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  1. doesnt even post pictures of them omegacarrot
  2. Join @SystemChips epic vanilla minecraft server 1.16.3

    IP: systemchips.net

  3. paved is a brainlet and if he is upset with the dev team he can go play a different server or maybe learn a real life skill that isnt arma 3 increasing the top 3 bonus and increasing the initial pot both make more money spawn in from nowhere, and theres already a lot of money being generated, but i'd be down the skew the percentages a bit more in favor of top 3. fighting in a conquest that long and only getting 1.2m definitely sucks, and that number should be closer to 2 or 3m, but gangs that zerg are always gonna make less money than gangs that get a lot of points with few players, and t
  4. obligatory shut down s2 post


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    2. Strae


      Obligatory remove mohsen post 

      Working code count 0


    3. Monks


      Obligatory remove Horizon post

      Working brain cells count 0

    4. Noahhh!


      Obligatory remove Olympus post.

      Working dead game count 1

  5. im here because zahzi SUCKS at dev screening
  6. @Phizx happy birthday you 5'4'' macedonian

    1. rabid


      does @Phizx still need a booster seat to drive the ifrits?

    2. Trimorphious
  7. tune in for exclusive altis life gamer moments https://www.twitch.tv/omegamonks




  8. grats bruthaa @Horizon

    1. Horizon


      you still don't have a song on your profile reeee

  9. @Strae i changed them to hearts also store will be up soon
  10. @Zahzi @Civak @grar21 @Horizon @raykazi Added: Custom hex icon system (icons in the middle of your hex) 238 unlockable icons added All players start with an initial 5 random unlock rolls, more can be purchased from the store Icons can be equipped and unlocked through the hex icon menu (found in the settings menu) Therisa spawnpoint and shops Insurance + mods purchasable during vehicle purchase Option to "buy and modify" which will put you in your vehicle with the modshop menu Safety Vests to Deputy+
  11. i did not just get put in the who tier by a dude named unalpha

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