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  1. anyone wanna do a big bet with a middle man

    1. Google



    2. Hadi'sLilBro


      ill be middle man

  2. Morgan Freeman

    Me trying to read this in one
  3. Morgan Freeman

    Fuck me, learn how to use a full stop
  4. Bring back the old armed planes the ghost hawk gun

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. toxicc
    3. Kamikaze


      anyone that can press left click can use that


    4. toxicc


      Not everyone has the money to learn how to use one.. 


  5. Morgan Freeman

    Message a dev they'll sort it out something to do with their database
  6. Can we please not get a cooldown every time someone has it disabled or declines the bet

    1. Lex yo

      Lex yo

      I mean I don't bet anymore but yea I agree. I believe that it causes server lag though, could be wrong.

    2. TheCmdrRex


      It still costs server performance unfortunately so it won’t happen

  7. Morgan Freeman

    Hmmm refused comp, thats why i comped soulz 25k and offered everyone else comp and you didnt reply, Thats also called dysnc.
  8. Morgan Freeman

    100% a bully victim, how many homes you been in kid Karma
  9. Morgan Freeman

  10. Morgan Freeman

    We've been told not to use the quilin
  11. Time for the Brits to take over

    1. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic

      God save the Queen!

  12. Morgan Freeman

    holy shit, i always wanted a 6mm suppressor, Didnt know we could actually get them
  13. selling moonshine house that is a 3 crater, which is 900m away from brewery. Offers below or PM https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1679131872
  14. Morgan Freeman

    Dont take it to heart

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