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  1. Clean up your inbox please... It's full and you cannot receive messages.

  2. It's not a double meaning. It's a double standard.
  3. Well this is going places.
  4. Upkeep cost = (Y Storage Capacity * # of crates * 50)
  5. Pretty solid lesson.
  6. There was also some people who traded BW vehicles to some others. Still involves exploited money. Sorrz. #NotAnAdmin
  7. Yeah these are perm perms. lol.
  8. The average log contains about ~200,000 lines in each. The highest one file had was 400 lines. Trust me, it's not as easy as you think....
  9. Yep. You also resulted in 12 members of the community having their accounts fully wiped and some partially.
  10. More Civilians were banned vs Medics. Few facts/stats There was 10 Medics who abused this exploit since 01-01-16 There was 13 Civilians who aided medics in this exploit since 01-01-16 There was one medic who did over $300m alone. There was $453,625,000 made off .50 cals There was $196,680,000 made off Medic Striders There was $48,875,000 made off a certain community members Blackwater vehicle There was $29,790,000 made off Hemmt Transports The person who reported it only asked for $2,000,000 in exchange for reporting this to me Some medics spent over 4 hours STRAIGHT some days doing this