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  1. why would I get forum banned for a week for saying nigga when im black smh

    1. Soulz


      Because if we want rules and laws in society, we can’t let some people break laws while others are prosecuted for everything. 

    2. Strikke


      What Soulz said

  2. make him admin, he is too mature and calm for support team.

    1. Shut Up

      Shut Up

      i was wondering why it was pausing for like 2 and a half minutes and i was getting really angry and then i read the title so fuck you, you narcissistic, inconsiderate, self-loathing piece of shit 

    2. Thick Mans

      Thick Mans

      @Shut Up you deserve it nigger boy

  4. whoever reported me can suck my dantoni dick

    1. Page



  5. Africa doesnt give a fuck

  6. shut up before i shoot you in the god damn head
  7. (she made me delete it)

  8. fuck all you niggas that thought i could never be a PO smh...

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    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      Those Ronald McDonald shoes sure are tight on you today @gamer guy

    3. gamer guy

      gamer guy

      once again youre a random who got friend circled into staff, not sure why youre speaking to me when i was having a conversation with the owner not an admin who believes there are "free arma 3 cheats that are completely undetected" youre completely clueless as to what you talk about and its unbelievably clear. maybe let the big man speak since me and him were talking first? 

    4. JuanDeaged


      Damn @gamer guy u got permd as soon as fights started poppin again. Dirty cheater sucks to suck loser hahahahahaha.

  9. I can get you A LOT of sting tasers. How much each?
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