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  1. Happy Bday pinky!

  2. Happy Birthday buddy!

  3. Yeah, I cant seem to find any 1070's cheap anymore, I see them on amazon for about £330
  4. carstensen


  5. What mouse should I buy, I currently got a corsair harpoon and its pretty shit and small.
  6. Right now I get around, 60-80 frames except kavala.
  7. Getting this cpu soon, Is it good for arma? And how much fps do you get My specs will be I7 3770k GTX 1050 TI 8GB RAM 120GB SSD which I got my windows on 1TB hdd
  8. Thankyou <3 RIP my friend, you will be missed<3
  9. If you're still experiencing mass frame drops in combat try getting a ssd and put windows on there it will make it much smoother and faster. P.s- Try lowering your view distance in game that helps alot.
  10. Hello everyone, My names carstensen i come from different altis life servers. I hope to see some new faces and dont be too afraid to say hi to me.
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