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  1. I did this after I got banned from the oly casino. I can confirm it is not a smart move. I wish to regain all the money I lost
  2. Fuck the APD don't have 10 hours but literally just moved to Italy and got internet, haven't had time to get on put me in I am playing again
  3. rookie numbers get em up
  4. idk if this is real or what time it is for you but im here now so
  5. I have upvoted every post on this thread of yours to offset the dislikes. Hope this helps!
  6. We no longer have a need to search for this man. He retired. I propose a going away party.
  7. gIlaoGS.png

    Winters does behind the scenes stuff when?

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    2. Hazardous


      Ticket has been looked into and taken care of by the assigned senior since day 1. This has yet to be closed because we are still awaiting conversation between any respective parties involved in the ticket.

    3. -Shawn-


      i dont get the joke on this one being this one isnt something the Chief would be working on.

    4. Xlax


      barking up the wrong tree

  8. you have the perfect tag to do this. dont ask permission, ask forgiveness and state you were unaware that it was supposed to work only on death
  9. ETA on plinko

  10. what casino does to a mf

  11. nah its bad

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    2. Joel


      @ Cale  Oh Ik I ain’t going back there anyway, but it can stay as rigged as it is at-least allow me to lose with dignity to a realistic pull.

    3. Fuzz^


      40m red. it was never about the money.

    4. Larkerz


      I’m 30mil up from 2 days ago. Not rigged enough 

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