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  1. "Supreme quality at unmatched low prices!"
  2. Do I need to call for help? All you fucking mouth-breathers got your lips zipped. I'm genuinely concerned, are you getting enough oxygen?
  3. Please elaborate on how my logic is "dumb". Maybe you don't agree with it, but how is it dumb?
  4. By "we" I am guessing you are referring to the S2 gangs. Also, are gangs going to be able to sell these sheds? Because who in their right mind wouldn't sell their free S1 meth shed for $50M and still do meth runs half the time they're online on S2? Imagine only having to sell 1 meth as a gang to make a profit instead of ~2,700-3,000.
  5. So to be clear -- Server 2 will still be open 50% of the time, and gangs from Server 2 get a free gang shed poofed into existence on Server 1 while keeping their Server 2 gang shed? Um... Do Server 1 gangs get a free Server 2 shed poofed into existence to play with during the 50% of the time Server 2 is up? If Server 2 plans on staying around for a while then let's balance this. Server 2 gangs be like "I'm gonna go do runs on S2 when it's up, and when it isn't I'm going to go do runs on S1 with my FREE shed." Throwback to the days where gangs bought sheds for $20M + $15M in upgrades and had to do $35M worth of runs to break even. Now they just get to get rich fast with no upfront costs If S2 gangs get a free 24/7 shed then why not let S1 gangs get a free shed to use 12/7. Half the time.
  6. Worst Chief the server has probably ever seen. If he did anything besides reply in memes and defend straw man arguments then it would be easier to forgive considering he is just a kid and put the time in. But he is toxic. And only ever got anything done by superseding the handbook to get his way. Maybe he is a fine admin--IDK--but Chief? Nah. That ain't it.
  7. OS only ever be like "You're stupid if you don't agree with me, fuck your opinion" also nemnocks a bitch
  8. ArmA 3 player pop in general is different now than back in the day. It's more critical now then ever to hold on to the player base you have. It's how you did it.
  9. Very often given the APD's track record of camping zones. Would not surprise me if APD casually checks airfields every 5 minutes when the jet bois are online. Sneaking in this rule change is gross, at least roundtable it (or try again). Death to Olympus via APD.
  10. DubbedSoap#8755 is Disc, or pm here.
  11. Yes. Um, maybe 2-3 months ago? Not sure exactly. No rules were broken, Chief superseded the handbook as he can. Just made my day how it went down.
  12. Facts. Will never forget the time I had my house raided that I never even ran around/stood close to just because it was the closest one to me that I had keys to. Just superseded the handbook. Found nothing.
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