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  1. @Bloodmoon can you take care of these for me? Satchels in the usual spot.
  2. Some of them. I'm thinking a slight bit of miscommunication, nothing that can't be fixed. I can guarentee no matter what the Vigis wont be happy, but really apart from Verbal threats and firing within city limits, a lot of these others make sense at complete license removals. If a normal civilian would have his weapon seized for the same crime, a Vigi should have his weapon and license seized too.
  3. I respectfully disagree, Vigis doing dumb shit with their gear/abilities should be punished. You want to do dumb shit? Rebel is cool I guess.
  4. There is a single charge that downtiering should be a thing on, and that's Drug Possession. Nothing else. @Mr GOAT I haven't looked yet, but assuming these guys aren't bullshitting - this was not what was discussed and might need a couple of tweaks lmfao.
  5. I didn't see that one but that's hilarious. That charge was always for just randomly shooting at shit though, right? As long as you have a legitimate reason to taze someone you're good.
  6. We're in here reading too btw, happy to respond to questions in here while we have some attention to your issue. This is how it should have been for months btw, when we originally added down tiering for Vigis, we're basically just correcting things with this one. That's a fairly easy comp request though if anything happens because of it.
  7. I'm wondering where you ran into him and what direction he was going.
  8. Saw some stuff related to that recently, can't tell you exactly when.
  9. Remember these are upcoming changes and additions - some of these will take some time to implement. Civilian Roundtable Cartels Move House cap to OG Heroin @swervy https://i.imgur.com/Jxv2eGE.png (x marks the spot) Add a spawn to Therisa and add the usual town NPCs (Market, General Store, etc) @swervy Scats Driving a medic vehicle that was unlocked is no longer bannable @Millennium Everyone loves joyriding. Runs Add the green SPAR-16 and SPAR-16s to Rebel @Raquese Still unable to purchase 150-round magazines without warpoints. Vigis Add the SPAR-16GL variant to tier 4 vigilantes and allow the purchase of smoke grenades @Soap del Mar Still unable to purchase 150-round magazines without warpoints. Smokes cost 5-10k each. Feds Remove Blackwater jump spots @Bloodmoon Slam tower and the exploit at the south-west tower. General Reintroduce the rainbow CSAT uniform @Zahzi really liked this uniform, I can't imagine why. APD Roundtable Add Armed Jeep rules to handbook Old rule set, High Value Targets are able to be engaged with the Armed Jeep. Update ticket guide with new Vigi license seizing guidelines Add LIM for LT+ Same cost as the civilian LIM. Armed Huron for LT+ People in the back must follow hawk rules before shooting. Gang members caught in a situation count as keyholders to a gang vehicle If a player would give PC as a keyholder in a situation, PC is given on any gang vehicle in the situation. Add marker to map when a APD member dies showing the location Exactly the same as the civilian version. R&R Roundtable Add Multiple Spawn points to every hospital Move Pyrgos R&R Boat shop outside of Jail rings Staff Roundtable Staff Runs Pain Killers Usable when you have broken legs, to be able to run immediately Hotkey like Redgulls Price 10k, consumable on use Weighs 2 Staff APD Vest changes @Civak Tier 5 - Chief of Police, Dep. Chief, Retired Chief Tier 4 - Senior Staff Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant Tier 3 - Staff Sergeant Tier 2 - Corporal, Patrol Officer Tier1 - Deputy Reduce available APD whitelisted slots to 20 from 25 @Trimorphious Remove cop lethal roleplay text @Mako Staff Feds Remove telos tower jump spot @Trimorphious Remove mk18, mk1, p90, ak12, spar16/17 from Blackwater loot pool Staff General Add 1% betting tax @Civak Betting out of game is against server rules War menu stays open for ending wars the same as it does for requesting wars @Outcast Delete key displays in a hint format what was deleted and how far from it you were @Mako You can find the roster for the @Civilian Council here. As always you can find details on how to apply here:
  10. i win


    18m? You sure you're not selling a Ghosthawk?
  11. Just for banks? There are other office buildings, this could easily have been worded to only include banks if that was your intention. Was there something up with bank balance that you would like to correct?
  12. As a rule of thumb, I don't add extra stuff to the rules I'm trying to skirt
  13. Deputy below a deer stand at an active Fed, "APD, leave the deer stand or be restrained!", little shit runs up spamming shfit+r for the memes. Noooooooooooo
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