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  1. May I join your religion.
  2. Any music makers in this community? Would Magix music maker be any good or Fl studio or other programs.

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    2. ikiled


      I was taking Electronic music as an elective:

      We used Fl studio, it is a great program, can fit all of your needs. Fairly easy to learn, LOTS of tutorials and I mean lots...

    3. HyperGoat


      @ikiled msg me on steam

    4. Kanger


      If you're serious about doing it then buy the mpc renaissance,worth every penny.

  3. who's trying to play WW 2 with the boy on PC?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. HyperGoat


      buy before the 4th. its on sale rn

    3. Edge


      I play some just msg me if you up for it. 

    4. HyperGoat


      add me on steam @Edge

  4. Canadians are infiltrating the Sr. APD :)))))))))))))) Congrats @Hot Pocket and Chef @Ron

  5. Congrats @Airborne and BFO @BobsYourAuntie

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    2. Strikke


      "To be honest the BFO times was probably my best times here on olympus" - @BobsYourAuntie like everytime i talk to you.

    3. J O E

      J O E

      It was tbf. not just logging on for fights, we just used to do shit and have fun.

    4. HyperGoat


      bfo joe wiping out absence and new kings. 

  6. SUBMIT YOUR CSGO ROSTERS you imbeciles if you want Csgo gans wars to happen

    1. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      Thought goat said there were 11 teams

    2. Savage


      u guys chose the gw on a terrible date mad ppl cant play

    3. TheCmdrRex


      4 hours ago, Luke Duke said:

      Thought goat said there were 11 teams

      Last time I heard there were only 2 signed up in the tourney on face it

  7. I gave up on my Yeti. Between Audio-technica AT2035 or Rode Nt1a which one I should get?

    1. Linka


      If you decreased gain it fixed the static 

    2. HyperGoat
  8. 15m 3 crater
  9. WalmartGuy
  10. what's happening eh?

    1. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

       Watching the Leafs game :dejaywink:

  11. CoPS aRe oP, PlS nErF!

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    2. Haze


      Nah the ghosthawks r op cops suck xddddd

    3. Invu


      amen brother cops op nerf or I'm gonna riot on forums

    4. HyperGoat


      @Haze dont shoot at it xdxdxdxdxd

  12. more like 20 but good luck finding someone for 30m
  13. Devoted PD are infiltrating the ranks... Congrats @Rzr well deserved!

  14. How much you offering?

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