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  1. @Ryan are RPG's and planes going to be allowed at conquest forever? Don't see many people staying if that's the case

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    2. Xeltini
    3. Drop


      Don’t mind the planes as much as I think it’s hilarious how rpgs are so common in a conquest zone which is surely meant to show how good a gang is - not how many hours they’ve wasted grinding for a rocket launcher 

    4. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      @Drop if it takes you hours to grind out an rpg then you're really doing something wrong

  2. Lemon Avenue

  3. Drop

    Smoke ban

    Way too hard for you to know for certain if people are exploiting it or if they just happen to be in a smoke on cap. Been doing this for like a year and nothings came from it until now when people are learning how to do it
  4. yeah we gonna be struggling https://imgur.com/a/IE8tyW3
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