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  1. Piner

    You feel old @RAY RAY? Kindly shut the fuck up buddy. Thank you please...
  2. Piner

    @Genghis Khan I cannot put in to words how happy this makes me
  3. Piner

    haha, this fucking dummy actually said out loud "tased slash shot"
  4. Grattis! @Strikke

    1. Strikke


      Hvem trur du du er som sier Grattis på norsk for?



      Norwegian to English Google translate will help you

  5. Piner

    Fucking outstanding choice of music Gingis
  6. Piner

    Oh hell yeah, fit in Stalag 17 and Apocalypse somehow and we are taking. Dirty Dozen is always good for a watch too.
  7. Piner

    If X gang has >5 tagged members, load up bois, we is going to warzone
  8. Piner

    This video indicates that you are full of shit
  9. Ok, that last server session was fun as fuck.

  10. Piner

  11. Piner

    I advise against doxxing him
  12. Piner

    That is exactly who I thought of reading this thread
  13. Piner

    Restarting a failed pharm escort seems to be a little buggy too. We tried restarting several times on #2 and were met with a "already in progress message". After switching to #1 we couldn't start because someone else had just completed it.
  14. Piner

    It is definitely fun, we tried with 4 of us against 8 cops and we managed 3km and 3 waves. But the ghosthawk engagement on the armed quilin was shitty, which led to us dumping it. Cops resorting to lethals on the 4th wave against 4 rebels was also pretty shit and just killed it.

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