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  1. Thanks everyone! Im excited to be a part of the team

    1. Creepy


      eta on mystery machine?

  2. Dante

    YOO @Strikke we have another musically acceptable member of staff! Welcome @xDRO

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    2. Decimus
    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      Decimus, go listen to country and ride your tractor. 

    4. Strikke


      4 hours ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

      Decimus, go listen to country and ride your tractor. 


  3. xDRO

  4. Best drummer in the game

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    1. Skys


      He is ok

  5. xDRO

    During a raid where they can endlessly come back without wave rule. Not logical lol
  6. xDRO

    How are we asking for a mile? Other then fighting till restart, give me one logical example of how to stop a search on a gang shed. Ill wait.
  7. xDRO

    I mean during the process of a shed raid... Say we kill most of APD but left one member up not knowing he was hiding. He then sees us pull trucks and load shit into them and tails us to whichever house we store it. He can relay that evidence to you and you can now raid our house/trucks also correct?
  8. xDRO

    So let's say we were to load up the shine into a hemtt during that process all APD would've had to do was witness and tail us to our house and that would give you enough evidence to search our trucks and house correct? Regardless of bounty?
  9. xDRO

    If a lower rank informs you that he saw a wanted criminal accessing a house/shed are you still allowed to search? Or do you have to personally witness?
  10. xDRO

    https://youtu.be/S-T97FUd6hI Like I said, make it a redzone then. Its essentially like a fed event anyway but for cops. They are in search of illegal drugs based off of illegal activity, why shouldnt be treated as an illegal area during the process? Or give APD some kind of device to be able to search so we can defuse or something. The point of this post is to make a point that it's currently in favor of APD. Can we all at least agree on that?
  11. xDRO

    All I'm asking is that cops have to follow wave rule during a search of a gangshed. Only thing that would do is allow Civs a chance to NOT get raided. As it stands there is no way to stop a search other then server restart or destroying it which results in a ban.
  12. xDRO

    So when is it deemed unclear? When is the APD supposed to back off and accept defeat? Never. Basically you're saying there is no timer on how long we have to fight, just how long he gets to search after the fight? Seems fair.
  13. xDRO

    Literally flaws in everything you said.. "Kill 2-3 cops it takes them 3-6 mins to come back." ( This could work if they were there at the same time but the come back 1 by 1 there is never a moment to pull trucks or access inventory.) "Load up 2 hemmts and have 2 innocent people drive the drugs to their houses." ( All APD has to do is get visual of this and now they have reason to seize trucks and raid our houses.) If they came back together your idea would work, but they dont, they die then come back 1 by 1 until they win. After this incident there was 1 APD orca and about 30 hatchbacks at our gangshed. You're viewing this issue as an APD member, not as a person with logic. Make a gangshed raid a redzone then. You're intentions are to raid ILLEGAL drugs based on ILLEGAL activity. Why shouldn't it be treated as an ILLEGAL situation?

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