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  1. Jeron

    money back

    IM DOWN WITH @Millennium IDEA
  2. i want my 300 mill back from yoyo's account
  3. Jeron


    If I took a loan from you recently ask yoyo man. He has your money This nigga broke my betting spirit
  4. @Jig is already balding at the age of 15
  5. @PPhantom funniest dude on Olympus
  6. @Dicky “ I whiffed a while entire mag “
  7. Make it have like 100 items and inventory space so it can’t be abused Also the Titan is Balanced because as of right now the apd has no way of countering a black fish that is being used for fed/BW (It’s sole purpose for being added)
  8. Property tax for players who have 5 mil and above. This would allow those poor people who have houses to not go bankrupt
  9. Jeron

    Need a loan

    @Monks it’s called advertising
  10. Allow civs to buy the xian jet
  11. @rabid I need a 50 mil Loan. Got wiped by yoyo man Like the kid breaks nlr rdms. His bank needs to be wiped
  12. Jeron


    ima be the next jeff bezos
  13. Why would you not want to use the ghawk if you have access to it
  14. Someone bet me 200 mil
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