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  1. doesnt even post pictures of them omegacarrot
  2. Join @SystemChips epic vanilla minecraft server 1.16.3

    IP: systemchips.net

  3. paved is a brainlet and if he is upset with the dev team he can go play a different server or maybe learn a real life skill that isnt arma 3 increasing the top 3 bonus and increasing the initial pot both make more money spawn in from nowhere, and theres already a lot of money being generated, but i'd be down the skew the percentages a bit more in favor of top 3. fighting in a conquest that long and only getting 1.2m definitely sucks, and that number should be closer to 2 or 3m, but gangs that zerg are always gonna make less money than gangs that get a lot of points with few players, and that really shouldnt change because thats what makes small gangs play
  4. obligatory shut down s2 post


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      Strae :)

      Obligatory remove mohsen post 

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      Obligatory remove Horizon post

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      Obligatory remove Olympus post.

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  5. im here because zahzi SUCKS at dev screening
  6. @Phizx happy birthday you 5'4'' macedonian

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      does @Phizx still need a booster seat to drive the ifrits?

    2. Trimorphious
  7. tune in for exclusive altis life gamer moments https://www.twitch.tv/omegamonks




  8. grats bruthaa @Horizon

    1. Horizon


      you still don't have a song on your profile reeee

  9. @Strae i changed them to hearts also store will be up soon
  10. @Zahzi @Civak @grar21 @Horizon @raykazi Added: Custom hex icon system (icons in the middle of your hex) 238 unlockable icons added All players start with an initial 5 random unlock rolls, more can be purchased from the store Icons can be equipped and unlocked through the hex icon menu (found in the settings menu) Therisa spawnpoint and shops Insurance + mods purchasable during vehicle purchase Option to "buy and modify" which will put you in your vehicle with the modshop menu Safety Vests to Deputy+ Rangemaster Belt to Deputy+ LIM to Lt.+ New whitelist levels for APD ranks 4-10 Dead group member marker for APD (requires GPS) Deposit box for admin comps No longer have to softlog to get monetary compensation from staff Accessible at the Bank of Altis Civilian council title color Spar-16 GL to Tier 4 Vigilante Shop (125k) smokes (10k) Vigilantes can now store their arrests and redeem them at a later date Costs $750k per tier Scroll wheel option at all vigilante vendor NPCs Must be innocent License getting seized/degraded does not affect stored arrests Redeeming stored arrests overwrites active arrests - you'll be same after redeeming Delete key displays vehicle type, distance from vehicle and vehicle owner's name for admins High visibility vests to cops (yellow to deputy, blue to PO) New experimental optimization for server performance Rangemaster belt to deputies Warzone conquest capture sector (Lighthouse, OG, and Church with a spawn at East Arms) Texture "Lightning McQueen" hatchback "Lost Cause" hatchback "Taxi" hatchback "Red Camo" hunter Staff Uniform Map Markers for all federal event Anti-Airs New alternating cartel inside warzone 3 garages for Pharmaceutical drop-off points Changed: Reworked blackmarkets (more like OG gang hideouts) Tax nerfed from 15% to 5% Can access gun shop gear without capturing, must capture to access better gear Capturing announces to the server that your gang has captured a blackmarket Map shows the gang that currently has each capture Killing players on warzone gives full warpoints instead of 1 1% Tax on bets Cop slots changed from 26 to 20 Armed Huron from Chief to Lt.+ Can now see hex color in y menu when adjusting Conquest Arms dealer disabled during Conquest events (discounts and taxes no longer apply) Killing enemy gang members at conquest now yields two points instead of one Reduce respawn timer Respawn timer starts on death, not respawn Reward money is now split directly to participating players instead of to gang funds Any player that dies/gets a kill/caps a point will get a cut if their gang's reward Vehicles now despawn 60 seconds after conquest ends if not occupied Moderators can now start conquest Hitman tax reduced from 20% to 2% Medic HEMTT Transport from SnR to Adv. Para Medic Orca from Adv. Para to SnR RnR able to pull vehicles at Cartel flag poles Texture Corporal Uniform Patrol Officer Uniform Deputy Uniform Updated Gang Wars winner uniform Asiimov Orca reworked APD Vandal Orca minor changes (onk onk) Map THE WATERS HAVE SHIFTED THE REBEL BOAT HAS MOVED! Moved R&R boat shop outside of jail rings Redesigned blackmarket Mushroom Reworked Event Arena Reworked Frog Processor Fixed: Blasting charges set off at bank counting towards title progression Donation dances no longer instantly heals when cancelling Opening house inventory no longer instantly heals Optimized "G horn" Killing players at conquest now tracks kill stats properly (kills, war kills, etc) Clearing cap no longer deletes dope crates Map Copper Processing death spot Diamond Processing death spot Athira HQ Ladder floating Removed: Mk18, Mk1, P90, AK-12, Spar-16/17 from BW loot pool (buffs BW gear significantly) T5 Vest from Lt. and staff chief Staff KOS Pilot Coveralls from warpoint shop (Donation goal) Map Blackwater Slam jump spot & Southwest Low wall Federal Reserve Telos jumpspot Texture Removed White Gold hatchback Removed Playboy hatchback Hotfix #1 Add custom gang textures for Prism and DB (others still in progress by the design team) Fixed sofia black market not capturing properly Fixed bank blasting charge stat being recorded Fixed taxi hatchback not being available as an undercover cop skin Fixed login credits Readded upgraded apd uniiform to SGT+ Gun store at black market no longer requires a license Fixed cop helmet rank requirements Remove T5 vest from staff chief Fixed not being able to start a blackwater during an active bank New cop items shouldn't delete randomly anymore Fixed SGT shop (was accidentally removed) Fixed players getting negative warpoints from dying on warzone Fixed gear scores when dying at warzone Fixed spelling mistake on sad cry icon Fixed empire and peace icons not being visible Fixed sinity gang uniform whitelist Display a message to players on login if they have deposit box money Fixed spar GL taser not tasing Changed "oCCiFer dOwN" to "Officer Down" Added bank teller mark on map Hotfix #2 Added deposit box button to ATMs Fix hint not displaying when giving conquest money Fix dizzy icon Fix being able start a bank during an active jail (no longer possible) Fix gang uniforms in loadout saving Fix Spar17 mag in cop shop being $0 and unpurchasable Fix gang vehicles being available to everyone Add more gang textures Carnage Noble Nerds Vigilantes The Death Watch As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  11. i did not just get put in the who tier by a dude named unalpha

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