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  1. Grats to @Grandma and @Deputy Dog, welcome to the team.

    1. Fake Grandma
    2. Jesse


      When did you join the team? xD

  2. Real question for everyone. Why doesn't Curious George have a tail?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. MrBoonie


      @Stuuurrt it's just tiny just like you. If you get my drift baby boo.

    3. Proud


      thanks for ruining my perspective of the show now

    4. Chaos


      get off the drugs


    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      When you became mod, I was super happy man. You got this - and I hope you stick with it. Congrats on mod 2 and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need advice or anything at all.  Keep movin' on up Stuart! 

  3. Even though not everyone isn't going to crash, we thought about that aswell, even if you take your time with corners, making sure to slow down every now and then, the biggest impact its going to have isn't going to be that much
  4. We tested from Kavala to each of the different federal events, each with at least 1 crash, the difference if i remember was only like 10 seconds at MOST and for such a small difference, it wasn't worth keeping them
  5. It was tested, there was a very minor increase in speed for using the m900 over a hatchback sport, so it was decided that the small difference wasn't enough to keep them. @RogueMK @NokiaStrong
  6. #NotMyCivRep
  7. $1
  8. AHP Hatchbacks and APD Quadbikes dont store when you store them, I think they just get deleted

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