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  1. ruining gang life by helping cops it seems lmao
  2. Nice, can't wait to get on when I finish work in 3 n half hours.
  3. tbh, for the success rate of each drug/legal run salvage is your best bet.
  4. i mean if the bigger bounties decide to hide on warzone/cartel then the only way to get them is to travel, seems like you got outplayed or just got fucked being solo...
  5. im working on animated overlays like the below, the below is a pre made one not one i did personally but im in process of doing one very similar, ive got the animations down just getting the effects and colours right so it looks like good. https://gyazo.com/0c6dacaa583a531904ade423aa4fec4f
  6. As stated a few times this is the FIRST ever event like this to be done on olympus, its going to have its pros and more cons than most. Cops were well over powered agreed but that changed after a few hours, OS started to spawn in gear, vehicles explosives etc etc, then shit got real. I shit you not server two had, tigris tanks, blackfoots, kajmans wipeouts rpgs, titans. the whole of kavala got flattened lol i wanted to stream it but my frames were already getting fucked. Next one ( if there will be ) will ofc be more organised more time to set up cool scripts and shit etc, just remember this was all decided like one day before it went ahead. Most of your ideas did actually happen, once mcdili and jesse were on a good 20 odd crates got spawned randomly around kavala including armed vehicles too. this was all in aid of fun, literally a KOS cluster fuck which delivered as expected in my eyes lol. oh and a good way to get my K/D back up abit lol. I had a shit load of fun either way, i hope this sort of event becomes an ongoing thing, do different towns every couple of months or something.
  7. On my way to join in with the purge finally!
  8. You mean "any means necessary" so that means some one brought either a civ ghosthawk/armed huron or an armed plane to the party lol
  9. Feels bad I went to sleep to get a quick nap in time for it all to start and I've missed the first 10 hours of it lol few more hours and I should be able to join in with the fun aids lol
  10. No nlr No wave rule All apd can lethal incl SDARs ( from mcdilis original post I assume this incl PO's I don't think deputy have access to buy SDAR'S @McDili confirm? ) No need for code 3 treat as federal event without wave rule
  11. The purge.... this is going to be an eventful evening
  12. Incoming vehicle skin with the below lolz

  13. What did I miss while I was at work lol? 

    1. Google


      Ron and Dominick Gunned down Kavala square in a Ghost hawk LMFAO

    2. RogueMK


      dammmnnnnn what about joe and callum??


    3. Dαnte


      3 minutes ago, RogueMK said:

      dammmnnnnn what about joe and callum??


      Same as above 

  14. Check and make sure any mods have Been unloaded from launcher.

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