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  1. According to Bohemia the bug with 64-bit has been resolved as of a couple hours ago.  Let us know if you are still experiencing problems in game.

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    2. Mercury


      Yeah Kurt...cause Bohemia has been known for their stellar updates and telling the "truth"

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Name a single time Bohemia broke something with an update.  I'll wait.

    4. Jesse
  2. I’ll miss you bud, goodluck with everything. o7
  3. Poker tournament delayed 20 minutes if you're not here by then you lose your buyin.  We have a room in TS under Olympus Events, poke me for the password.

    Edited by Kurt
    1. Pickstarr


      Y'all should really come it's gonna be a fun

  4. Deadline for Poker buy-in extended to noon EST tomorrow.  Tournament will be up soon on PokerStars for those who already bought in.  Reminder the tournament starts Sunday at noon! 

  5. Cop stings and vigi stings are separated by class name so cop stings will always taze and vigi stings will only taze if you have the proper rank. Looking into making some sort of identifier for each in the future.
  6. For those confused about the spar 16, the black (cop) one will ALWAYS taze, the khaki (WPL) one will ALWAYS lethal, and the sand (vigi) one will taze if your a tier 3 vigi and lethal otherwise.
  7. Added: Donation Goal: Purchasable Striders from Rebel (Illegal) (Temporary) 15% discount on gang shed purchases & upgrades (Temporary) 15% discount on house purchases & upgrades (Temporary) Magazine Repacking (Perm) Use CTRL + R to repack your magazines Vigilante Overhaul Tier-based system unlocks new armor and firearms as you progress Tier 0: 0 arrests PO7 9mm Weak Vigilante vest 40% payout on bounties Tier 1: 5 arrests Sting 9mm Vigilante vest 60% payout on bounties Tier 2: 25 arrests Spar 16 5.56mm 90% payout on bounties Progress is lost if you are arrested, your license is taken away, or you buy a rebel license Vigilante license costs double if you own a rebel license All vigilante weapons will lethal if you are not the proper tier APD Training Dome at Pyrgos Corporals+ will have the option to lock/unlock via windows key on the dome Will not be able to lock the dome if civilians are near. (Does not auto-unlock if dome is already locked and civilians walk near it) Corporals+ will now have the ability to pardon individual charges Using the pardon button while selected on a specific charge will prompt a confirmation menu to remove one count of that charge Pardoning in full will work the same way as before (just don't be selected on any charges) and will now prompt a confirmation menu APD Armed Planes now have sirens Civ's will now have to perform a "Repair Doors" action on the house (through the windows key menu), when the APD raids their house, to be able to lock it again The APD will also be able to lock up the house (quicker) through a windows key option Ability to remove individual permanent house key holders Access in the 'Manage Keys' tab when interacting with your house "Deposit All" option for gang funds Changed: R&R will now get $100 for repairing environmental objects Moved around several illegal zones to better promote illegal runs Rangefinders can now be bought from normals stores and will no longer be seized by the APD Courthouse: Added progress bar (speed based on bounty amount) Will not work if a person has: Any federal event charge Hostage situation Escaping jail Kidnapping Gov Offical LEO manslaughter Will not work if there are cops nearby (10 meters) V-44X Blackfish price lowered by around 90% Vehicle Transport: $6,300,000 to $750,000 Infantry Transport: $6,700,000 to $800,000 Players' names in your group that you are at war with will no longer appear red (changes after you leave the group). Optimized SEVERAL server side files (Client to come later) to boost FPS/CPS performance Some things may be broken, if you experience issues please post on this thread and we'll resolve as quickly as possible Fixed: Bug regarding killing/tazing/restraining someone while they are chopping/claiming a vehicle Bug with bones not disappearing Players that lockpick a vehicle will not appear on the registration list NLR marker will no longer appear if you die on warzone island Bug where contraband could not be picked if you canceled the animation Cop actions related exploit Cops can no longer collect salvage Fixed chop shop logging data Fixed a potential server lag culprit Removed: M900 from APD Hotfix #1: Blackmarket near Pygros now has walls Moonshine distributor has his own un-purchasable home Whitelisted something in cop gear check script Training dome fixed I suppose
  8. A little over a week left to buy in for the Olympus Poker Tournament.  Details here:



    1. J O E

      J O E

      Update first, poker later...

    2. ScreaM


      2 hours ago, J O E said:

      Update first, poker later...

      no poker is always first 

    3. bigSMOKE


      4 hours ago, ScreaM said:

      no poker is always first 


  9. Congrats on admin!!

    1. Strikke


      Fix da garsh dahhrn spectate menu 








      i onli kid no hurt mi pls:Kappa:

  10. fanboy @Vertigo

    1. Apathy



      The lil windex army will continue to grow 

    2. Kurt


      Yeah not a chance

    3. Apathy


      nah ur a fan of lil windex 

  11. This will be the first of likely many tournaments. Full details will be released in a post soon. If everything works smoothly we will look to increase buy-ins and potentially host "high-roller" tournaments with buy-ins ranging anywhere from 5-10m. Could potentially work best as a monthly thing, but I'm curious to see what you all think!
  12. Happy birthday my man! Hope you have a good day!! 

  13. If there was enough interest from the community to make hosting a tournament worthwhile then I think it'd be a great idea. I'd be more than willing to help organize it.
  14. Happy birthday bud! Hope you have a good day!


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