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  1. When there is an update on the status of the servers, you all will be updated as such. 

    Please continue to be patient.

    1. George White

      George White

      so u got an update yet?

      what about now?

  2. Danger

    When you're not their hostage lol
  3. Danger

    If the server is busy, you can make bank on medic.
  4. Events server 3...be there.

  5. Danger

    Clapping those cheeks....but did you win?
  6. Attention: People of Kavala stay indoors. Your annual purge will be commencing in 20 Minutes on server 2.




  7. Anyone have AMD Relive? Having an issue, need help.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Danger


      It's telling me replay is off when I try and clip something, but it is on.

    3. Gravity


      i used to have that issue aswell id have to go into amd settings while my game was running turn relive off tab into my game and turn it  back on and if it didnt work id restart my computer

    4. Danger


      Yeah I've done all that. First time its happened.

  8. Danger

    Ill be on for like 10 more minutes if you work something out, if not i could middle man in the morning.
  9. Good thing I can pick up the library's wifi from my house.

  10. Happy Birthday @Doc

  11. Danger

    Feels like a trap.

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