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  1. 2 mil take it or leave it dont care about mags
  2. Crashh


    Mar 10 taser Mk1 Taser 2 black t4 vests t5 vest mar 10 mags 45k each have 8
  3. zafir. u get it at the vigilante shop for free if your a new vigi
  4. i’ve seen some of the videos on ur youtube u always play like that lol
  5. blames frames on the video. that’s literally how bad ur computer is lmao not the video u play 20fps all day long
  6. this is dumb. wasted finger movement to post this
  7. @Monks from what i’ve heard it’s the second on
  8. yeah bruh how am i helping him do anything i posted it myself and i wanted to express what i think. i didn’t post anything for him if i wanted to post it for him i wouldn’t have bc im not him i j took what he sent and shared it in my thoughts
  9. how is he helping him?
  10. Not saying that @Grandma Gary And how am I helping him?

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