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  1. @TheMrB Those kids are for me fuck you pedo

  2. Okay I'm not reading all those status updates someone wanna give me the shortened answer for grego from both sides? Because I'm curious. 

    1. Millennium


      He is permed rn bc someone cheated on his alt. He is saying he sold his alt account to someone else a while ago, But since it still had his Ip he got permed. Admins think he is lying and think that it was Grego that was cheating.

    2. Noodles:D
  3. +1 This was our greatest idea. Special thanks to the boys for helping in the creation of this video
  4. o7 @Strae we'll miss you @decla o7 thank god

  5. Noodles:D

    WTS Ghawk

    How much as a general price
  6. @Cyanide Happy Birthday cutie

  7. @ShoTime has a super big dick

  8. We should start the Olympus faceit hub back up.



    1. destruct


      Yeah maybe maybe since everyone's at home chillin', maybe this weekend.

  9. imagine spending real money on fake money lmao
  10. @Eggmasta @billdroid happy birthday idiots

    1. Eggmasta






  11. You'd be the type of guy to like black people.
  12. Don't feel bad for these idiots they were being cancer since round one. @Ryan I better win that giveaway you jew @ooooooooo
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