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  1. Jesse

    Walnuts and Almonds are disgusting. Cashews are the only thing I can tolerate.
  2. Make the bet cooldown lower.

  3. Jesse

    Too much ddos.
  4. Jesse

    Which isn't a cool or funny thing to do tbh. At then end of the day you're not only affecting him you're wasting dollars of the pizza place and whoever delivers it probably isn't going to get paid for that 20-30 minute run... Pretty fucking gay thing to do imo.
  5. Has been updated to reflect.
  6. Jesse

    Shout out to @Mako for getting screenshots of all the rewards and throwing them in!
  7. Jesse

    No. I don't have time to help with the stuff.
  8. Jesse

    I mean honestly, it wasn't going to happen this soon... It came up in conversation last night. We were going to give another go at it, however, due to changes in my personal life, I simply do not have the time to make all the last changes we were going to make. So I told Dili the other night we should discontinue it.
  9. @Jesse I was donating and I put the wrong Steam I.D If you could change it this is my real one. 76561198142194443

    1. Millennium


      Go to support and put in a donation support ticket for this not over Update status

  10. Jesse

    I mean you were unperm'd literally a minute after this happened...
  11. Forums were updated... said that there may be some theme related issues. I don't see any. However, if you get an error or something looks fucked, shoot me a pm.

  12. Added: Arms Cartel owners will receive 10% of all vehicle purchases made at Rebel and receive a 15% discount on vehicle purchases Vehicle purchase discount for this month will be 25% due to donation goal - will return to 15% on 10/14/18. Arms Cartel will offer a 25%(+10%) discount on weapons sold at rebel - will return to 15% on 10/14/18. Stolen vehicle reporting system Report stolen vehicles to the APD via your keychain APD gets a monetary reward for impounding stolen vehicles (2x 1 tier of security price) APD can hit 4 to see a list of currently reported stolen vehicles, and their last known location Added pistol flashlight to APD, rebel, and WPL shops New added APD charge "Flying w/o Collision Lights" Option to deactivate explosive charges that you've placed Ability to pick them back up after they have been disabled The person who placed the charge is the only one who can deactivate it Confirmation menu when attempting to eject from an aircraft Must be the pilot and >30m from the ground New rebel weapon attachments Black ARCO Mk17 Holosight Black (SMG and normal) Workers protection license holders now have access to a level 3 vest at clothing shops Clothing shop to R&R boat shops Black Pilot/Heli Pilot/Heli Crew Helmets for R&R Coordinators Exclusive titles for players with the (updated every server restart): Civilian Most warpoints Highest bank balance Most cop kills Most vigilante arrests Potential cop & medic titles coming soon! Corporals on APD can now buy vehicle ammo to service their armed jeeps APD now has access to 3GL variants of teargas and blue smoke shells for Corporal+ You may now take a restrained player's firing pin without getting a robbery charge They can rebuild their firearm with a 20 second processing action Visiting any store with a Refill Mags option will restore your firing pin Report any issues with this system as private on the tracker Time trial go-kart challenge Head over to the go-kart pit to start the time trial by talking to the NPC Complete the track by driving through the all the markers (must be in a go-kart) Titles for track times and an exclusive title for the person with the fastest time on Olympus (updated every server restart) Changed: Civilians with a Robbery charge will no longer be able to pay off their bounty at the courthouse ATC Towers at the jail New models for each tower Can now break the glass and shoot in/out Black market cocaine has been moved farther North You can now toggle your earplugs while processing or restrained to hear better Bait car actions are now on a remote item instead of scroll wheel There is also a keybind for opening the remote / Use Action 17 New Kavala Rebel Design 3 to 1 script changed - in order to restrain a downed officer all cops less than 50m away must be tased/restrained Some cop charges have been renamed: Auto Theft -> Attempted Grand Theft Auto Evading Arrest -> Resisting Arrest Obstruct. of Traffic ->Obstruction of Traffic R&R dispatches made by a member of the APD have blue text in the message Gas maks now have a proper name in the rebel clothing shop Several Textures Changed APD Hummingbird APD Plane APD Orca APD Quadbike (minor) Deputy, Patrol Officer, and Corporal uniforms APD Hunter APD Strider Donor Founders Circle carryall added Donor Legendary Uniform added Donor Elite Uniform Donor Elite Orca Fixed: Launchers and their ammunition now properly show up on APD searches of players Explosive charges no longer taze when you have a tazer out Red 6.5 30Rnd STANAG tracer mags stolen from APD now have a correct weight in houses Bugs regarding dialogs interfering with ingame functions on death .50 BW mags refill if they are loaded into your primary weapon Mine detectors no longer auto-delete in your inventory Vigilante shop near Neochori now sells vehicles for vigilantes Bug where players were unable to interact with NPCs after being released for excessive restrain time Bug where pilot helmets/NVGs would get deleted if withdrawn from a house APD can now place another bait car once the previous one has been impounded / jammed You will no longer get a "Drug Possession" charge for possessing non-drug items. Donor textures will only apply for those with the correct donor level View Distance adjustment at game start will only apply to Malden now Mod Shops should allow cops to change textures now Mod Shops should no longer change a vehicles texture unexpectedly APD Armed Jeeps now have proper functioning lights and sirens Civilian ghosthawk ammo can now be refilled Medkits can only be picked up by medics now You can now properly pull people out of a Blackfish now Removed: Roof on the jail bridge Scroll wheel method of activating bait car actions Hotfix #1: Vests have been returned to the rebel outpost Warpoint cost of CSATs and other items have been fixed Fixed a bug regarding the stolen vehicles system Go-kart time trial Fixed a bug regarding times syncing with the database - as a result, all times have been reset Added more markers and reduced the hit radius Fixed a a bug when using deposit all to gang funds Fixed a bug where the new coordinator gear was being deleted Server 3 Hours back to be enforced More effective donor level check on clothing items Roadkits will now inform you of why you cannot open the menu for it SAR & Supervisor uniform for R&R changed out New donor rotation texture for Ifrit added (Orca will happen later this week.. sorry - we dropped the ball) Several new APD textures replaced again As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  13. Jesse

    It happened due to a merge issue when Malden got merged together with our Altis branch for some reason. I'll fix it sometime soon and put an update in.
  14. you have perm banned me for scripting idk how to do scripting lmao you may have wrong person but ive been banned for like 1 day now please sort it out :)

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. DashToxic


      Wounder what was he trying to in the air

    3. HunterBklyn


      @DashToxic Trying to script obviously LMAO

    4. Josh M.

      Josh M.

      how do i get the source

      i will get it

      I haven't scripted..... Seriously.



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