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Roundtable Summary 2023-01-28





  • Add a "War All" option on the Gang Menu. @ WALT
    • "Disable War Invite Option", which allows Gangs to toggle this in order to not receive gang war invites. If gang rank 3+ enables this option then Opposing Gangs will not see there Gang Name on the war list.
    • Reasoning: Quality of life change, which will create a more efficient process for gangs who prefer to "War" every gang. Also gives options for gangs not wanting to be at "war" chance to disable notifications.
  • Remove "Alpha Point/ Cap" Cartel. @ WALT
    • In Result, make "Church Cap" a single Drug Cartel.
      • Includes all current drugs in Cartel Tax Pool.
    • Reasoning:
      • Removes a cap which can often be seen as unplayable due to FPS issues surrounding map design.
      • Allows for better and bigger fights, deeming there will be only two cartel caps in Warzone.
      • Better incentive to fight Church since there will be more money involved with the single capture point. 
      • Allows for possible expansion of content in Warzone, and more events to come.
    • Reasoning for Denial:
      • Same as before, not a fan of effect this will have on the smaller groups that want to capture cartel for runs that can't necessarily compete on OG.
  • Move Promet Shotgun Slugs to Warpoint Shop for 15 warpoints.


  • Add pickaxes to Black Market and Rebel Market. @ ares
  • Increase radius for vehicle processing of both illegal and legal runs to 25 meters. @ JDC
    • Reasoning: Allows for players who are processing runs to be able to have a fighting chance while defending there run and give them more leeway to having appropriate defensive cover when processing.


  • Wanted List Re-Work. @ Bobby Lord
    • Players with vigilante license can see better version of the wanted list with filters and ext.
      • Examples:
      • The ability to sort people by bounty or name.
      • The ability to not show people with bounty less than 75k or 200k.
      • The ability to do custom marking (people of your choice to appear in the list or the phone with different color.
      • Ability to click on specific person’s name and immediately to open the phone and send personal message to him.
    • To be implemented for all factions.
    • UI Rework: Already discussed with @ Doc
  • Add Fugitive Recovery Agent License (open to adjustment). @ Bobby Lord
  • After achieving 200 arrests and getting to tier 5, vigilantes will receive the option to buy from the courthouse or vigilante outpost: “Fugitive recovery agent license” for the price of $8,000,000.
  • Reasoning: The idea of the license is to add additional end game content in the world of bounty hunting, to help dedicated vigilante players and distinguish them from casual ones. The license will be coming with both positive and negative sides.
  • Cons:
    • The license will restrict the player from gathering and processing illegal items.
    • Blocks the option for picking up illegal items such as drugs, lockpicks and exc.
    • Will remove the option the player to rob players for their gear. Removing the firing pin will remain.
  • Pros:
    • The license grands access to:
    • Tier 4 armor (plate carrier rig) with custom sight on the front: “Fugitive recovery agent” for the price of $160,000.
    • SPAR 17 DMR for 8 renown points in the shop, 1500$ per mag.
    • 5.56 suppressor for 15 renown points.
    • The ability to show a special agent badge or name tag.
    • Grants access to purchase coffee and donuts from the market.
    • The ability to spawn in every vigilante outpost.
    • The ability to purchase a hunter for $400,000 with special fugitive recovery agent skin (legal if driven by any bounty hunter).
    • Vigilante with the license will appear with purple name or some other color for the APD so they can know that they are friendly, if encounter in a red zone during battle and exc.
    • Ability to install GPS tracker 80% faster.
    • The option to switch to lethal ammo.
      • Vigilante will not receive bounty reward for killing a wanted person or delete his bounty.
      • Vigilante will receive bounty for manslaughter.
    • The following titles instead of granting 5% off the vigilante shop they will grand discount of 1 to 2 points in the renown point shop:
      • Arrest 400 people as a vigilante = "Secret Service".
      • Arrest 500 people as a vigilante = "Black, Red, and Sweaty".
      • Arrest 600 people as a vigilante = "Boba Fett".
  • Reasoning for Denial:
    • None of the cons listed are actually downsides for an average t5 vigilante (you don't rob people directly and almost all have alts + can store license)
    • Y'all just recently got extra gear with the new renown points and have more from gang exp coming soon, don't see the need to introduce a new largeish system currently for the relatively small number of active players - would rather see new additions come in the form of gang exp/ etc after implementation.


  • Vehicle Airdrop Additions. @ MBPslyr  @ TheHeroNoob
    • Hummingbird (Flare).
      • Illegal.
      • 68 Flares
      • Rarity: (Common).
    • Orca (360 Smoke).
      • Illegal.
      • 1 Smoke Charge per pull.
      • Rarity: (Uncommon).


  • Remove Patrol Officer CMR. @ monster  
    • Move CMR to Corporal+
    • Reasoning: Currently POs have access to a weapon that has the ability to shoot out large trucks (hemmit/tempest) engines, it is the most filled rank within the APD and they should not have access to weaponry like this for normal patrols as it has a tendency to ruin runs. 
  • Remove the APD's ability to see and pickup Legal Y-inventory items. @ monster
    • Reasoning: At feds especially the APD like to loot our y inventory (Dopeshots, epis, redgull, faks, etc) tending to leave us at a disadvantage when revived, the APD have no reasoning for being able to take LEGAL items. Also we have no ability to loot there Faks or Coffees so why should they be able to take ours.
  • Add a 5 second seizing animation and progress bar to APD when seizing Illegal Y-inventory items. @ monster
    • Timer for Action/ Progress Bar: 15 Seconds (Much like seizing a vehicle)
    • Reasoning: Currently seizing illegal Y inventory items is instant allowing no chance for us to stop officers from seizing illegal Y-inventory.
  • Add a warrant cooldown to players after completion of either evading or capture from current warrant preventing player from receiving an additional warrant for up to 30 minutes. @ monster  @ MBPslyr
    • Warrants will soon persist through softlog, so this will not give a cooldown for free.
  • Raise Sandbag Wall of partial section of Fed Jump spot. @ monster
    • Area example: https://gyazo.com/707436a49d34ce5e9376cadfa831421c
    • Since this affects literally the entire North Wall, there's no shot it's intentional, especially given that vans were removed to condense jump spots.
    • Reasoning: Unintended Jump spot that has been overlooked which creates for a laggy outcome.
  • If a Ghosthawk with guns hot status returns to a HQ, the Ghosthawk loses guns hot status. @ monster
    • Reasoning: To stop a Ghosthawk from gaining guns hot status, returning to HQ, and bringing in multiple more Ghosthawks to mirror off the original Ghosthawk.



  • Respawn timer at Gang Base (no active skirmish) for civilians that are killed by APD Officers. Each death results in an additional 30 seconds added to the respawn timer. 
    • Eg. civilian is killed by an APD Officer = 30 second respawn. Civilian spawns at Gang Base and is killed again by an APD Officer = 60 second respawn timer, so on and so forth. 
      • Reasoning: APD Officers raiding Gang Base consistently face civilians quickly respawning and going to purchase gear/fight. This gives APD Officers the ability to attempt to end the fight at Gang Base rather than it being never ending. 
  • Add takeover terminal to APD for use in Gang Base (plantable anywhere within the inner Gang Base Walls). 
  • Weapon and Vehicle Additions:
    • Type 115 to Corporal. 
      • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the Type 115 being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start. 
    • Mar-10 to SGT+
      • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the Mar-10 being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start.
    • Promet Shotgun to SGT+
      • Pellets and Slugs.
        • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the Promet Shotgun being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start. 
    • Jeep (LMG) - SPMJEEP to SGT+ 
      • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the Jeep (LMG) - SPMJEEP being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start. 
    • Reason for Denial:
      • I won't copypaste the same thing 5 times, but basically, very few people are actually buying the new advanced rebel weapons & items (1 turret purchase so far by non abusing administrators!), so using this as justification to always access or use these additional items doesn't seem fair. Additionally, we have very limited data for advanced rebel use so far (it's only been 9 days). If these items become an issue in the future, we're open to reviewing usage and revisiting prices/etc and/or considering adding/changing gear for the APD.
      • It's also worth noting that given the target audience of advanced rebel is a small fraction of the server, future requests for adding gear for blanket use with only "advanced rebel" as justification will likely end similarly. I additional gear might be more well received if you included additional qualifications like hard requirements (eg there must be a fed)/restrictions (eg cannot use for general patrol), not persisting through death (pay per life), or significantly higher purchase price.
  • Tier 2 vest to Deputy.
    • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the tier 2 vest being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start. 


  • Increase time between being able to start Federal Events from 30 minutes to 45 minutes if Civilians successfully win Federal Event. If APD seal or defuse time between being able to start a Federal Event stays at 30 minutes. 
    • Reasoning: Increasing the time gives more opportunity for APD Officers to go and do something else between Federal Events rather than just responding to Federal Events. Realistically 20 - 30 minutes after the bomb blows is around when the Federal Event will be fully over if the APD pursued the rebels to gold trader. 
  • Armed ground vehicles (including BW armed ground vehicles) should not be able to be transported by the Blackfish (vehicle). 
    • Reasoning: The Blackfish is an overpowered vehicles that doesn’t have any effective counters and should not be able to transport armed ground vehicles out of, or into a situation due to the aforementioned factors. 
    • Reasoning for Denial: 
      • The blackfish just took a nerf by becoming harder to access (6.5m of licenses required to use the $5m uninsurable vehicle).
      • Also, the fuel reduction from the previous RT looks like it'll be implemented in the next update, which will make it easier to drown.
      • If you'd like to bring this back up after those are active, please bring a handful of example situations since implementation.
  • Civilians with bounties lethal’d at Airdrops/APD Escort Events do not lose their bounties and APD Officers receive $100k for the lethal. 
    • Reasoning: Civilians at Airdrops/APD Escort Events are there to fight in an attempt to acquire the gear/vehicle. Some civilians intentionally go to Airdrops/APD Escort Events to lose their bounties by getting lethal’d by APD Officers. 
    • Reasoning for Denial:
      • If you want to be rewarded for collecting a bounty, it doesn't make sense for the bounty to not be collected (and thus be collectable later).
      • Airdrop already has significant financial incentive, and is primarily a civilian event.
      • APD escort already favors APD significantly enough.
  • Increase Warrant Jammer price from $50k to $150k
    • Reasoning: $50k is fairly cheap and accessible for the Warrant Jammer, increasing the price by $100k isn’t a significant amount but still adds a financial negative to purchasing the Warrant Jammer. 
    • Reasoning for Denial:
      • We're adding better logging for stats on warrants in the next hotfix (someone forgot on release, and also making it, so soft logging doesn't evade the warrant, so let's revisit this in the future after the system has been around for longer).



  • Trauma Team
    • Must be Search and Rescue+ to apply have 60 days TIG and 8000 (133 Hours) minutes with no previous disciplinary action in the last 3 months.
    • Trauma Team will never be able to engage on anyone for any reason and function completely in a defensive capacity.
      • Trauma Team will have Taser rounds and not lethals.  
      • When engaged from a civ trying to interfere with a revive the medic will be able to tase and remove the firing pin from the assailant and from the player being revived so no one will have the combat advantage once trauma team is finished and leaves.
    • Would like to trial run this with Senior RNR to make improvements additional rules as needed.
    • These medics will have access to weapons for performing their duties of saving the lives of civilians.
    • Will be on a separate ranking system to provide additional progression so medics which will have access to different weapons.
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WXYnrayeybRrNTFXcwlO63claPb3OkcVO61lKiiNvPU/edit?usp=sharing


  • Medic Training Dome
    • The training area will be used for giving new medics a more interactive post interview brief so that they can learn some of the key things to know while playing medic.
    • The goal is to try and have better trained medic moving around to help prevent some common issues we have noticed as of late.
      • Ex: Medics going to Air HQ, Air Terminal, & Air Hospital while a fed reserve is active. AND how to setup the most useful keybind for medic and proper interaction with Civ and APD vehicles etc.
      • Can be located at north air hospital
    • Reasoning for Denial: I'm failing to see the need for this given that you guys already have protection while training and can use a low traffic hospital like north air - feel free to make your case in faction leadership if you'd like.


  • Increase medic revive pay by 5k - does not charge player more
    • EMT: 15k -> 25k
    • Basic Paramedic: 16k -> 26k
    • Advanced Paramedic: 17k -> 27k
    • Search & Rescue: 18k -> 28k
    • Pararescue: 19k -> 29k
    • Supervisor+: 20k -> 30k
    • With these adjustments to the medic pay our main source of income will feel a bit more rewarding and can hopefully increase medic activity as well.
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42 minutes ago, nman said:

max medic taser at the sting or vermin they have no need for defensive high caliber rifles.

Homie the idea got denied already…

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  • Community Manager
6 hours ago, proud said:

@ WALT  by chance u think u can add utes to conquest? conquest aint have a change log ina while other then the useless zargabad update

Currently Map Development has already started working on the Utes zone, but time for implementation is unknown. 

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14 hours ago, Chief of Geese said:

if i call an airdrop in and get a fucking hummingbird several bullets will be put through my fucking monitor why in the absolute fuck did you guys add that

You know you want it you fiend

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  • Reasoning: With the recent addition of Advanced Rebel civilians have significantly superior gear than a majority of APD Officers. Although the Type 115 being added is not a significant change in comparison to the gear civilians have access to it is a good start. 

"good start" this means they wanted to push more buffs if this got passed lmao. Props to whoever shot this down, apd complaining about issues that aren't even there.

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