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  1. why steal this quote from G*59
  2. @Jwilly
  3. I vote that Titans keep their tags, they've been for like 2 years.
  4. I have 2 crater in 24 if ever you absolutely need it, ill sell it for 2.5m
  5. I want to hear your presidential debate, on your changes @McDili, Will you do changes more to APD since you were recently a Sr APD or more Civ changes.
  6. bump
  7. It has to be a 2 crater+ and legit offers hmu
  8. come back bro
  9. come back pls
  10. This has to be a meme. These people you have mentioned all joined the server like 1-2 years ago and have been playing cop for a long time, probably even before you joined this server whoever you might be.
  11. fucking M&M's
  12. 1. This means no waves just auto-lethals? 2. Hostile Action does that inclued like hovering over the hawk for rotor taps by example

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