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  1. who has two thumbs and is smashley simpson rn?


  2. 4 v 4 turned into 4 v 14 hella quick........dat cop stack doe

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    2. Jester
    3. draMa


      Damn dro you gonna let him expose you like that?

    4. xDRO


      Jokes on you kid. I'm terrible at this game, everyone knows that.

      Also, SDAR is not my gun lmao


      Edited by xDRO
  3. xDRO

    Couple of ideas I think could revive a little life in the servers all around... Airdrops -Random crashed aircrafts/crates containing loot that cops/civs can fight over. This could also be an event for gangs not ready to do Feds or BW's Radio Tower Hacking -Add radio towers across the map that when you hack with a terminal it removes APD notifications for things like FEDS/BW or Jails. Cops would have to go and reset the antennas to get their notifications back. This could be a cartel type thing to encourage more fights with APD Give them a small payout for hacking/fixing the antennas. Vigis capping cartels -Vigis shouldn't be able to rob people or capture cartels. They cant restrain cops or take kidneys, this should be classified with it. At this point they just sit on cap to get gear or to bait a bounty. Kills on Warzone should reflect the same as other Gang War kills. -You should get the same amount of WP's for a kill in War Zone. Warred or not. Bring back the cartels away from WZ. - Alot of gangs are scared to enter WZ but I see them at the Pygros or peninsula cartels. Bring back the Lighthouse and Castle cartels to get the gangs that hangout in the other parts of the map to fight.
  4. @Dante bruh..... have you heard this?


  5. trying out for this band tomorrow ...wish me luck


    1. DABESTeva


      gl dro ez ez you got it homie

    2. xDRO


      thx homie

  6. xDRO

    I was sacrificed within the first 1hr of my time on Olympus by Tree haha...Honestly the reason i joined BW was to get revenge
  7. New vocalist goes hard af


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    2. Dante


      He parted ways in like June. Signs of the swarm vocalist is with Lorna now 

      Signs of the swarm vocalist is nasty tho 

    3. xDRO


      Didnt know that....sick

    4. Orgondo


      They were dope at Warped.


  8. xDRO

  9. https://gyazo.com/78cde48ef8f9d0867caa01ea96467e78

    What kind of false claimin, great value bullshit is this?
    @Orgondo @lou25000

    1. Orgondo


      Lol wat


    2. lou25000


      LOL ppl always stealin the damn name

  10. ayyyyyyyyy


    1. Dante


      I knew the vocalist sounded familiar. I remember him in Texas In July. I’m bout it. 

    2. Orgondo


      ayyyyy +1

  11. https://youtu.be/JWRcvnc_mE4

  12. Patrol officers can now execute raid warrants.... Does this mean inventory? or just door locks?

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