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  1. Nope. I just gave him perm key.
  2. I won't sell mine either @Jwilly. BTW Panera is using mine.
  3. Please fix the dang SUV colors in garage. Buy a black SUV, Went to insure it and it only gives the silver option.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. QKSILVR73


      @Jesse No one has reported this? Wow!! I suppose I'm the whiny one to do it. :P

      Guess I am the only one that uses and insures my SUV @Aunt Jemima I don't like paying extra for more space and tier4 everytime someone blows it up in Kavala ir some jackwagon chops it. :/


    3. Jesse


      Fixed it, will be released in next update.

    4. QKSILVR73
  4. I use Norton, but I don't visit those Pirate sights or try to get shit for free. That's what a job does.
  5. Dragon's Milk. Good stuff

  6. K thank you for bringing back the page bar :)

    1. Jesse
    2. QKSILVR73


      that's too much work :P


  7. Stupid computer!! GRR


    1. Panera


      Sell some of the Sneks you stole from @Sid Vicious to buy you a new one 

    2. Sid Vicious

      Sid Vicious

      plz no touch my sneks 

    3. QKSILVR73


      me have no keys to house. Panera sneked them

  8. been there after a server crash lost my gun and taken to HQ. I was pissed. Oh well
  9. Glad you're safe Nixon.
  10. where did the status update page numbers go?


    1. Mighty


      Yea the status update page is way different and i don't like it. Wish i could click on the links without having to go to there profile.

    2. Dante
  11. I don't play enough to care about my war points. So this is untrue. Now the ones that have a bunch yes this would suck .
  12. someone get this crank guy off the website. Spamming in forumsQ!


  13. Borrrring
  14. Quit buying big guns and getting her big trucks chopped. SUV and pdub=$$$

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