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  1. OVER HYPED? before i was getting on average 20-35fps in kavala i know get 30-45fps Cartels i could get max 60fps now i get average 80-100 fps!! Oh and btw i have an AMD lol Over hyped my ass lol
  2. How are the servers doing now? Still crashing? I'm currantly at work still :( will have to do some streaming later with all these new frames! 

    1. DeadPool1337


      The servers are better but if you mess with you parameters to much it can and will kick you off like Nixon being impeached.

  3. testing 64bit on KOTH getting 70FPS with AMD lol

    1. DeadPool1337


      Did the full version come out ?

    2. RogueMK
  4. Feels bad with all the perms happening, 64 bit released!!

    1. Theak


      is there any settings to change it to 64 bit or after the update is it automatic?

    2. RogueMK


      its automatic but make sure to remove any launch parameters that you had before mainly the Memory one and the allocator. aslong as you have a 64bit operating system it will load by default in 64bit


  5. It's always good to see some numbers n facts from time to time, a lot of people get too wrapped up with what's wrong or not great instead of looking at what's great and going well! +1 @Peter Long
  6. It's simple, don't patrol alone! I'd say at least group in 3s this eliminates 3:1 odds, it's very rare that 9 ppl will attempt to outnumber you! This doesn't eliminate the tazers however but will deter an attempt at least, until a solution has been made to either remove the ability to restrain cops or a way to make it fair ( so far decreasing the damage of tazers towards cops has been implemented so far ) there's nothing we can do. I've personally not been taken hostage once following my own advice so that proves it works! Just don't put yourselves into easy situations where you might be outnumbered or tazed!
  7. I see what happens when you smoke dill lmao mistakes were made with this one!!
  8. Arx & @Peter Long never 4get lol!
  9. I must admit even though I've been very active on cop this past week and I was originally in favour of this new update plus I haven't personally experienced this myself yet, but going by other people's experiences and seeing it happen to other ppl in game it has got to the extreme, groups of 5-8 are now gearing up as vigi's and specifically going after cops now and that's a problem, specially when the average group size of apd ( when no seniors are on ) is around 4-5, this makes it real easy to capture cops. ive had PO's n deputies get worried about seeing groups of ppl holding a vigi gun, that shouldn't be the way apd act! The 3:1 rule worked perfect, I agree we should remove the ability to restrain cops.
  10. So thats how you crashed! all that fight and then that! lol was a fun fight tho
  11. if you got robbed and you decided to kill yourself after ( Not that your ment to but ive seen it happen ) you would spawn back with gun only and with its attachments but have no clothes, vest or backpack. If you can RP it well you can usaully keep the backpack as its "invisible". Not sure if thats a thing still. If it did sync the way you said would that change the fact you respawn with all your gear after dieing normally?
  12. I know this another topic about tazing cops and restraining blah blah blah but i actually like this new addition. I dont get what peoples problem is with this taze a restraining shit! ive played for the past 3 days & nights and have not been restrained once, ive been tazed a few times but ive never put myself into a position where i can be taken. If you are that bothered about it dont put yourselves into an easy capture! specially in kavala civs wont dare try when you have 2 or 3 cops to hand, every cop that ive heard moan about this have either been unlucky and been the last guy in the wave or have patroled on their own making themselves easy targets. Tbh this makes cops want to respect there lives abit more rather than "i dont have to re-buy my gear so dieing doesnt matter" now you can get tazed and now loose your shit!! i think its a great addition!
  13. Finally i can say i'm back! fully in my new house and now fully up and running with fibre broadband, thank fuck! This 20Mb upload speed will come in handy when streaming ;)

    1. Corporal_moob


      Thank me later you Cretin.

    2. RogueMK


      Thanks @Corporal_moob now for that existing customer call ;)

    3. Ignis


      Still waiting for the day @Corporal_moobcan get me a better deal for my internet 

  14. I'm out of popcorn brb
  15. The only advise people can give you is "Record & Report" Unfortunatley this is something we cannot stop but can kind of limit somewhat by recording and reporting, we understand that its a pain in the ass to waste time uploading videos but without people doing it, RDM'ers will think they can get away with it! Its just something we all have to just accept im afraid. The good news is that the moderators and admins here are pretty good at completing tickets within 24-48 hours.