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  1. Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM] 3. This also applies to police. If you engage a cop, all cops are engaged with you. If you are in a tagged gang, anyone in your tagged gang who is brandishing a weapon actively in the situation is engaged with the cops. If you are engaged with cops and the engagement is around an HQ, you CAN kill cops as they spawn in until the engagement is over. Likewise, they can also immediately fire at you/your gang when they spawn in. 9. Death ends the engagement. Anyone who is revived by a medic or epi-pened must engage/be re-engaged. 1. Exception: When two tagged gangs are in an active engagement (with player(s) on both sides alive), tagged players of either gang that get revived whilst the engagement is still active do not need to re-engage. 1. Example: Gangs tagged [A] and [X] are in an active engagement, with players on each side alive. An [A] gang member gets revived. That [A] gang member does not need to re-engage any of the [X] gang members, and is considered engaged with the [X] members.
  2. Happy birthday to the lads @Ryan and @TheCmdrRex hope you both enjoy it

  3. I dont think you guys understand the part where we have irl lives to tend to and jobs that take up most of our day. The last thing i want to deal with is kids yelling at each other about a video game after i get home from work. That is why we have a ticket system so that we can take care of the server when we actually have the time. Just learn to be patient.
  4. Fuck lads looks like staff is gonna be forced to quit their jobs to do player reports now
  5. @ThatNerdyGuy my comp ticket is still open man I need it to be completed ASAP

    1. ooooooooo


      I request senior admin Hylos to do my comp request

  6. Congrats @Slumberjack & o7 to @Childish and @Richard enjoy the retirement life

  7. Happy birthday shadow owner @Zahzi

  8. o7 brother thanks for everything you've done for the server and for being the one to believe in me and give me a chance to progress on Sr. APD. Come visit in ts whenever you want man
  9. @GoodDustin congrats lad about time!

  10. Congrats @SecTranLive I expect @xDRO to get staff sgt asap ty

  11. Happy birthday man @Outcast

  12. Happy birthday to the lad @Creepy old man

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