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  1. #freemyboyjamesedgar i mean 3 accs between 3 brothers and more than 2 on each so i can seel quite the amount
  2. same i got like 8 total and some asylum ones so boys selling in bulk 5 mill a piece if u buy 1 its 10 mill
  3. only valuable ones eg headless or ryan cyanide zazhi etc not they reatards
  4. Selling a perm ban issued by the man headless and ban appeal denied by ryan. love u really headless but boys get the ball rolling at 10 mill
  5. @Ryan hey dad im banned for some bullshit reason cuz if u check logs i aint sellin no money im a broke ass mf irl and ingame if u unbann me u might get some toe pics on omegal.
  6. @CaloomClark will sell toe pics for £3 and feet pics for £5 hmu
  7. im interested in @CHEESE1 shuttijng ther fuck up also will buy all csat piolet covs
  8. @Vigi easy money i have money in my buds account
  9. +1 make price raise faster and reduce pro time
  10. Buying any BW vechiles or items wil only do by middle man comment item and price ill reply if im interested much love big GoAt
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