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  1. Another thing you need to realise is that tickets are reviewable. If a staff member bans off of a video and theres no ticket, theres nothing showing what they banned for. Also tickets are one of the ways that staff activity is gauged. If theres no ticket, theres no proof that thy are being an active staff member.
  2. Yes, they signed up for this. THEY ARE DOING IT. It's not the staff's fault theres been an influx of tickets. They aren't going to be forced to do it either, the way the staff works is that they will do tickets at their own leisure, if they dont dont any for an extended period of time then they will be spoken to. but there are so many aspects to being staff. The amount of messages that you get on the forums, on teamspeak and ingame is ridiculous. Tickets are only a portion of what the staff do.
  3. Ikr what kind of idiot would do something like that? Wait a second....
  4. I mean, that is literally the reason for tickets. You make your report, staff looks at it and then responds with whatever is necessary, then you respond and the situation gets resolved. I don't think you guys realise. This. Is. A. Game. People are on here to have fun, staff included. Don't expect them to be sat there waiting for tickets, they will also be playing Cop, Medic and Civ just like everyone else. They want to have fun and relax, tickets aren't relaxing. They take time and energy to make sure that the report is legit, the rule was broken and there isnt any funny business with the evidence, just to then still have people bitching and moaning that staff are shit because there is a bit of a wait time for their report. What difference does it make? If a rule was broken the kid's gonna get banned. It doesn't have to be instant. When it comes to the whole not wanting to talk to people face to face scenario. Sure some people are going to talk to the staff in a sensible manor, however the majority of people are just going to start screaming and shouting at the staff member because they're too dense or don't care enough to realise that they are in the wrong and need to take the punishment. I have been in multiple situations where I've banned people and tried to talk to them instead. It just doesn't work in most cases.
  5. Stuuurrt

    Wtb tasers

    I think both of those MAR-10s were once my guns on APD.
  6. PSA:

    Pornhub premium is free on Valentines day.


    1. Richard


      Gods work

    2. Dante


      Just go get laid for Valentine’s Day 

  7. I had it on "End" and also tryed some other keys but it still didnt work...
  8. Not sure if just me but custom action 12 doesnt do earplugs anymore. Also not seeing progress on the repair with toolkit medic title
  9. @Fusah Stop with pool partying, Updates are to be had.

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