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  1. o7 man I always enjoyed talking to you
  2. If we lowball you do we get doxxed?
  3. Honestly you should've gotten admin a long time ago all you did was put in work for staff and they did nothing for you.
  4. He will be missed. Unless I'm allowed to keep him
  5. Well my time for stepping down on the APD has come. I'm not quitting the server I still want to try to pursue staff. But after some thought and school coming up I knew I wouldn't have the time or the effort to put that into the APD anymore. It was always fun and I met a lot of great people along the way. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me or played with me while I've been on the APD. Finally, a special thank you to @KGB JOSH when we were PO's I got to a point to when I wanted to quit but I only stayed because you wanted me to. With all that being said thank you everyone for such a great time. Oh and @ChrisGG I still hope you get perfect 360 waves one day. It'll be like the ocean.
  6. @maxg congrats brother wear the tag well

    1. maxg


      thanks cutie

  7. I cant even imagine what it's like caring so much about taking someone off the server. Like it's a video game you dont have to like them but to stop them from playing a video game because you hate yourself more than them is pathetic. o7 @Jester :(

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kamikaze


      5 hours ago, indian said:

      servers going in the wrong direction if rabid gets any rank higher than contributor,

      I could care less who someone is, if they are a good designer they should be able to achieve that rank, shouldn't be held back due to someones bias.

    3. indian


      @Kamikaze see where you’re coming from. I just don’t think he’s trustworthy with any authority in the slightest, especially after trying to pull that blastcore shit off in prime which he was well aware of weeks prior and then blaming it on me for their dq. 

    4. indian


      should of also clarified that I meant a staff role instead of “rank higher than contributor”.

  8. Goodbye jester. You were always a great friend.
  9. Probably after next staff meeting when @KGB JOSH doesn't get admin.
  10. Damn this ones going to be hard to beat but be on the lookout for one @KGB JOSH.
  11. Congrats @Panda :) Well deserved promo

    1. Jester



      don't hate me only jokes <3

    2. Panda :)
  12. Yeah if you're clearly trying to blow up the shed to prevent the search it's against the rules. Like everyone else is saying.
  13. Congrats @Headless Can't wait to see some of your designs come into the server

    1. Headless


      Appreciate your kind words bud

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