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  1. 32Bit


    people just now leaving..... o7
  2. hey, im new here, whats up guys.
  3. the only way I get money is betting if it gets taken out im o7
  4. all i used to do is fight cartels, kinda miss playing and all the people i used to play with i have on snap and they all quit, id probably only seriously comeback if theres a gang with people ive known
  5. forgot i had a song in there, been in there for a bit
  6. 32Bit

    o7 Boys

    i lowkey miss playing arma
  7. Any shitters still play this that I know might get back into arma. 32Bit/Wavy/whatever the fuck my name was
  8. 32Bit


    Well, if anyone even still remembers who i am...... is there anyone that is willing to play because taking big ass breaks from this doesnt help. I dont even know who still plays so hmu.
  9. 32Bit


    Toasty your mother is a hippo and yes Ved I played both that was 64 bit lol im the younger version just as toxic but im not 64 bit never

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