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  1. Fake Grandma

    @SPBojo Sometimes I wonder...
  2. Fake Grandma

    @ChubbyElf That was a fun little puzzle to solve Well done
  3. Congrats @Sandman on Sg. Fucking weeb.

    @Deputy Dog I would say congrats, but the chance of you ever reading anything on the forums are like 1:1000000 so em yea.... you are old. 

    1. Deputy Dog

      Deputy Dog

      Fuck you Grandmaaaaa  LOL

      FYI where in the hell did you find that video on you're Acct????

  4. o7 @Stuuurrt, now you can translate what @Ares says full time

  5. @Sandman fucking weeb. Happy birthday!

  6. Fake Grandma

  7. Fake Grandma

    Look, if you break a rule by mistake and comp them, we will definetly take that into consideration, but you can't walk around and break rules left right and center then comp them and expect nothing to happen. In other words, comp helps but if it is obvious you are breaking rules and then comping to get away with it you will still get a ban. We also don't go looking for comp, if someone submits an appeal and says "I comped him though" we will definetly look for it and take that into consideration
  8. Fake Grandma

    Yea totally, not like I have been doing tickets the past 2 hours
  9. Fake Grandma

    @Sean1 There are AAAA LOT of tickets, currently there is around 90 comp tickets and around 90 player reports. Takes a little while
  10. The dissapointment in his voice when the shots landed in HQ



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Unjo


      You got hit with that fat name above your head

    3. Savage


      O I didn't read the shots thing I'm retarded

    4. Homicide


      @Savage he was purposely saying he was a robot so i can give the name is above your head he made me do it lol and yea I did sound hella disappointed @Fake Grandma lol was funny 

  11. Fake Grandma

    Let em know that John-PC has a terrible computer and to shoot him on sight.
  12. Fake Grandma

    I wanna see you use a PDUB vs civs, last 5 minutes and you get a cookie
  13. Fake Grandma

    "We cried and cried but nothing changed". Cops no longer raid cartels.... "Cops is strength in numbers". Yea when the majority of the force that is fighting you is using a paper vest an MX/Sting you betcha they are going to try to flood you instead of trying to win the 1v1 damage battle. Adapt your strats to win a flood instead of crying that you can't handle fighting cops because they are outsmarting you. Using their numbers to their advantage is a STRAT. Its always something wrong with the APD, its either the way they use their tools and now its the way they play. Stop crying about the fact that you can't handle 5 cop pushing and change your strats, and if you don't have the numbers to fight huge cop waves then recruite more people or try to avoid huge events where cops show up.
  14. @Peter Long Karma is a bitch huh?



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    2. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      "Eat a whole pizza on stream"

      *Buys this pizza* 20140514_202409.jpg

    3. Eleven


      1 hour ago, Genghis Khan said:

      "Eat a whole pizza on stream"

      *Buys this pizza* 20140514_202409.jpg

      he would still be hungry :)

    4. Jester


      The best twitch clip I’ve ever seen

  15. Fake Grandma

    Dude... Nerdy, you are evolving, I like this.

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