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  1. Lose vigi license for having 1 robbery?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Jamie


      and here I thought staff/civ reps got the most hate....nope vigis....lmao

    3. Morgan Freeman

      Morgan Freeman

      Any cop will take any chance they have at revoking someones vigi license 

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Greaseball apd having nothing better to do than camp event locations and seize all your stuff. 

  2. The big gangs that always have the cartels don't need any help imo

  4. Thomas

    24th STS was the 1st gang i joined...pretty sure mcdili's also
  5. Retarded retards

  6. You have to be trolling
  7. How did he try to rdm you? You shot at him first. You are telling me if someone shoots at your vehicle and it only hits your vehicle not you that you are not engaged?
  8. Thomas

    It was hilarious when I was getting trained cuz the whole time trident gum was flying overhead and yelling shit at the gate...Good times

    1. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      Bro that is legit all A Team does.

    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      God bless A Team 

      ks 2.0

  10. Thomas

  11. I wanna make it rain in Kavala square on the broke ass cops.  Give me an option to throw money at poor people I wanna watch them pick up trash.  

    1. QKSILVR73


      Yes please

    2. Deadpool


      I mean look at the richest players list majority of them are cops soooooo

    3. Thomas


      Still plenty of broke ass deputies

  12. Nice Banner bro 

  13. Thomas

    Maybe make a minimum amout of money to have like 5 mil to bet so people don't gamble their Altis life away
  14. Thomas

    My mouth is gaped due to the fact you payed money for that GARBAGE game

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