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  1. keep deleting these status updates retards

  2. everyone go buy cheats. @ destruct will unban you don't worry.

  3. give me back my ifrits from that shit @devs

  4. hey @retards please work on fixing how ifrits fling you into the sky when you get out

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. proud


      think they should just disable vehicles blowing up on s3 and it would solve alot of problems but HEY who am i to say anything right?

    3. Venomm
    4. SPBojo


      ETA on beating the go-cart record 

  5. how tf do i play this conquest

    1. Dealer


      buy a ghillie and sdar then cap when no one there

    2. e4mon


      ghillies and sdars

  6. I wouldn't get too comfortable if I were you... @ Paul Menard Only 0.08 seconds between us now
  7. its on now paul. Prepare for a sub 15 second time.
  8. I will make an instructional video just for you for 500k.
  9. I quickly recorded this video to help you guys out a bit. This is not the perfect line at all and I left out of a bunch of my trade secrets but this is a starting point for those who want to try beat me.
  10. I used to practice it a lot last summer but I stopped playing olympus in october and just played the past 3 days to try beat the time. Probably took me about 5 hours of trying this week.
  11. I might post a vid of a mid 16 second time just to help you guys out but im not posting a vid of a super fast lap because I don't want to reveal my racing line.
  12. yes my work has finally been completed. I am quitting olympus until someone breaks this time which will probably never happen so goodbye everyone.
  13. Today I have just made olympus history by achieving the first go-kart time under 15.8000 seconds. This was the perfect run and I will give all my olympus money/vehicles to anyone who can beat my time (without cheating or glitches, must have video proof). Get used to the number 15.7646 because this will be the #1 go kart time for the rest of this servers life.

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