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  1. Yikes. More cringey than my post thanking people @Snare @ScreaM
  2. Bye my boy stay lit homie
  3. Who gives a fuck if my nigga broke the rules these shits r nice +1
  4. Wow we cant leave @Buffalo Bill OUR SECOND APPRECIATED CIV RIP out of the convo
  5. Damn I bet @CmStorm feels retarded now...yikes...should've just left it as a report and not made it public like this bud...
  6. 3 SGT and 4 Corps and you get a strider 











    blackwater machine broke

  7. Because they caught you fair and square and it would make no sense to let a douchebag that quotes rules and post it on the forums go lol
  8. oh lord or maybe....they were fucking with you????? it doesn't take 20 minutes to let someone go xD and rotor tapping isnt VDM. if you think it is then report it but you're not going to get anyone banned.
  9. Happy Birthday @Silton you deserve a raiseImage result for mcdonalds hat


  11. truth
  12. When you wait 20 minutes for a medic and none of them show up because they're scatting Kavala xd and then medics wonder where the hate comes from.  +1 R&R lol


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