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  1. Gotta use what you work hard on building Congrats @Noahhh! well deserved!
  2. o7 man, hit me up when you want to fly. Bring the soundboard
  3. Gonna miss flying with you, best of luck!
  4. Appreciate the response and additional context. Looking forward to additional updates when you're ready to release them
  5. 1. Regardless, OS staff/committed people. Doesn't go unnoticed 2. Is that how Bohemia will see it after receiving multiple complaints? 3. Agreed, and donations should be given to help keep the costs down for him considering how much time he spends. Not commenting on the fact that donating is a thing, but that there isn't a clear resolution on the Bohemia monetization issue. 4. I've heard about several others, but this one had a much larger impact on the overall community (at least from my perspective, which is the only perspective I've ever been speaking from)
  6. I spent a lot of time debating sending this as a PM or a forum post, and decided on a forum post to get the feedback from others. This has been bothering me for awhile, but if I'm the only one that feels this way this will be the best way to find out. If I'm not, maybe it will be a good forum to raise these issues to the level I think they deserve. I also realize this could get me banned, which would be a damn shame since I've been playing here since 2014 and 1. enjoy my time here and 2. have never been banned in that time. Over the last few weeks Olympus has been under intense siege, scrutiny, and rumor. With staff leaving and security issues, it was a real issue with real consequences. The admins did a great job working to get the servers back online, with forum upgrades and to keep the community somewhat intact. Their good effort here should not go unnoticed. However, these good efforts are threatened by oversight issues and poor decision making, much of which was called out in a previous post but got swept under the rug with all of these other issues. @Ryan was kind enough to post an update this past Sunday that was fairly comprehensive, which was appreciated. However, there was one part that caught my attention. Under the section The Elephant in the Room nothing was actually done to address the issue, and the way I read it, the issue was strictly swept under the rug. The full text: Well as most of you may assume or hear, there has been staff members accused of selling money, in which has resulted in a possible report to Bohemia. I wont go into detail about this until we hear back from Bohemia itself but I can say that Olympus Entertainment does not condone the selling of money/items. If anyone is caught doing so they will be dealt with appropriately on the administrative side. This is against Bohemia's policy and any solid tangible evidence to prove someone doing it will result in administrative action. Now if a report to Bohemia was submitted and they feel there's a need to question, they will temporarily turn off the servers until we resolve it with them, so dont get spooked if that ever does happen. Note in here there is no description or knowledge that the internal staff issue has been dealt with. Based on the rumor mill, these staff members are still in positions of power and are still active in the community. The way the paragraph reads, it's basically stating that "we know there is an issue but we aren't going to take preemptive action. Instead we're going to wait to get shut down." While I view this answer as unacceptable, it's made even worse by the fact that the next two paragraphs in the post ask for additional donations due to the overhead costs of getting these issues resolved and stating that Olympus isn't going anywhere. If senior staff have been made aware of these issues (and it seems pretty clear that they have) they need to address them swiftly and decisively. As a community, we're trusting all of OS to have good, fair judgement. I would argue that is not happening here, and the future of the community is being put at risk because of it. I encourage OS to hold themselves accountable and take action based off the needs of the community, even if they're hard decisions to make. As owners and senior staff especially, that's the faith we put in you as a community. It's clear from the hard work and Ryan's post that there's a lot of passion to make this work. The staff have put in countless hours to provide an enjoyable experience to our toxic community, which I know many of us appreciate and don't vocalize nearly enough. But there is one more section that Ryan mentioned that needs to be addressed: "This isn't the first time Olympus has taken a hit like this..." I'm not sure that's true. But it falls on everyone to call out poor decision making and inaction when we see it, to prevent this community from taking another hit like this. Anyways, if you made it this far thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback. Blueangelman36
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