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  1. Congrats @Orgondo

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    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      what did he get?

    3. BlackJack
    4. Sociopathic


      He was accepted into college on full scholorship to study Lesbian Dance Theory.

  2. Olympus has given me more hate in my life.
  3. No. You should wait.
  4. Go look.
  5. We've been unable to recreate what causes the issue. If you have a method of recreation let us know and we'll look into it. We've already spent time attempting to figure out what causes this...
  6. All above should be added.
  7. Your screenshot shows content? Like don't understand...
  8. Typically happens to people with high ping. Use to happen to @Airman alllll the fucking time on Asylum. Haha. I've never really had this happen to me... I think once in a hellcat..
  9. Can we add Shift Minus commands back in so we can shift minus flush instead of restarting our games and having to spam in for 20 minutes? I mean it use to always fix my game anytime I experienced any sort of stutter/rubber band issues?

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    2. K3control


      isn't their a way we can just make it where you cannot do that one specific command?

    3. Jesse


      2 minutes ago, K3control said:

      isn't their a way we can just make it where you cannot do that one specific command?

      Nope. Have googled several times. But yes, EndMission is the main issue.

    4. G.O.A.T.


      The classic drone view of Meth lab while processing

  10. Kurt: "If my status doesn't get 5 likes.. I'm quitting."

    Thanks to those of you who liked his status. Reach 30 likes on his status and he'll get the ability to push updates on his own. maybe

  11. Just released a security fix. Let me know if you encounter issues buying and selling. Any issues you get should easily be solved via backing out to lobby in the event you do. Also Server 3 is now back to only being open from 2PM-2AM.

    1. DeadPool


      what is your forums song?

    2. Jesse
  12. Well the change was made since the 1st/2nd of Jan. So... if it's an issue, then re-comment please.
  13. We've already made them drop to the back right of all vehicles at the start of the month. Is there still issues or are you not aware of the change?

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