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  1. Doc

    Slow down a bit, your mouth is getting ahead of your brain on something you know very little about. Firstly no one was salty, I had nothing to do with it until the video was given to me but as McDili said, this is something we have enforced for a long time and though it does rarely happen (most players are smart enough to know not to do it) several people have been banned for it in the past. It was never written as a rule because it fell under the use common sense/exploiting sections of the rule. Now it is in writing because someone forgot the stove was hot before they touched it.
  2. Doc

    Remember what I told you, a little bit of time means a lot, if you want to do right by whats coming down the road finish what you started, I promise one day you will be glad you did...good luck falcon, and its tab to put your hands up btw
  3. Good Luck!

  4. 3384172341_57e5a95e8c_z.jpg
    A more accurate description <3

    1. Doc


      I only fired once

  5. Here's a new skin!


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    2. HunterBklyn


      Amazing, must be added in game ASAP

    3. Metro


      Please make this happen 

    4. Mercury


      @Doc Its hard to see all the ants from this high up ;) 

  6. Doc

    You and Gary deserve each other
  7. Doc

    It would be pointless, civilians don't always have the correct information to determine if a rule was broken. Just as an example If you are hanging out with your gang in pyrgos and one of your members gets a text but if afk and you get killed and come back because you think they rdm'd you guess what. You engage on someone and shoot at them but in the process your bullets hit a different player, he kills you but because you weren't engaged you assume it's rdm and come back, guess what. At the end of the day you chose to break a rule, whether or not you felt justified in doing so is irrelevant.
  8. Doc

    ^Wrong ^Correct
  9. Doc

    Did you not read what I wrote before you quoted me? Medic's aren't allowed to return if they are rdm'd just for the hell of it, they are allowed because they play a crucial role for a lot of players. Not true, we get NLR reports on medics too.
  10. Doc

    The exception applies to medics because if one medic is on duty and they are rdm'd then anyone in that city would bleed out because they can not return. If a medic is caught breaking nlr not only do they get banned they also lose their whitelisted role.
  11. Doc

    Really, where does it say that?
  12. ITS NOT  like u were gonna unban my any way there doc uafbn


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    2. ROYAL | Clash

      ROYAL | Clash

      man its all good but what about that 1v1 buddy


    3. ROYAL | Clash

      ROYAL | Clash

      can i buy 15mil off u for 50$??

    4. ROYAL | Clash

      ROYAL | Clash

      and btw theres this cop name montana hes really cool btw make sure u keep him 

  13. Sorry we took an hour to resolve your first player report, we will try better in the future.
  14. Doc

    Collectively we did over 1300 tickets for June....

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