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  1. Jesse

    Yeah prolly not you.
  2. Jesse

    I honestly think this has always been how my pc was...
  3. Jesse

    Some poor management of disk space. Caused a sql table to become corrupted. Caused the mysql service to not be able to start up or continue running. Several people tried "fixing" her. Then spent a few hours searching documentation, scouring for backups, etc... Eventually had a break through and fixed it. Gonna help train these guys and inform them a tad on some stuff to hopefully help prevent this issue from ever happening again.
  4. I'd say that would be Olympus then. If you had come to Olympus and went back then came back over time once Olympus was established then I'd say Asylum. This is a question for those who had to pick between the two communities.
  5. Hey all, Curious as to what percentage of the community is from Asylum. If you left Asylum or another community please let me know why either via PM or post on this thread, ideally this thread... Thanks, Jesse
  6. Jesse

  7. Jesse

    If it gets released... see my above post.
  8. Jesse

    Yeah if you donated prior to McDili taking ownership the funds that were coming in paid for a college edumacation and probably hundreds of pizza rolls. Several games and probably a decent chunk of other stupid shit. Also word on the street is that identity has actually gone through all their funds (over 1.3m). Hence why they got rid of several dev staff which is true since they're stopping the dev streams. So this is the last hope to generate more revenue to fund the next modules.
  9. Jesse

    I am well aware. However, the discussion is on Arma not real life. Yes I could've shown a diagram on how a bullet bullet trajectory works but it wouldn't make a difference since we're talking about shooting in 3pp and 1pp in ARMA not real life. So instead of derailing it and talking about something irrelevant or how Arma isnt doing something right yada yada I spoke exactly of how the game works in its current state. Which that in both 1pp and 3pp when shooting closer than your zero the bullet is below the crosshair. I would assume this is because the game draws the crosshair from the sights and not the bore of the firearm or some shit along those lines.
  10. Jesse

  11. Jesse

    It indeed does shoot low as intended. https://i.gyazo.com/e46219137d551633190871047c54b0c6.mp4
  12. Jesse

    Uh what? It's should also shoot low in first when zero'd at 200m and shooting at 20m. When crosshair is set to static obviously.
  13. Jesse

    Prolly something to do with the zeroing of the weapon in the top right..... Almost like the crosshair is zero'd for 200m. 20m =/= 200m

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