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  1. Noah is just too hot to be an Olympus staff member. Rabid got jealous Noah was pulling all the e-hoes from his fat hands.
  2. Yeah of course gotta make sure they are roleplay enough for all sr R&R
  3. Gotta enhance the level of roleplay dog add in the karts and have them able to tow
  4. Did you do the work your self? Or muffler shop?
  5. Are you brain dead i downvoted 1 comment you actually downvoted all of mine??
  6. You purposely were baiting a ban, Toxic as hell and I know for facts its a big ole band wagon of chimpanzees to shit on noble
  7. Ok hold up, we dish out toxicity? I recall you yesterday PURPOSELY trying to get me banned for 0 reason other than you were mad. Don't be a hypocrite. There maybe a few bad apples but 89% of our gang are decent people who get called toxic just cause one person piped up in side chat.
  8. Always sleep with a fan, Texas has the most bi-polar weather ever. It can go from 47 degrees at night to waking up and its 80 And im also a naturally sweaty arma player so you know i gotta dry it up after a long night of playing medic
  9. Sounds like a great alliance with noble since all we do is create salt
  10. o7 brother thank you for all the times you yelled at me on cop
  11. HBD @Panda :) now give me a ghawk

  12. Unless you have a group of people and huron plus a hemtt or something around that size range its not gonna be worth riskin the loss of an expensive truck plus a heli when you could do as destruct said above and do a heli run. The only time i ever sling trucks is when me and the gang are going to store a run at gangshed which is super far from any collection sites.
  13. o7 thank you for the calling a bunch of deputys out for being monkeys

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