.
  7. I am always open to more information. You decided to show 14 seconds, of which the medic revived the player in exactly 5 seconds and came out of animation with his hands up. Again, I can speak to my staff about listening to civs, but you were fairly far away at the beginning of your engagement. As for lining up the shot, pretty sure that's rdm. It's not crossfire if you do it on purpose.
  8. And this is the exact reason why I denied the report. I appreciate the report and I will speak to medics about listening, but you also lined up that EMT and "Crossfired" him very conveniently. Monster's like 12 and he has more reason than grar.
  9. @destruct, time to run another Illegal items report.
  10. @Outcast tried arresting me onetime for driving at night without headlights. Had a fun little high speed off-road chase. I won.
  11. OmG y WaSnT tHiS DiScUsSeD aT a StAfF mEeTiNg?
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