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  1. Doc

    No he looks for the appeals that have been denied and chooses those bans to lift
  2. Doc

    Incoming deadpool blacklist
  3. My downvote button is bigger...




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    2. poof| i hate all apd

      poof| i hate all apd

      i still dont like u

      gave me abusive behavior strike for posting on a gang recruitment "they are a trash fuckin gang who vigis"


    3. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Mines bigger.



    4. Doc


      Still don't care

  4. Doc

  5. Doc

    O7 dante, good luck with everything down the road! You did a hell of a job filling rex's shoes funny how it's his turn to fill yours. You've done more for his place then many will realize P.S dont be afraid to throw the girls at work a bone once and a while, if she went through that much work to get your # she deserves it
  6. Doc

    It's not like we picked the names out of a hat, as I said anyone was free to apply and these are the best candidates. Only a few were denied and the ones that were denied was generally based off activity. The council was divided into departments to try and ensure all aspects of civ life are given equal focus and the council members are there to listen to the community and bring forth idea's and concerns during staff meetings. If a council member fails to fulfill there duties they are replaced by someone else in that department meaning there is also spots that will become available to other members of the community. I understand what you are saying but even if we had put it to a vote, the people on the council would be your candidates because these are the people that chose to apply.
  7. Doc

    3 People aren't speaking on the behalf of the community that is what the council is for. The 3 of us chose the council members based on who applied and who was best for each slot. You are going to complain about who was chosen for the council but when app's were open you had nothing to say?
  8. Doc

    You brought this on yourself!
  9. Doc

    You need a rollie to do that
  10. Doc

    And because they had ares in their name is must have been been staff breaking rules AGAIN!
  11. Corps

    Congrats my man on your newest position B)

  12. No war points but that way Kyle cant hide!
  13. I would say just avoid him for the month but then we would never see him

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