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  1. @GoodDustin is a good man of the people and he needs staff sgt!

  2. buying dp9/therisa garage

  3. happy bday to our one british friend @Winters

    1. Winters


      Cheers. 😄

  4. buying meth and rebel/wz houses

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Horizon


      @Trimorphious i'll sell perm keys to my garage and 4 crater 

    3. Trimorphious


      @Horizon how much to straight up buy them?

    4. Horizon
  5. these are just false facts. when gang life was alive there wasn't an Echo or a Foxtrot, and there was only one dep. chief
  6. Considering how many buffs they have gotten and how many cops play nowadays, they shouldn't be able to enter warzone at all (like it used to be)
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