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  1. Ok, that last server session was fun as fuck.

  2. @SchwiFTy
  3. I advise against doxxing him
  4. That is exactly who I thought of reading this thread
  5. Restarting a failed pharm escort seems to be a little buggy too. We tried restarting several times on #2 and were met with a "already in progress message". After switching to #1 we couldn't start because someone else had just completed it.
  6. It is definitely fun, we tried with 4 of us against 8 cops and we managed 3km and 3 waves. But the ghosthawk engagement on the armed quilin was shitty, which led to us dumping it. Cops resorting to lethals on the 4th wave against 4 rebels was also pretty shit and just killed it.
  7. Genghis, you reinstall Windows on the SSD, then once that boots and is configured, you start moving steam folders to it. Once you have everything saved off your old drive, you wipe it and use it as extra storage.
  8. From away to your heart's content Deadpool
  9. Can cops strip csat off rebels yet?
  10. Happy 150th birthday you crumpet eating fuck

  11. Forget the lost source, manually editing a binary is seriously impressive.
  12. nej
  13. Oh whoops, that was a typo. I meant 1 krone...

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