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Roundtable Summary 2022-09-10

Civilian Cartels Remove NLR in Therisa  Exception: Players respawning in Therisa with the sole intent of returning to WZ are exempt from NLR on the condition their presence is limited to pulling a vehicle and driving to WZ Reasoning: Currently a grey area amongst staff, some staff members ban players breaking nlr in Therisa; some don't. Most players intentions are to drive into warzone, but unfortunately get spawn camped within the city preventing the increa


WALT in Roundtable Summary

Roundtable Summary 2022-07-30

Civilian Council  Conquest Reduce flag capture time by 3.5 seconds per group member within 100m - Approved, but the numbers will be tweaked to utilize ratio rather than absolute count to actually reflect "overwhelming majority" and will not be as significant in most situations Groups must have overwhelming majority  For example: 10v10 would be 45 seconds 10v5 would be 10 seconds

Roundtable Summary 2022-06-25

Civilian Rework SWAT. @ doctor doom Remove APD Requirement. Rework Senior SWAT. Senior SWAT are not enforcing rules. Sergeant Rank should be restructured to a merit based promotion for players who have experience & lead (like Corporal on S1)  Allow LT+ to accept applications. The current system only allows @ Caden to accept SWAT applications. The current sy

Roundtable Summary 2022-05-16

General Revert back to Rain Weather System @ anti Remove Fog Weather System. Re-skin of Monthly Conquest Wetsuit @ ArX Reasoning: [1] Majority selected that the rain weather cycle should be brought back with the removal of fog. As seen through popular opinion and forums polls. [2] Conquest players would like a reskin of the monthly conquest wetsuit, since the current one has been the same for ages.  Cartels Weekend Airdrop Event in Warzone @

Roundtable Summary 2022-03-07

General Gang Base Changes @ WALT Request redesign of current gang base near warzone island. Add an additional gang base to the Gang Skirmish located on Old Drug Cartel Peninsula. Would allow a second gang to compete for the ability to own a gang base more acclimated towards federal events/ runs. Gangs only have the ability to capture/ own one gang base per week. Remove big tower & add command center in its place.

Roundtable Summary 2022-02-05

Cartels Server 1 Hot Zone Event: POSTPONED @ WALT Event occurs once per restart if player pop is above 100 All gangs notified 10 minutes before event start Pot starts at 10 Mil - pot generation is from BOTH gear purchased at rebels and drugs sold during the event Single Zone / Point consists of a randomized pool of locations consisting of all current Altis conquest points, cartels, and black markets. Event runs off a time-based system similar

Roundtable Summary 2022-01-08

General Y FAKs dont drop on death @ Siltonious Milton II Players and cops are known to take Y FAKs to put players that are revived at a disadvantage This is too match the fact that the other FAK options do not drop on death Rule Change: All civilians clearly participating in the APD escort are KOS Cartels Remove tower cap; Move house cap to Alpha point for Warzone Conquest @ WALT The two drug Cartels will have 3 drugs each

Roundtable Summary 2021-11-13

General Ifrit glass nerf @ Silton This would override the last roundtable that asked for Hunters and Striders to be Buffed. All Ifrits on the server will have comparable if not slightly better glass then Hunters and Striders Less work for Devs and should help with the ballance we are looking for with armour Cartels Produce a screen blur (Haze/Fuzz) in smoke @ Tapatio This is intended to decrease smoke exploiting Feds

Diamond Drop

Diamond Drop in Roundtable Summary

Roundtable Summary 2021-10-17

General Runs will increase in value by 10-15% You will be able to process all drugs inside of a vehicle instead of having to process in batches Add cruise control Feds Bank rework: Will be a single vault 3mil base payout that increases with cop kills Will become a multi-stage event Hack into Bank Security system Plant bomb on vault Runs Blackmarkets will passively generate a sma

Diamond Drop

Diamond Drop in Roundtable Summary

Roundtable Summary 2021-7-11

General Always spawn with 1 fak on you.  When paying bail make a confirm option so people don't accidentally pay bail when they try turning in contraband Feds Fed gates bolt cut  @ Diamond_drop 5 second repair for cop 30 seconds for civs to do it 3 times max per gate APD can still open anytime with scroll wheel, just no "O" Hint/notification when entering a federal event zone that it is KOS  
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