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  1. Hello everyone, With classes starting to pick up as I approach the second half of grad school, I have made the decision to step down from the development team. It has been a little over a year since I joined staff doing development work here at Olympus and I have enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for allowing me to create content for you guys and I wish you all the best. Signing out. -Kurt
  2. Limited Time Features (Ends 12/2/18): 20% discount for Weapon shops (Gun store, Black Market, Rebel Weapon shop) Added: VIP $50+ Donator Tier: APD Black US Cap Blue Beanie IDAP White Ht Ear Protectors White Ear Protectors Black Medic TBD Civ MX-SW Green Camo MXM Geen Camo MX Green Camo VIP $100+ Donator Tier: APD Bandana Sport Mask Bandana Beast Mask Bandana Shades Mask Blue Beret (Patrol Officer+) Headset White Headset Black Long Sleeve Uniform (Patrol Officer+) Medic TBD Added MX-SW to Rebel Shop + Warpoint Shop (We're aware that the MXSW spawns with a bipod, any players caught duping this item instead of purchasing the bipod through the Rebel Weapon Shops will be dealt with accordingly) Added Bipods to Rebel Shops for 10K Added MXM to Rebel Shop + Warpoint Shop Added MX to Rebel Shop Added MK18 to Warpoint Shop Three New Warpoint Ghillies Receive Medical Assistance from a Vigilante Outpost Gaining a misuse of emergency service charge will result in you being delayed for 15 minutes before being able to text the APD again Strider + Hunter now purchasable from Rebel Outposts Staff members can now access admin panel through their admin panel hotkey while in restraints Garages where Taxi Garages used to be Changed: When sending a combat logger to jail, it will now display in the chat their Player Name followed by their PlayerID to help with reports Tac Vests reduced to 10k from 25k Deck Crew Vests reduced from 30k to 20k Vigilantes can no longer capture cartels BW loot drop %'s modified Striders price reduced to $550k from $600k Additional logging for drug dealers Warpoint values adjusted All processors for legal and illegal items are remodeled Removed spawning at houses in redzones (inventory still able to be accessed) Fixed: FTO Training Island Strider FTO Training Island Anti Air can now be repaired Type-115 yielding max warpoint weight Vehicle unlock speed should now be improved for both purchasing and pulling owned vehicles Exploit to bypass the HQ timer in Kavala Removed: Bandana Sport Mask from sAPD shop Bandana Beast Mask from sAPD shop Bandana Black Mask from sAPD shop Bandana Shades Mask from sAPD shop Removed all unarmed vehicles from BW loot table Removed .50 Cal from BW loot table Bipods from Warpoint shops Hotfix #1 Event vehicles & admin spawned vehicles no longer spawn in weapons and magazines in their trunks Anti Air bug fixed Training island Strider fixed Bipods changed from 1k to 10k in rebel shop Warpoint shop MK-18 magazines / ASP magazines now have the correct magazine type displayed Bug with claiming crafted vehicles Removed a taxi map marker that got left behind Fixed the APD training island strider Fixed the salt flats garage not spawning vehicles in the proper location Increased the overall value of loot spawned at the blackwater outpost Donator Beret (for APD) is now changed from Patrol Officer+ to Corporal+ Fixed an exploit with the war point clothing shop Changed loot weights for blackwater item spawning As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  3. In 10 simulated blackwaters the following loot spawned (1 vehicle for each BW):

    6 - Armed Qilin
    3 - Armed Huron
    1 - AT Offroad

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Let's go! Thank you for the great work!

    3. NokiaStrong


      Thank you Kurt, Very cool!

    4. DeadPool


      52 minutes ago, ikiled said:

      Already done 2 gotten armed quins dms and mar 10 

  4. Goodbye Dili. It was fun while it lasted! Best of luck with everything my guy!
  5. Changelog has been updated to reflect the hotfix

    1. Dante


      Stealth bala, the Zubr being usable, and armed huron. One of the most exciting hot fixes ever :wub:

    2. Ronin


      thank you for finally putting in stealth bala... and it's teargas proof!

  6. Due to popular demand I will add the stealth balaclavas in the hotfix :)

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    2. Tyrone


      There will be the ones without the goggles like these too right? these ones are the sexiest ;) 


    3. Kurt


      Yes I added all four variants, the green/black with and without goggles.

    4. dog:)


      Add mk18 to warpoint shop aswell

  7. We comped everyone for the qilins and prowlers we removed.
  8. Lmao apparently it actually was supposed to be armed I had no idea... will be changed if we hotfix in a few days time
  9. Added: HQ Takeovers APD members that die in an HQ will have to wait additional time to respawn at that same HQ Additional time is 10s for every death at that HQ up to a maximum of 1 min. Increased spawn timer resets after 5 minutes from last HQ death (specific to the HQ you died in) Ability to respawn or abort to lobby delayed for 3 minutes since last HQ death Medics can now use the "Get Out" hotkey for using their medic "Exit" action New medic vehicle(s): Qilin - Basic Paramedic+ Taru Repair - S&R+ Hunter - Supervisor+ New APD vehicle(s): Huron - Dep. Chief+ New clothing/weapons/attachments at rebel outposts: Heli Crew Helmet (CSAT) for $15,000 Heli Crew Helmet (AAF) for $15,000 Pilot Helmet (NATO) for $15,000 Pilot Helmet (AAF) for $15,000 Officer Fatigues (Hex) for $1,000 (Removed from Warpoint Clothing Shop) Officer Fatigues (Green Hex) for $1,000 (Removed from Warpoint Clothing Shop) CMR-76 6.5mm (Hex) for $75,000 5.56 suppressor for 50 warpoints 5.8 stealth sound suppressor for 50 warpoints 6.5 stealth sound suppressor for 50 warpoints New uniform/backpack skins sAPD uniform texture Bape Wetsuit texture Rebel skin has been altered to be more festive Red rebel fatigues Black CSAT Fatigues (Rebel Warpoint Shop) Kitbag (Black) Carryall Backpack (Black) Invisible Kitbag (APD and civilians) Wetsuit uniform for the gang wars winners (The Inactives) Texture applied on the Wetsuit (AAF) All can buy the uniform, however texture will only apply if the player was one of the gang members that competed during gang wars All uniforms available at civilian clothing shops are now accessible at all rebel clothing shops New weapon skins for donors: Hex colored Type 115 at the M.V.P level and up Hex colored CMR-76 at the M.V.P level and up Cop kills on warzone island will reward 2 warpoints per kill A few map markers in cities that display the location of an ATM (green house icon) Black NVGs for RnR rank 5+ (Supervisor) Changed: Charges listed in the "Add Charge" menu for the APD are now listed alphabetically APD training island has been given a makeover APD pricing on certain weapons: MX from $35,000 to $65,000 Spar-16 from $30,000 to $50,000 MX GL from $40,000 to $65,000 MXM from $40,000 to $85,000 Spar-16 from $30,000 to $50,000 Type 115 from $50,000 to $80,000 CMR from $50,000 to $75,000 Mk-1 from $45,000 to $125,000 MAR-10 from $45,000 to $130,000 Spar-17 from $30,000 to $110,000 Rebel pricing on certain weapons: Mk-1 from $135,000 to $125,000 Spar-17 from $120,000 to $110,000 Mk-18 from $120,000 to $100,000 Rahim from $100,000 to $90,000 Type-115 from $70,000 to $80,000 Ak-12 from $135,000 to $95,000 Bi-pod from 10 warpoints to 3 warpoints Vehicle pricing on Zamak trucks: Zamak Covered from $375,000 to $250,000 Zamak Fuel from $325,000 to $225,000 Zamak Transport from $275,000 to $200,000 Tempest Covered and Transport added to all truck shops in addition to the rebel vehicle shop Zubr .45 removed from rebel shop and added to APD weapon shop as a taser for all ranks RnR rank 3+ (Adv. Paramedic) can now impound vehicles using the windows key Orca now available for RnR rank 3+ (Adv. Paramedic) Ground garage can now be accessed at the Kavala air garage NPC Reduced the amount of time required to get a targets name through binos/rangefinders/titan scope in half for infantry/vehicles Donor orca and ifrit skins have been rotated as usual Gangwars billboard has been updated to reflect the new winners Fixed: Certain vests have been added to the rebel outpost that disappeared in a previous update Illegal NVGs can now be seized by APD members Lights for the APD un-armed plane now follow the plane Total weight on your HUD should now display the correct amount when transferring backpacks APD can now send people to jail at the Blackwater Outpost once again (cannot send to jail if there is an active blackwater robbery) Magazines do not magically disappear when entering/leaving the server Civilians - Ammo that was loaded into a primary/secondary/handgun that could not fit into your inventory is dropped on the ground (you cannot load magazines directly into a weapon, they must first be in your inventory) Note: before this, ammunition was just being deleted! i.e. No clothing with a titan loaded with a rocket > Switch servers > On load in the titan rocket will be on the ground Issue with cartels not generating funds from tax on drugs sold Issue with WPL not generating bonus funds from selling legal goods Exploit regarding the housing inventories APD/Medics not being able to open checkpoint gates Adv. Paramedic uniform has been restored to its original form, and the Search and Rescue uniform has been updated CSAT pilot coveralls from blackwater can now be seized by APD Removed: Everything taxi related APD Vehicle(s): Hellcat RNR Vehicle(s): Quadbike Hemtt Sport hatchback ALL qilins and prowlers from the APD and civilians. RNR impound, hiring and fee signs around the map HOTFIX 1: New housing menu added The features "List House for Sale" and "View Key Holders" are greyed out for now and will come at a later date Added black/green stealth balaclavas to rebel outposts (APD rank 4+ (Sgt.) only have access to the black pair) Added two new black and urban full ghillie suits APD Armed Huron for rank 6+ (Dep. Chief) APD Unarmed Huron for rank 5+ (Lt.) Fixed issue with BE kicking on pharma. vehicle sell Fixed an issue where the Zubr was being deleted in your inventory on cop Fixed an issue where players had the option to send a message to "Event Part" Redgull can now be used while escorting APD Armed jeep can now be insured Fixed an issue with double arrest actions being able to be performed Reduced the price on the cop NATO beret Removed the support team uniform Insurance can now be purchased for all illegal ground vehicles As always if a bug is found please submit it to the tracker. Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  10. Changelog has been updated with a bunch of new things that were missed.

  11. Happy birthday bro

  12. https://gyazo.com/2037aa3c9c4463d56e1744bb0407cf97

    -Combat stance when revived
    -No more lost magazines/titan rockets
    -No more gun glitching

    Credit to @Jesse for the wonderful idea. 

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    2. DeadPool
    3. NokiaStrong


      What about someone falling?

      do they still get gun glitched 

    4. kev

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