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  1. i remember my first kill
  2. Ham for Sgt...am i doing this right

    1. Dustin87


      No you need more flame in your post.

    2. Benjamin Remer

      Benjamin Remer

      Sadly, last I heard, Ham can't get Sergeant. :( Feelsbad

  3. Unban me from the immunity ts you mong

  4. After all the shit talk yesterday i log on server 2 and not 1 tree to be found.  STOP DUCKING ME AND GET THIS ASS WHOOPING TREE!!!

    1. QKSILVR73


      I think they need some water. Their roots are dieing. J/k



    2. Jaeger Mannen

      Jaeger Mannen

      Ohhhh Boy. We going for 2 days of salt now?

    3. QKSILVR73


      No salt here, just being silly


  5. Rusty with his fake british accent Mobundo with his real accent Jopple and EatMeth with their eating peanut butter voice Cake Virus only while on cop Antistud only whenever Ebzekro funniest guy to have arrest you
  6. Can we please bring back the shit talk and salt to the forums and in game please?  I'll start...FUCK YOU TREE IM TAKING ALL THE CARTELS TONIGHT!!!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. dSRelapse
    3. Thomas


      Sup relapse?  You gonna help me chop a few trees?

    4. dSRelapse


      Yeah ill help u do that when I see u on

  7. What happened to Dustin87?

    1. McDili


      Oh he's still around. He doesn't play though.

    2. Dejay


      kicked from mc, started selling speed and meth and then just kind of sits here

  8. Go nuts you say...done...speed bombs on every cop car...you asked for it
  9. When is the next one?
  11. I've been gone for a while and I remember the first gang wars which was won by The Great Tree. Just wondering if gang wars is still a thing and how many did i miss and who won.
  12. I got accepted for apd interview so wish me luck.  Also i have so much money i wanna make it rain on dem hoes.  Can you guys make a animation so i can throw money at people thanks

  13. Poseidon go to sleep your drunk


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