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  1. Congrats @jimjim1415!

    1. Jimmy Netz

      Jimmy Netz

      Woot!  Doesn't mean I still don't want to blow you your helis though

  2. Hylos

    o7 man was fun fighting you at feds and BWs and best of luck!
  3. Congrats @MAV on FTO well deserved!

  4. Congrats @Hadi Mokdad on corporal!

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      thanks brother

  5. Congrats @Jester on corporal!

    1. Jester


      Thank you!!

  6. Hylos

    o7 man I remember when I first joined and mainly played with you piner and lou that shit was lit. I miss those days and I wish we could go back to them. Stay real like you always have been and I hope everything works out in your favor bro
  7. I know this is really late but congrats @ikiled! Best of luck and I know you're gonna do a great job

    1. ikiled


      Thanks Hylos :wub:

  8. Hylos

    o7 thanks for all you did for olympus
  9. Hylos

    o7 thank you for all that you did for the server you definitely brought out the potential in Olympus.
  10. Congrats @rapidaax on FTO!

    1. rapidaax


      Thanks hylos :wub:

  11. Grats @Rossco!

    1. Rossco


      Thank cutie......Congrats to you!


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