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  1. Ayyy congrats ya bigdumbgay @Arigato

    1. Arigato


      ayye my favorite limey, thanks :wub:

  2. Currently downloading Black Ops 4 Anyone interested in added me via Blizzard App ID is below :) Im usually on Europe Region, not sure if game saves etc carries over if i change region??


  3. RogueMK

    If the initial text of engagement has exceeded the 5min window then you are good to store even if they are still following you, as long as no shots were fired and no additional texts have been sent to restart the 5mins then you're good to store. Ppl saying if they are still following you and you store it's still combat storing are retarded lol.
  4. RogueMK

    Now a reason for the sapd to pull endless amounts of hunters n strider xD apd win again xD
  5. RogueMK

    The fact that civ use the 5mins to there advantage and can in some ways abuse it, I think the lethal option is a great counter for those ppl that do it. And the the adding charges have always been a thing it's just never been an issue enough to put in the handbook until now I guess
  6. RogueMK

    Same way if someone was breaking rules, "sir, youre being sent straight to jail for blatantly breaking server rules/quoting rules" that's more than enough, chances are they ain't gunna hear shit while they are mouthing off at you lol just remember don't start quoting the rules back to them...
  7. RogueMK

    Let's be real, gang life was at its peak before cartels came along, gang fights happened everywhere and at random times, those were the best fights ever, just random fighting, no set ups, no begging in sidechat, actually going out there looking for it, getting ambushed doing a run, then regearing up to find the fuckers and get your own back, those were the days of gang life, not this bullshit cartels, shouting out in sidechat "yo [shitgang] want to fight cartels, full revives no chop...", "eta, eta, eta, eta!!!", "you guys are pussies come fight us if your a gang", fight at cartels, respawn, get geared go back to the exact same spot you died then die again, respawn, repeat fucking process, shit if you want to play tdm or control point play king of the fucking hill, 30 fucking ppl coming at ya!! Literally want gang life to come back remove the cartels and do something different... keep cartel style fighting for gang war tournaments. I miss the good old days of NERDS, KI, BURBAN, BLACK FLAG, original MC, literally the early days. That's where we need to get back to. Also as a second suggestion, the apd side are op as fuck, not so much the tools they have but just the sheer population of the apd and how many can be on in the peak hours, as much as it hates me to say it as I play more cop than civ but some sort or cap on the apd force I'd needed not so much the server due to how easy it is to get 10+ man federal events going but a cap on the force it's self.. I dunno just my two cents really. Was fun reading the aids tho 10/10 Would read again lol
  8. If anyone wants to throw 10k my way, id be muchly appreciated xD

    No joke I could really do with the help lol. 

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      when you are asking for money and still playing video games while having kids you should not be playing video games @bigSMOKE2

    3. RogueMK


      Just an fyi I'm not a poor person that also has a kid btw LMAO im doing perfectly fine with money n daughter. I've just seen something I could really do with but gunna cost me 10k to do it LMAO 

    4. D a n i e l

      D a n i e l

      I barely have ten quid

  9. Fun Fact: I'm a ten toed rat! Stealing Olympus textures apparantly lmao xD what a meme!!

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    2. buckie


      thieving fief

    3. RogueMK


      @Mercury I assume toed but auto corrected lol 

      @TheoryB I stepped down from designer due to activeness 

    4. Mercury


      Fixed it for you <3

  10. The meta builds are still OP in the division lol, 9k stamina 6 piece striker!

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    2. HunterBklyn


      I'm surprised since I heard end game was pretty bad.

    3. RogueMK


      was a year ago, but its alot better now

    4. HunterBklyn
  11. RogueMK

    Pretty much what slumberjack said, use a wallpaper size resolution ( anything over 1280x720 should be ok ), it will allow you to re-position it the way you want it.
  12. was a fun fight @snipeZ Civ ghosthawk vs apd ghosthawk, shame my passenger was in a different group when i was screaming at him to get into co pilot lmao

    1. snipeZ


      Yeah was fun AF, only costed me 3 Ghawks xD. Sucks how my shift key stopped working when I was over water and lead to a slow watery demise. 

  13. Happy bday ya big dumb gay @Arigato

    1. Arigato


      Thanks butt boi :wub:

  14. Back in bravo squad :D and back to making my times. Let's see how long I can keep up with that lol 


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