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  1. Danger

    o7. Good luck in your endeavors
  2. 3 felony arrests today and we still have 3 hours left....let's gooooo

  3. Good luck and God bless for doing oil. Oil runs are brutal.
  4. Danger

    Danger welcomes twang, Danger hopes twang enjoys his time on the server.
  5. @DeadPool happy birthday guy, have a good day!

  6. Danger

    Betting the the financial downfall of all medics =(. Medics make plenty of money if you grind.
  7. @DeadPool the purge was interesting last night. Is there a way to get a kill count going during something like that l. Maybe cash or an item reward for the top slayers.

    1. MAV


      would be very difficult to do with the current system. 

      Perhaps we can try and work something in for the future though.

    2. Danger


      I figured it would be touch to do, just thought it would make it a little more interesting.

  8. Danger

    Too much effort
  9. Danger

    You're the registered owner of that vehicle brudda
  10. What a waste of 7 seasons of a great show. This whole season was trash. God awful ending.

    1. Wizard


      Absolutley true


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