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  1. I was in Camp Able Sentry in Macedonia. We were immediately locked down. There was a 2 hour wait lines to the phone. I finally got a call through to my mom. It was chaos because all of the police, fire, and national guard/ reserve units were put on alert in my state.
  2. It's honestly pretty terrible that this is the common reaction for the new players. It isn't hard to take a moment and give a new player a hand It might make all the difference.
  3. If you are a Veteran, Active duty, Reservist, or National guard I would like to start having a monthly meet up to just to shoot the breeze, tell some tall tales, and spend time with your brothers and sisters. Message me if you would like to work on setting up a meeting.
  4. Well I mean if your breaking rules probably shouldn't be upset if you catch a ban
  5. Well @ torre I was just making a joke based off the fact I used to constantly recieve messages about being fat, so I just figured I could laugh at myself a bit. P.P.S I'm still much less fat than I was.
  6. He does. Are you jealous that I'm not helping you? P.S. I am much less fat now
  7. Watch out vicarious living coming in hot.
  8. Welcome to the Community/server from your friendly fat, old, vigi. If you are new, and need some guidance on how to get started feel free to message me here or in game. Happy to help get your feet under you. Have a great day.
  9. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the folks coming in to my stream helping keep it active and fun. Also to the stream snipers your welcome. Living vicariously through me and my family **slow clap**.
  10. Gunhand

    Coop Stream

    Thanks Torre, but it comes with the territory.
  11. Gunhand

    Coop Stream

    Is that MW2 the toxicity is real like Olympus lobbies lol.
  12. Gunhand

    Coop Stream

    As most of you know I stream on the regular. If anyone would like do a multi stream with me sometime message me. It doesn't necessarily have to be arma though I'm sure the Olympus community would appreciate it. Have a good day.
  13. @ Jeffery Yeah I can get pissed your right. Sorry I have a temper, but that doesn't mean I am a ball of anger. Maybe once but being a dad has helped a lot I think. Thank you for the constructive criticism.

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