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  1. +1 Keep betting but cap how much you can bet.
  2. am i the only one who got his joke
  3. This is from my experience with staff, there can't be an objective opinion on how you feel about someone..
  4. Make your own, please screenshot it and share https://tierlists.com/create/olympus-staff-tierlist
  5. When Olympus added betting you think they didn't know people would try to make money off it? At the end of the day, betting comes with the risk of losing your money just like runs. @Birb lost a billion dollar bet the other day, and quit the server. It's all luck, and if they choose to go down that route and make money, props to them. Betting is way riskier than doing runs, so why shit on the people who enjoy it?
  6. That's completely different than what the "developers" on Olympus do. I can literally link the AltisLifeRPG plugins your 'developers' just copy and paste verbatim from AltisLifeRPG without crediting them at all. Want some examples? I can keep going, point is, there is a HUGE difference between using StackOverFlow to help you fix bugs, and use new methods that you are unfamilliar with, and straight up copying and pasting plugins from AltisLifeRPG.
  7. The current development skills consist of copy and paste. I said it.
  8. This is the updates to the APD handbook. Here is the APD Handbook
  9. You live up to your name @Mr GOAT
  10. this update was because of my barcode name rip
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