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  1. Well hope to see everyone permed back in a couple months can’t wait!! :))

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DeadPool


      Free ma boi excision 


    3. Berg02


      Hmm @Peter Long a year and a half later and it looks like I was right about haiwood :pog:

    4. Hydra


      you are retarded @Berg02

  2. congratz to my nigga hypergoat 

  3. Free savage now 

  4. gang wars was hella fun today didnt think we were gonna make it to the finals. 

  5. to late my guy reputation is too shit at this point for you two
  6. So if I DPI glitched 6 months ago I still can’t play? Cause ive learned my lesson and should let me play
  7. Lol finally
  8. Ummm yea gang wars 

  9. gang life has been looking so good lately, plenty of fights!!!

  10. It's been great y'all stay blessd

  11. this game is live bro so many fights the past 2 weeks its insane!!!


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