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    1. Snare


      yeah that's right boii you can't hide it.

    2. Loopz


      Ah geez xD you found it

      10 minutes ago, Snare said:

      yeah that's right boii you can't hide it.

      Fuck you Snare xD

    3. Proud
  1. Can someone give me an invictus loggin mine just exspired... Need it by tomorrow 11:30 sharp.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Col3
    3. Sp^ceGod


      username: minecraftcreeper414
      pw: minediamonds312

    4. Parker Radley

      Parker Radley

      3 hours ago, Sp^ceGod said:

      username: minecraftcreeper414
      pw: minediamonds312

      DUDE!! thats my account!!! stop giving it to randoms!!

  2. I was going to go dislike you're posts but i couldnt be asked to be so petty enjoy designing retard you will never be needed. You can take my forum rep but you can't take my community rep.

    1. Show previous comments  47 more
    2. Snare


      @Moose are you a 30 year old man talking on a video game forum? Pretty sure you have a family bud. Pay some attention to them.

    3. Moose


      Good job diverting the attention away from what I said cry baby... sad

    4. Linka


      Moose, no offense guy but the fact youre here calling another guy a cry baby is sad.

  3. I looked at my rep today and laughed. Yall really got me!!!!

    1. Snare


      Funniest thing since dezree banning me editting my rep hahaha

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fuzy


      Lmfao. I’ll be back soon. :)

    3. Silton


      de left cause he said it was just randoms that played now, then the unbanathon happened :( 

    4. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      i was in prison for 1 month i got out today

  4. Sgt. Falcon 0_0 yikes.

    1. Proud
    2. Orgondo


      That's when you know you ran out of Sgt options...

  5. Rip im permed. u @McDili don't hurt me!!!!
  6. For lucky: 


  7. Story time. So im going to class today and i leave late cuz i have a bike and then my bike is missing so i take some kids awful bike because i figure he will be asleep when i get back because i have early class and as im coming back he is walking away from the dorm and kid starts crying and yelling at me about how i took his bike kid legit needs to kill himself his bike probably costs 30 dollars at best. If i ever see that boi again i swear imma knock him up.

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    2. Garrett


      That 8 am life though :(

    3. Snare
    4. Berg02


      buy a bike lock they r like 5 bucks

  8. You're right about that one. Have you ever watched your montage?
  9. Ummm yeah thats a stretch buddi
  10. Exactly what i thought.
  11. Is jazzy unban yet?

    1. Excision


      of course snare u can sleep well in ur dorm now :)

    2. Snare


      Thank god @Excision i was having night terrors.

  12. I have a picture of the one and only lt recruiter @Randyy selling to highest bidder i take cash app and paypal


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