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  1. I just wanna vs the medics
  2. Noodles:D

    Bro match BPM and Lethals with each other please
  3. Noodles:D

  4. Congrats to the lad @Millennium on your well deserved corp promotion. Cograts to @gaz on FTO and @Winters the only EU FTO

    1. gaz
    2. Dante


      See @Winters making you be active duty again did ya well 

    3. Millennium
  5. Noodles:D

    How do we know this wasn't duped
  6. Noodles:D

    Rip bro ig it's time for me to have 100 ping
  7. Happy birthday @TheKingSage your still nutty with an armed plane

  8. Noodles:D

    If I lose 15k everytime I die I'm gonna be too poor to even play cop...
  9. Noodles:D

    Well you live up to your name...
  10. Noodles:D

  11. Noodles:D

    @sped This mans selling a HAWK
  12. Noodles:D

  13. Noodles:D

    Amazing as always
  14. Noodles:D

    Is 2014 I was looking at servers Asylum was popping I played it for awhile until they changed the money to show less (1mil turning into 100k) quit and found Olympus in 2015 and saw it was the only good altis life server.
  15. Noodles:D

    Hey man I usually pretty lenient with letting people off and discounting but a 1mil is a 1mil

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