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  1. Trimorphious

    these are just false facts. when gang life was alive there wasn't an Echo or a Foxtrot, and there was only one dep. chief
  2. Trimorphious

    Considering how many buffs they have gotten and how many cops play nowadays, they shouldn't be able to enter warzone at all (like it used to be)
  3. Trimorphious

    this all the way, I think back to when gang life was alive and there have been way too many cop buffs since then -po7 to sting for deps -carrier lite for corps -bait cars -POs raiding houses -cops being able to enter warzone -vans make feds impossible where are the civ buffs to balance this out? not to mention that there are about three times the number of active APD members, and a lot more senior APD members (and all of them are OS). if anything they should have gotten nerfed hard because nowadays you can't find a time when there are less than 10 cops online, and every fed is stacked ridiculously by both APD and sAPD. combine all this with the fact that a no life cop often has well over 10 mill (and in many cases a lot more) and a no life civ who has to pay for loadouts is always desperately poor and has to do runs, which aren't fun at all, and you'll realize why no one wants to play civ anymore.
  4. Trimorphious

    does sticking your gun through a wall to kill someone count?
  5. Trimorphious

  6. Trimorphious

    what rebel activity
  7. Trimorphious

  8. Trimorphious

    2m for one of them 3.5m for both
  9. Trimorphious

    don't have any 3 craters but i'm selling these two 2 craters
  10. Trimorphious

  11. Trimorphious

  12. great update, just missing Removed armed planes
  13. Trimorphious

    rip gang life

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