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  1. HyperGoat

    Lol @Sandman how many other sr. apd hate you, must be fun having friends in there!!! XD
  2. HyperGoat

    kinda facts
  3. HyperGoat

    is this paki pokemon @Hadi Mokdad
  4. Happy b-day young lad @3 Rip

    Edited by HyperGoat
    1. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      Thank you mr hypergoat :bender-dance:

      Edited by 3 Rip
  5. HyperGoat

    make a list of weapon prices
  6. HyperGoat

    the first words when I join in his channel!
  7. Happy b-day you mongoloid @zoomzooooooom

    Keep laughing like that surfer from spongebob

  8. Come watch the boy! http://www.twitch.tv/hyp3rgo4t

    Edited by HyperGoat
  9. come watch the cs god! www.twitch.tv/hyp3rgo4t

  10. HyperGoat

    wait ur selling a 2 crater and garage?
  11. HyperGoat

    the Goat wife
  12. who's buying BO4

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hawk


      Don't need to buy it if I can come to your house and play it :)

    3. Edge


      Pre ordered

    4. HyperGoat


      @hawk damn u right

  13. the APD bumble bee is back poggers!!!

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    2. hawk


      6 minutes ago, DeadPooL said:

      ill trade

      My PayPal is always accepting donations ;)

    3. OutCast


      41 minutes ago, hawk said:

      Tfw I wanna be corporal again just to use the bumblebee uniform :lol:

      Congrats your now a corporal.

    4. hawk


      1 hour ago, OutCast said:

      Congrats your now a corporal.

      Was worth the demotion ;)

  14. o7 @Egnazio the funniest cop to play with hope you come back!


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