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  1. Yeah who is this guy @Sho? Jk HBD buddy :)

  2. Welcome to the team @gaz

  3. Congrats to @Hurricane and @Panda :) well deserved!

  4. Happy birthday to the lad @Corps!

  5. Congrats to @Millennium @gaz @Noodles:D and @Winters all well deserved

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    2. Millennium


      ty cutie <3

    3. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      oh almost forgot, millennium getting corp is the worst promotion in APD history :) 

    4. Noodles:D
  6. Hylos

    o7 brother if you ever need anything you know you can always hmu. Come by ts every once in awhile to chill. Biker bois for life
  7. Hylos

    o7 Peter you did alot for the community in all the time that you've been here. Thank you for your hard work and hope everything goes well for you in the future
  8. Congrats @Rossco!

    1. Rossco


      Thanks Hitler!


  9. Happy Birthday @Gaz big gay enjoy your day :)

    1. gaz


      thanks homie :)

  10. Hylos

    o7 homie been awesome talking with you and hope you have an amazing trip in the RV take pictures for us!
  11. Congrats @hawk well deserved!!

    1. hawk


      Thanks Helios :) 

  12. Congrats @Hadi Mokdad and @Jester welcome to the team!


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