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  1. Hello everyone, With classes starting to pick up as I approach the second half of grad school, I have made the decision to step down from the development team. It has been a little over a year since I joined staff doing development work here at Olympus and I have enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for allowing me to create content for you guys and I wish you all the best. Signing out. -Kurt
  2. Limited Time Features (Ends 12/2/18): 20% discount for Weapon shops (Gun store, Black Market, Rebel Weapon shop) Added: VIP $50+ Donator Tier: APD Black US Cap Blue Beanie IDAP White Ht Ear Protectors White Ear Protectors Black Medic TBD Civ MX-SW Green Camo MXM Geen Camo MX Green Camo VIP $100+ Donator Tier: APD Bandana Sport Mask
  3. In 10 simulated blackwaters the following loot spawned (1 vehicle for each BW):

    6 - Armed Qilin
    3 - Armed Huron
    1 - AT Offroad

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Let's go! Thank you for the great work!

    3. NokiaStrong


      Thank you Kurt, Very cool!

    4. DeadPool


      52 minutes ago, ikiled said:

      Already done 2 gotten armed quins dms and mar 10 

  4. Goodbye Dili. It was fun while it lasted! Best of luck with everything my guy!
  5. Changelog has been updated to reflect the hotfix

    1. Dante


      Stealth bala, the Zubr being usable, and armed huron. One of the most exciting hot fixes ever :wub:

    2. Ronin


      thank you for finally putting in stealth bala... and it's teargas proof!

  6. Due to popular demand I will add the stealth balaclavas in the hotfix :)

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    2. Tyrone


      There will be the ones without the goggles like these too right? these ones are the sexiest ;) 


    3. Kurt


      Yes I added all four variants, the green/black with and without goggles.

    4. dog:)


      Add mk18 to warpoint shop aswell

  7. We comped everyone for the qilins and prowlers we removed.
  8. Lmao apparently it actually was supposed to be armed I had no idea... will be changed if we hotfix in a few days time
  9. Added: HQ Takeovers APD members that die in an HQ will have to wait additional time to respawn at that same HQ Additional time is 10s for every death at that HQ up to a maximum of 1 min. Increased spawn timer resets after 5 minutes from last HQ death (specific to the HQ you died in) Ability to respawn or abort to lobby delayed for 3 minutes since last HQ death Medics can now use the "Get Out" hotkey for using their medic "Exit" action New medic vehicle(s): Qilin - Basic Paramedic+ Taru Repair - S
  10. Changelog has been updated with a bunch of new things that were missed.

  11. Happy birthday bro

  12. https://gyazo.com/2037aa3c9c4463d56e1744bb0407cf97

    -Combat stance when revived
    -No more lost magazines/titan rockets
    -No more gun glitching

    Credit to @Jesse for the wonderful idea. 

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    2. DeadPool


      i love you

    3. NokiaStrong


      What about someone falling?

      do they still get gun glitched 

    4. kev



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