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  1. 42
  2. kys rat
  3. oh seven
  4. Hello, Stop playing League with your IRL friend and come say hi.

  5. twitch.tv/trimorphious
  6. sorry i had to shut down the CQC server :( mom cant watch game of thrones while its up

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    2. Majed


      2 hours ago, Ryan said:

      There is another server ya know


      if theres another server can you give me the ip?

    3. Ryan



    4. Garrett


      5 hours ago, Matt The Savage said:

      You are actually a pussy 


  7. its ok we forgiv u
  8. I made a moonshine cartel CQC server at

    Comment below with any suggestions or bugs I should know about.


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    2. Callumm


      13 minutes ago, Silton said:

      Dpi jumping is broken

      no it’s not!!!!!!

    3. Badger!


      I'm no stickler but as a cqc server it would probably be nice if you didn't have a t-100 varsuk sitting on cap.

      But what do I know.

    4. Trimorphious


      Yeah kids join the server and script that shit in and I don't really know how to stop them yet

  9. Shouldn't be a rule, should be up to you. If you wanna read someone their Miranda rights when you arrest them go for it, pretty good RP imo.
  10. Happy B day bro :) have a good one man 

  11. Happy Birthday Dad.

    Even though I'm 2 years older than you.


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