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  1. Hylos

    o7 APD

    o7 man thanks for your hard work and enjoy retirement
  2. Congrats x2 @Pledge do us proud

  3. o7 dude don't be a stranger and come back to talk shit to people
  4. You've been a true homie and honestly appreciate the work you've done. Enjoy your retirement and thank you again for giving me a chance on the srAPD.
  5. o7 @Pledge its been awesome having you as chief and thank you for your work

  6. o7 to easily one of the most chill people in the community. We'll all miss you and don't be a stranger :)
  7. Happy birthday @Seth M.!

    1. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      Thank you, thank you. :)

  8. Happy birthday you big gay @Nurse Lou

  9. Congrats @Bloodmoon try not to lose it on the same day again xd

    1. MAV



  10. o7 @hawk and @Sandman you are both big gay :(

    1. Messy


      :( porque??

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