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  1. You guys realize there is a toggle for the createVehicleLocal change right?

    Literally a toggle will fix all broken npcs, atms, etc....

    Hint.... It goes in description.ext

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    2. Ryan


      @maxg I was meming lol Civak did it 2 hours before jesses status update I just wasnt aware so I said we are waiting lmao

    3. Elements


      come back and dev please,these kids can dev as good as me

  2. I didn't even put in effort. My bad. Next time I'll try.

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    2. B r a l l s

      B r a l l s

      Does that matter?

    3. Millennium


      yeah... no point in calling him your savior for an owner leaving a server you dont play on

    4. B r a l l s
  3. - Imagine someone buying the server for like 1.5-2.5k
    - Imagine someone then basically giving the server away for $1 to someone.
    - Imagine that person grossing almost like 18k in less than 1/2 a year and then selling the server for $2k to someone else for a profit.
    - Imagine now sitting on a server not doing shit... and wanting to sell it for a profit.

    Now the server is just constantly passing ownership for cash flips... Disgusting.

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    2. G F

      G F

      8 minutes ago, JuanDeaged said:

      Give the server to Jesse tbh


    3. Josh122


      @Orgondo Wait wait Copy and pasting is not Dev work LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


    4. Orgondo


      Tell that to Poseidon lolol

  4. Out of curiosity... just how much would the goal get increased to pay developers? How much would you pay each developer? How would you determine if someone should get paid or not? Do you feel this would cause turmoil among your own staff? Why is a developer worth more than your head admin? Shouldn't your head admin who is leading the admin side of things get paid? How about the Senior Admins who help run the administration team too. Are they not worth anything?


    1. zoomzooooooom


      all ares sees is $$ 

  5. Imagine telling a previous developer who spent a lot of time here that they are making up lies to create turmoil. Then hiding a post when the exact amounts to the penny are posted...

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    2. Bloodmoon


      I mean, I would say jesse contributed very little in regards to how the community does not like ares, he already did that himself. I would say Jesse is just voicing his opinion on the situation because he sees, just like everyone else, that ares is a shit owner and must step down. I doubt that Jesse seriously thinks that he would own olympus while maintaining ownership on asylum, because then he would be ares v2.

    3. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      Perhaps but I dont think taking Olympus ownership would exactly be the plan if it was a legit attempt. More of trying to draw an Asylum playerbase from the outcome. 

    4. Bloodmoon


      That's already happening, when v2 hits I'd be willing to bet that cartel gangs will leave for asylum and never come back, mostly because they have Jesse and Clint that aren't perm afk.

  6. So selling assets would be fine. What about code, etc. It would precedent setting essentially. Others would then want to do it. Lines would have to be drawn. Also don't necessarily want competition to get it or people wanting to make servers. Having it say you can potentially impact on whether or not your texture is added to the server also isn't right Imo.
  7. Can easily do the server based off the playtime stored in the array for faction minutes... Arma time, yes. However, most accounts are bought so doing Arma playtime is retarded anyways.
  8. @McDili - Did you ask me if I wanted Olympus ever? To answer it before Dili chimes in though... he never did. The agreement was that we'd both leave together for the most part. Dili wasn't enjoying his time and such. I wasn't necessarily at that very moment either. So we both parted. I don't recall our conversation post leaving. However, it was very quick to ask Peter (Almost in the same hour or two of us talking about leaving on snapchat). I didn't really even consider me getting owner as being on the table. I don't really recall much of it anymore as it's a far thing of the past... The first person asked was Peter. Plus, IF I recall correctly, it was generally said that Peter would be the next owner. I also, did not feel polite/correct asking for owner of it. Had I been offered it I would've taken it, which it wasn't really known to me that I could have had it, had I asked. However, I'm not that type of person to just be "Like hey, step down from owner, give me it, see ya later". Especially when Dili and I said we'd both leave at the same time.
  9. I mean... I was Lead Developer? Owner, yeah. I talked with Peter about it almost immediately after he took ownership since I saw the direction... See my status update for more details on that if you care about it.
  10. Where does one put in an application for owner of this community?

  11. I am owner of said mission file yes. However, when I was asked about it from Fusah i told him to have Peter talk to me if he wants it. I was also told that ikiled was just already just gonna make one or something anyways.. No one ever reached out to me... don't make me sound like a reason of failure here. Had i been approached i would've helped out.
  12. I heard I can finally be a SGT. On a side note, how ya guys doing?

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    2. Jesse


      Just now, S1LVER said:

      come back

      I offered to take this place over and offer Peter royalties. Was declined. Had big plans!

    3. zoomzooooooom


      3 minutes ago, Jesse said:

      I offered to take this place over and offer Peter royalties. Was declined. Had big plans!

      come back

    4. Jesse


      @zoomzooooooom - Well tell someone to pass over the keys. I'll pay royalty to Ares and we'll be in business.

  13. Can't even @ a nigga? Solid. Glad you feel the changes that were made were in the interest of the server. I sir... could not agree more. Same reason you didn't see me return back in December when I finished up my schooling. Goodluck with your stuff Dante. I know you put in a ton of ticket hours. Definitely were a major puller of workload in that regard. Feel free to re-add me on SnapChat. Shoot me a msg or something if you want it if you don't remember it.

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