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  1. no balls
  2. You make no sense

  3. You can change the theme and why does it need to make a noise, you don't know that you're pushing the button?
  4. Can't argue 1 or 2 #3 You Americans have "Canadian Bacon", here it is called Bacon...... #4 Nobody here cares about curling, only Hockey #5 Bagged milk is more convenient, takes up less room and is recyclable. We also have cartons. #6 I agree but it's better then spanish #7 You guys have a state named "NEW Mexico", need I say more #8 Dafuk is a Canadian Sweater????? #9 This is what a Mountie actually looks like #10 "Eh' isn't an accent, it's a slang term. We had a country wide meeting and unanimously decided we would all use one word so we couldn't be mistaken for americans
  5. If you watch it slowed down you literally hit him once in all those shots....you fired the first 6 bullets over his left shoulder
  6. hey do u know what the ts for olympus is? 


    1. Isaac Newton
    2. Proud



  7. Ban appeals are handled by the staff member who issued the ban, talk to support team, see if they can get a hold of that staff member and if not you will have to wait until they're online. We all have jobs and some are in different time zones, most check several times a day so use the ticket system as that is your best avenue.
  8. @Ares so you're in the loop
  9. That would fall under the "weeks" category
  10. @Lucki Fastest Butterfly


  11. Because then people wouldn't even need to leave their gangsheds to kill ppl at cap

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