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  1. HyperGoat

    easy win for the PLAGUE GODS, go boys ill be cheering from work @Zurph pop off.
  2. HyperGoat

    I love you for this, I've always wanted OS to grow outside Arma 3 as it will die someday.
  3. HyperGoat

    o7 Peter, Goodluck in your life. thank you for those life tips and deep talks. Hope to see you around
  4. HyperGoat

    I see 3x Gangwars winner @Excision that kids nuts
  5. Me and @Luke Duke are wanting to start a ESEA Open team, PM if interested. Just to scrim and play and well see for Season 31...

    1. Pledge
    2. Tb:)


      HELLO ME 

    3. xanx


      i mean im rank 9 atm but im EU so there's no way I could join cuz ping would fuck me up and Im washed aswell, didn't play csgo in months

      but gl roleplayers

  6. HyperGoat

    you like rock?
  7. HyperGoat

    whats that movie called?
  8. for a friend give him the follow

  9. HyperGoat

    7m for the 3 crate dp23
  10. Whos trying to start an ESEA CS team, you have to be full dedicated


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