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  1. Quinton

  2. Quinton

    Everyone forgot to mention The Office.
  3. Snape kills Dumbledore

  4. Wadup Just A RP player 

    Im Chillaxed

  5. I'm free, but who am I? 

    1. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      Not black that's for sure


      **Seinfeld Theme***

    2. dog:)



    3. Matt The Savage
  6. Quinton

    Have a punishment for people who throw.
  7. Quinton

    Will buy only of they come with unlimited trunk capacity. If*
  8. Any cs players GNM or higher wanna play mm?

  9. Anyone Gold nova master or Mg wanna queue for mm?

  10. Quinton

    Will you accept frame by frame pictures from Microsoft paint as an intro?
  11. Quinton

    you need to take off request permission for everyone to view.
  12. Quinton

    Nah, My only ban before this was rdm several months ago. Never exploited before this.
  13. Quinton

    I'm not saying it was your intentions or fault for making the hunters with unlimited space, but it's not like we went through a bunch of hoops to use the exploit. Also I was saying the time to turn yourself in should have been a bit longer than maybe an hour. It's not like you can't just wipe the accounts of the people who did it and give them a lesser ban than a perm. If it was like storing inv in the hunter then alt f4ing then coming back in with a bugged inv than I'd see a perm there, but not something as small as this. Like I've stated the impound yard was much bigger and was around a lot longer than how many people used the hunter, we all should've gotten a chance after this was spread around. The people who confessed with the impound yard knew what they were doing and didn't receive a perm. So why with a small exploit with a smaller amount of people get permed?
  14. Quinton

    just be glad you didn't

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