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  1. do s3 conquest tomorrow shit popped off @Zahzi

    1. Zahzi


      We haven't made any changes yet, so people would just complain that they aren't getting enough money, etc

      Server 2 will be freshly started though.

  2. eta s3 conquest 

  3. s3 conquest eta @Ryan @Zahzi

  4. play two conquests worth of time for same reward with insaneeeeee server lag sick buff guys zzz

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    2. Tech
    3. WALT


      We pitched for high rewards, but administration deemed the value we suggested was too high of a reward. Even though money within cartels/ conquest disappear like candy @Tech 


      tbf was going to be expected backlash. Cartel players are never happy. They just hope they make significant profit for fighting these events in order to further fight on the server

    4. Tech


      Yea staff team fought against it but, you guys overlooked 5k map needs more money

  5. I have the rodo atm 4 crater house offer
  6. dog:)

    WTS Mar-10

    WTS Mar-10 6 mags offer
  7. dog:)


    I've had a fun time making friends and playing ArmA over the past four years or so between both Olympus and Asylum, but college and life have taken over and its time for me to leave. Whether you hated me or not thanks for making this game and community and experience S/O @ApacheWarrior @Tiger @nomadox @Oskarr @Proud @DABESTeva @LiL BiLL @bunni. @Vlad @Jayshawn and all the other boys that made this game fun.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/nobodylele/
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