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  1. Jesse

    The fuck are you on about? That was a purchase that would have been made by McDili & I. They servers would've maintained the name Asylum. However, been owned by Olympus essentially... I wasn't going to be leaving Olympus to run Asylum?
  2. Jesse

    I mean that's how some of us see it yes. How long he'll be staying there.. who knows. However, at this time "A nigga gotta eat". Guess I should have turned my back on you people when I had the chance... Guess my loyalty was too strong...
  3. Jesse

    Hard to say. There was an ~8% growth for Arma last 30 days... People are now getting tired of games like Pubg and looking for other stuff similar kinda. He also was wrapping up his schooling and moving and looking for an IRL job. Due to not finding an IRL job he decided to go do work for Asylum. Nothing like turning your back on your own community. He crawled to Asylum... Asylum didn't crawl to him.
  4. Jesse

    Updated... Sorry for the delay guys... Someone moved this thread... So I no longer knew where the fuck it was. I have subscribed to weekly emails for this thread. So I will update at least once a week.
  5. Apologies for the downtime... Web server disk got completely full... 60% of the space was database backups...

  6. That's because it's not in.
  7. Jesse

    Let's just say this isn't available anymore... If you rob a player with a whole two hours on the server with a 7.62 suppressor and DMS.. good chance it's duped/exploited/scripted in.
  8. Limited Time Features (Ends ~8/5/18): Increased spawn rates on high ticket items in Blackwaters Increased the value of Federal Reserve gold by 25% You will collect at least 3 contraband and with luck sometimes 5 Double paychecks 10% bonus for APD when tickets are paid by criminals Fireworks are available at the local markets Added: Medics can hit tab to cancel a revive Patrol officers can now execute raid warrants. Titan launcher and titan rockets added to the war point market APD now earn 6x more money when impounding vehicles in each of the four major cities APD now earn 3x more on their paycheck by being in each of the four major cities APD charge for possession of explosives RnR members(4+) can now impound vehicles via the interaction menu for no money gain Senior APD now have access to unmarked hatchback sports Corporal+ can now purchase the carrier lite vest Increased logging for gang activities Civilians can now use their "O" key to open / close gang shed door sets from within a vehicle. Few new civilian titles Changed: You can no longer spawn at houses/gangsheds on warzone island. New APD Training Island design Ramps at the Salt Flat event area have been adjusted You can now store/take multiples of the same physical item in a house inventory Taking weapon attachments from a house inventory will now attach them to the weapon you are holding (if compatible) Can now repair without a toolkit (3x slower and repairs to orange) Ifrit price reduced to 650k from 750k Qilin price increased to 100k from 45k Slam mine price reduced to 150k from 250k Tow hook and sling price reduced to 20k from 75k Gear loaded when reviving from a medic/epipen Gear loads faster and player in combat stance when revived Gun glitching should no longer occur (please report instances where it happens with video) Ammunition should no longer magically disappear Changed icon color of garages displayed by the realtor Double clicking gold bars in the vault menu will now change the amount taken to the max amount in the vault Crafting a vehicle when having max garage capacity will happen before verifying ingredients Administrative staff will now see a player name as pink when they are on debug island Vehicle garage cool-down from 15 seconds to 10 seconds Double clicking items in your Y inventory menu will now set the quantity to the quantity you have Gangs at war will now appear in alphabetical order in the War Management tab Only medics can sling dopamine crates APD charge "Driving an Illegal Vehicle" changed from "Driving" to "Operating" All APD ranks are now able to access the physical inventory of vehicles Patrol officers+ can now use road kits System chat for tases will now include "enemy gang member" if you are at war with the person tased You cannot be bet against or place bets if you are on restrictions When purchasing a vehicle it will tell you to press U to lock/unlock your vehicle The house/shed inventory menus will now display the ID of your house instead of the type of house If you shoot while you're supposed to be restrained you should get a message stating you're supposed to be restrained and it will remove your weapon The system will automatically attempt to re-restrain you. Fixed: Cop spawns at Athira and BW outpost Collision checks on air vehicles when pulling/buying vehicles (no more exploding Blackfish if one on spawn) Seizing drugs out of vehicles will now count towards the related cop title Storing crafted vehicles will now work properly Goggles/masks can now be stored in houses/gangsheds Custom action 15 now works for medics placing roadkits Marker timers will now work properly in restarts later in the day Bug where ammo would get deleted when taking a weapon out of your house/gangshed (titan rockets, magazines etc.) Fixed an exploit with house selling Double-processed drugs may now be used for their effects. Bug where dopamine would be administered immediately if a player ran away during the process Removed: Money reward from impounding APD vehicles Bloodbags and tow hook and slings from the starter medic loadout Betters anonymous program - find your own method of self control Hotfix #1: Color vehicles should be fixed now for joining or players who reconnect... When revived/epi'd on cop/medic your Y inventory will return to you APD sending to jail has been fixed Goldbar pricing issues have been resolved. You can refuel vehicles at gas stations by clicking the repair only button War requests will no longer bug you out hopefully when you die As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  9. Hotfix will be released soon. See the blog post for the updated stuff.

  10. Respawn or Revive? Because this was for Reviving.
  11. The update will be applied to all 3 servers at the same time to prevent exploiting of a sell feature.

  12. Jesse

    You will be able to view houses for sale by owners and their asking price via the stats page. Any purchases will need to be done ingame. As well as listing the building for sale. Owners will not need to be online at time of sale however.
  13. Jesse

    Listen... We're miles ahead of this post... Just sayin... Bow worked on some pretty cool stuff I asked him to make for an upcoming update. @obeymatt @Caleb Snackbar
  14. Jesse

    Big fan. Just sayin.
  15. Jesse

    Each video has gotten over 100 views. However, just fyi, I will not be at any staff meetings anymore.

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