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  1. Noodles:D

    o7, Fun times playing in elusive with you back when @KGB JOSH got you blacklisted from support team.
  2. Noodles:D

    Should olympus community members stop these shit post?
  3. Happy birthday to the one who nerfs us everyday that he can. make it a good one @DeadPool

  4. Noodles:D

    Actually worth dick
  5. Noodles:D

    This is very toxic for someone who's looking for a gang. But instead of making a whole post of all this shit talking just go to gang recruitment and either apply or recruit.
  6. Noodles:D

    Cs would be fun and easy to do also easy to cast.
  7. Noodles:D

    o7, did you ever get that new phone?
  8. Noodles:D

    @KGB JOSH Can't shoot shit
  9. Noodles:D

    @KGB JOSH Definitely wanted one of those
  10. Noodles:D

  11. Noodles:D

    Yeah I got that but they got the money wiped fast means something doesn't it?
  12. Noodles:D

    I looked at stats no one has hacked money they seem to be on it. Plus hackers blow up every server so if it's getting nuked It isn't that bad
  13. When is this server rolling back because this is wasting so much time just waiting.

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    2. Noodles:D


      Yeah ik that but, the longer they wait the quicker the server dies and the harder work they'll have to go through to comp everyone. I wanted a date not 12 units that could mean anything. Do I have to wait a few days to play? A month?

    3. Soulz


      12 units :)

      6 minutes ago, NokiaStrong said:

      Dumb bot when the server updates they role back and they will update when the anti cheat is ready

      Thank you for coming to my ted talk

      Like update for Bohemia or update like with the war terminal and the new bank?

    4. NokiaStrong


      For ear rape Bohemia needs to update but the anti cheat comes with Olympus update


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