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  1. *Update*

    I have now access to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint NDA test, this is a confidential tester with strict NDA rules, my pc is fucked so I've got access on ps4 instead, i have 3 friends i can add into it so if interested send me your ps4 names or add Rogue_MK_ 

    Set to start this friday

    1. Vac.


      And goes through till Monday 

  2. Just been invited to the ghost recon break point technical test, it's a closed NDA confidential release tester, I can invite 3 other ppl, who's interested to play? Strictly now streaming or video captures allowed, opens this friday for weekend. 

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    2. Vac.


      They don't do codes, when they sent me the email saying its under strict NDA and stuff liek that they give you 3 players to invite with you to the tech test and you have to be on said persons uplay friends list to be invited to it @Jimmy Jarvis

    3. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      you wanna invite me? @Vac.

    4. Vac.


      Just now, Jimmy Jarvis said:

      you wanna invite me? @Vac.

      uhhh i just used all my invites so sorry, otherwise i would've 

  3. Happy birthday buddy

  4. Why'd you block my status, that shit was getting spicy Haha.

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    2. Ryan


      40+ notifications over night = lord fucking shoot me in the head

    3. MAV


      Lol true, you should make a post the contain the spice ;)... Was fun to real lmao

    4. Drippp


      Reviving beef on this status

  5. Damn this community still going?! What's the latest drama?? 

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    2. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard


      HE GOT ME!!!

    3. Kanger


      Damn,olympus hasn't been this lit since the gold watch drama.

    4. Ryan


      Alright I’m tired of the notifications, doing everyone here a favor and locking this shit :) 

  6. So hows the wonderful life of Olympus going?

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    2. G F

      G F

      pls redirect urself to the donation page

    3. Elements


      server is dieing. no 1 to blame it was gonna happen 1 day

    4. Jopple123


      its pretty good. The server is stronger then ever. I cant wait for whats to come :)

  7. RogueMK

    Am I needed to come out of retirement lmao xD
  8. Division 2 is now released for the ultimate edition :)


  9. Watch a noob get rekt xD


  10. Finally got that affilliate status :D



  11. solo queuing xD what couldnt go wrong!!


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