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  1. Xeltini

    o7 you have always been a good friend to play with. Good luck with what's going on right now whatever it is and I hope to play some apex again with you in the future
  2. Xeltini

    KS Joe Moore
  3. Congrats @Creepy knew you would get it sometime.

    1. Creepy


      Thanks bud couldn't have done it without your love and support

  4. Civ VI destroys friendships beware

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Drama


      what about mean greens


    3. Skys


      28 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      Civ 5 is better

      i will buy civ 5 and 1v1 you 


    4. Xeltini


      4 hours ago, drama said:

      what about mean greens


      Mean greens sealed the deal tonight. We lost a good friend to rage after civ and then hopping on mean greens thinking he could even touch me. 

  5. Xeltini

    No one else can post if they are not online
  6. Xeltini

    Why not give it to corps too? Is it just something you think corporals can not handle or be entrusted with or more so wanting to give another perk for being SAPD? Many lower ranking officers love doing trial by combats like myself and whenever I ask a senior they seem to always say no. @Pledge
  7. Xeltini

    Game of thrones
  8. Happy bday CSGO ragequitter @hawk

    1. hawk


      Listen brother I've matured so I no longer rage quit :Kappa: Thanks!

  9. Quality content 



  10. Xeltini

    https://gyazo.com/7a9e7980d2b7189400098a0fad3d0ccf https://gyazo.com/cca3d4a53a547ff65c0e9ce5d3654c30 The two bottles are prescription strength antiperspirant for when the games get intense.
  11. Congrats @Luke Duke @Airborne @Edge @Hoonter @Hylos and @Sho switch back to echo tho sho

  12. We will make sure to shut this event down
  13. @Outcast Happy birthday. Kavala is not gonna be safe if you are out partying. 

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