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  1. HBD @Panda :) now give me a ghawk

  2. Unless you have a group of people and huron plus a hemtt or something around that size range its not gonna be worth riskin the loss of an expensive truck plus a heli when you could do as destruct said above and do a heli run. The only time i ever sling trucks is when me and the gang are going to store a run at gangshed which is super far from any collection sites.
  3. o7 thank you for the calling a bunch of deputys out for being monkeys
  4. There is sub-reddits dedicated to these kind of things, check there and you will find either the answer or someone to help you
  5. Would the price cuts on APD guns be for only apd or for civs also? Its a bit OP to have to spend 215k on an arguably shittier mk200.
  6. Alright gimme a price ill buy it all on spot
  7. Yeah im just shit in wars so i dont have any WPs How many mags?
  8. If any of yall got a spar 16s taser also that would be good im looking to buy like 10 drum mags so hmu with offers
  9. Thank you for being the most meme-tastic medic out there. Every time i would get popped you were there to say some stupid shit and make me laugh o7
  10. Except you pledge you were really chill
  11. Well most people probs dont know or remember me but Im quitting so heres my obligatory o7 post just wanted to say if I am not permed that shows how garbage olympus is in managing and reporting cases A few notable shoutouts would be airborne, Fuck you and fuck the rest of SAPD I waited in disciplinary for 4 days and none of you retards ever talked to me Fuck the guy who reported me after saying i dont need to comp And who ever the LT ez is ur a fat bitch so suck it o7 olympus time to do something useful with my life rather than get bullied by fat old men on apd
  12. Yikes love you homes. Hope to see you around
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