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  1. Added: Manually added charge for "Aiding in Pharm. Robbery" for $40,000 Changed: Vigilantes can no longer instant un-restrain Players who are ziptied can be unrestrained without lockpicks (players restrained by the APD will require lockpicks to unrestrain) Type 115 Black is now non-lethal, Type 115 camo is now lethal Cops must be within 5km of the seized escort vehicle to receive payment Vigilante shops now sell gun licenses Vigilante shops now sell the proper type of 9mm Sting magazine Adjusted login screen image to reflect current server information Fixed: Robbing a player of their weapon will now drop the magazine that is loaded Fixed text in some hints Rob gear related exploit Jail related exploit Martial Law scroll wheel action has been made colored All mis-spellings of Pyrgos have been corrected AFAIK Removed: Old Loadscreen image Cash pickup adjustment modifier when amounts over $2,000,000
  2. Like this status for gang garages.

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    2. Bocaj
    3. G.O.A.T.


      I’m here to fulfill my duty of ruining gang life!

    4. Invu


      inb4 if they raid your gang shed they can raid the gang garage and take your ifrits 

  3. @Zurph Not sarcasm, definitely possible. https://gyazo.com/503c8d7c4bc2f834b1280837ddd0f18d
  4. Just to be more clear, in the latest update the number of gold bars that spawn from the Federal Reserve is now always a random number between 125 and 350!

    1. Panera


      Can confirm we did one last night and got 288

  5. Thanks guys, looking forward to getting started!
  6. pref. 4 crater

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