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  1. cuzzicann

    1.25 mil is such a bad offer lol. You can easily sell one for 5 or 6 mil just gotta find the right buyer
  2. cuzzicann

    I think you can overdose and the negative defect is your screen cycles through the rainbow but doesn't sway like Broweiser's do. Length of effect, no clue sry
  3. cuzzicann

    I think consuming meth gives like a 70% health increase... but i'm not 100% sure
  4. APD just needs to go back to it's 2014 days of you having to actually RP by seeing someone commit a crime or being able to "know the face" of a criminal with a high bounty over a certain amount :/ Awesome job tho @Jesse by far olympus' best dev in history (imo)
  5. cuzzicann

    This Property Has Been Sold!
  6. cuzzicann

    Current High Bid: $1.5mil (private offer) Current High Bid: $2mil (private offer)
  7. cuzzicann

    First off, please keep any comments related to this post. Also this property may or may not be for sale I just want to know if it's worth anything. If there is any good bites for it I may sell it. Property: https://gyazo.com/9e3bacb9069b5fdb4efc721b9ccd9d3e - perfect for attacking/defending arms dealer + storing loadouts and titans ps - feel free to PM me if you would like to keep it private - I will be giving this offer to the highest bidder Saturday, April 13 @ 12pm CST
  8. hey man how are you doing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wub::wub:

    1. cuzzicann


      hi why the sudden interest lol

    2. Snare


      cuz i hadn't seen you in a while then i saw you like one of my posts updates :P

  9. cuzzicann

    24, i'm un-liking your post if i don't win :/
  10. cuzzicann

    It's called Arms Dealer
  11. cuzzicann

    Are the houses 3 craters?
  12. cuzzicann

    Our gang sold one for 6mil
  13. cuzzicann

    2mil for mar 10 and rpg
  14. cuzzicann

    1mil mar10 1mil rpg

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