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  1. Dammit! we need an admin STAT! Mas RDM on S1 Kavala. I whole group of em killing medics and all

  2. QKSILVR73

    I have a DP25 house and garage. PM me if serious.

  4. QKSILVR73

    I never report RDM and more. Waste of time. i just get on with it. Of course I'm not broke so yeah
  5. Yep DB dead


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    2. HunterBklyn


      DB ain't dead. They've just been playing other games lately.

    3. QKSILVR73


      17 hours ago, HunterBklyn said:

      DB ain't dead. They've just been playing other games lately.

      Never see em in TS. :/


    4. HunterBklyn


      They're always in TS. They just don't play Arma much anymore.

  6. Just want to say Alcoholism is a terrible disease. 4 years ago my brother was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Despite this, he continued to drink and in January suffered a stroke. So for the last 5 months he was basically not the brother I knew and the cirrhosis was slowly killing him. He finally passed away this week at the age of 42 leaving behind 3 kids. RIP brother.


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    2. QKSILVR73


      Thanks everyone

    3. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      Sorry for you loss man:(

    4. dahwhat


      Rest in Peace. Very sad to hear about this and sorry for your loss. 

  7. SUV runs of moonshine mostly. Plus I had a house so that helps with storing
  8. Have to know when to do what. I amassed over 30mil before I was in a gang. I done it all by myself. YAY! The problem is no one wants give anybody a break.
  9. QKSILVR73

    FAKE NEWS! Come to Kavala. You'll be welcomed with bullets to the dome!
  10. All you people complaining about APD payouts. No one about houses? I'm sad

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