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  1. Xeltini

    I got winded playing golf today and you're out here scheduling the fight for the end of summer. I gotta put down the sonic and get training smh
  2. Xeltini

    Definetly fake drunk or fake tired dont trust a word this man says. @Ryan got a six pack tho ripped as hell am I right @Viper. Would personally bang if I was gay no homo
  3. Go check out her twitch 



  4. @Viper no your even hotter. Lets go slay at the bars now that finals are over


    1. Viper


      oh stop it you look even better!!! GIRL YOU'RE FIRE!

    2. Bojo


      The armpit hair gave me a boner ngl.

    3. Strikke


      5 hours ago, Bojo said:

      The armpit hair gave me a boner ngl.


  5. I feel like it was just yesterday seeing your first masterpieces brings tears to my eyes how far you have come. Congrats @Ron

  6. Xeltini

    o7 shit chef
  7. Xeltini

    o7 funs times in BW dude
  8. Xeltini

    Honestly, this change is not that bad. However I would like to see specification about what "heavily outnumbered" means and how leadership will determine these numbers. I also think this should go both ways. If cops "heavily outnumber" civilians then you should not be able to pull hawks etc or some rule/change that balances it in return.
  9. Xeltini

    o7 we still gotta go snowboarding next year
  10. This is what I like to see @ikiled take notes
  11. then why don't they just drop it if its 99% done Yea, thats right not hard to write 2 fucking lines of code.
  12. Excuses excuses is all I ever hear from staff. How hard is it to deal with one hacker. We PAID OUR MONEY for something and it is not getting delivered. Its simple business people, you pay for something somewhere you should receive a product in this case an update.
  13. Imagine not providing what you put on the donation goal and blaming it one little hacker.
  14. I mean this is great and all but we still dont have the past months donation rewards. ETA on bank

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